Online Website Design Cost Calculator for Beginners

Marketing is the first step in the development of any business. When you are starting a business, you need a large investment. It is very necessary to make a proper plan for investing the money in different areas. If you have a startup company and want to expand your business both at national and international levels, you will need a powerful marketing tool. A website is the mirror of the company and it will help in generating more customers for the business. If you are the beginner, the website cost must be carefully incurred.

A website design cost calculator will help you in tracking your costs which are incurred in development and designing a website for your business. There are some possibilities which the website cost estimator will show and you need to work out on those possibilities carefully.

Web designers, freelancers,and design agencies

When you are just starting a new business, you should cut down the cost as much as possible. Instead of choosing specialized design agencies for designing and development of your website, you can choose a freelancer or a professional web designer. They charge less money and give the best work. Ion the other hand, specialized design agencies charge heavy for a simple website and if you want a more professional website, you have to empty your pockets breaking your budget.

Simple website

When you have a startup company, you can choose a simple website with basic features for increasing your sales as it can save lots of money. A simple website includes navigation updates, good templates, amazing layout, sitemap and few strategies for best results.


If you have a garment business and want to reach the public, you can build an online store. It will help in getting more customers online and consumers can look at the various products. But at the same time, the cost of building an online store is also high if you select the popular web design agencies.

Search Engine Optimization

A website with an interesting content makes it more it more visible and readable for users. So, the total website cost also includes the cost of article writing, on-page SEO and much more. You can also hire some content writers who are freelancers for good quality content at reasonable rates. If you are the beginner, the freelancers are a good option.

Functionality of website

A website should be able to communicate with the users. If you are the beginner in the market, you can choose the option of simple website functionality. Your website should contain the sign-up process, blogs,and community so that people can reach you. If your budget permits, you can also go for some advanced functions such as shop for products on site, downloads and much more.

Database integration

The website should have proper database integration which makes it usable for the consumers. The startup companies and businesses can go for basic database integration for password storage and downloading files and directories.

Other features

After creating a website, it is important to create a platform where people can contact you and submit their reviews and responses. As a beginner, you can make your website popular on social media platforms and create forums for customers. These costs are necessary to incur.

There are many other costs which can be included in the website design cost such as maintenance cost and security cost. The budget for a new business and startup company is low and so, you should incur the costs tactfully. These are the most important factors while designing a responsive, user-friendly and engaging website.

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