How to Date a Girl: Brilliant Tips for Guys

Everyboy want to impress the girls but because of some mistake girl can not be impressed. Girls notice everything, Mostly these habits:
1) How’s He talk with his friends.
2) He Looks every girl or Not.
3) He is Personalited or Not. (Don’t think personality in wrong way: Personality means wear clear clothes with perfect way of clothes wearing).

SomeThings Girl like the Mostly: If you focus on it, Your girlfriend never angry with you.

1st: Listen to what she Said:

Everyone like that someone listen his/her feelings. Do you think anytime why your friend’s loves you the most because you listen them and you advice them and you support them. Girl also like it someone listen me, support me, advice me. When she talk something listen her and support her.

Reality in Life: We are friendly with our friends very easily but when we are with our girlfriend we doesn’t easily frank with her and not show / share our emotions with her. It’s hard my friend but you will try it, she like you soo much because she realize that i am special for him.


2nd: Use Your Words:

Girls are too much emotions then boys. Girls mostly like those guys who are little a bit straight forward and hate those boys who are playing games with them, Don’t play games with her if you love her.
Always be relax and confident during the talk, Don’t be nervous. I am sure if you are talk with her confidently, share like your company too much.


3rd: Ask her to Out:

Girl like it the most. After the conversation sometime, you will ask her for spending some time with, let’s go for coffee and let’s go for lunch. Don’t force her, If you will do it you lose her. Do it politely.
Decrease the time-period of messaging conversation, Spend time with her on Phone-call.


4th: Respect Her Consent:

Suppose: During you are perposing her, she say YES that great. If she say No “Don’t do silly things”.
If she say I need some time “With Respect say afcourse you will “.
“Sometimes girl say NO for testing the boy”, What he will do. On that you will stay cool, relaxed about it, Dissapointed but understanding. 100% sure girl will think about you, “SHE WILL ALSO SELECT YOU FOR LIFE-PARTNER”.


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