Samsung Galaxy J8 hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Settings

Welcome User in I think you looking for some Hidden amazing features of Samsung Galaxy J8.
Samsung upgrade all feature in infinity series like samsung galaxy J6, J8, A6, A6+. Today we are talk about samsung Galaxy J8. We are show you all hidden features of J8.

1) Multi-Window:

This feature is very helpful for all users because it’s save your time. Now you will chat with your friends while watching video and You can do multi-operation on infinity screen (Suppose: Half window use for checking your mail and half for other operation).
How to Enable Mulit-Window:
Open any App >> click on Recently App button >> At the Top, Click on two Boxes.


2) How to use Live-focus in Samsung J8:

Live Focus : Live focus is real quality feature of samsung galaxy J8 because live focus is gave really like perfessional camera photos. With the help of live focus you can adjust blur before or after capture the photos, Waoo!!!!.

How to use it: Open the Front cameras of your J8 >> Click on Live Focus >> After Click live focus you will be seen the option of blur Increase or Decrease Adjustment Line >> Just focus on object, increase the blur of background or Decrease the blur of background.

3) Potrait Dolly: This Feature is new, Right now ONLY available in J8

This Feature is the new level of live-focus. This feature can Fixed your focus object and Blured-background starting moving like (ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT). This feature gave amazing effect to the Photo.

How to Use it: Open the Camera >> Click on Live-Focus >> Capture the Photo >> After capture the photo >> Open the Photo >> Click on Adjust Background Blur >> You will seen the Option >> Potrait Dolly >> Click on it >> System provide you one-demo of potrait-dolly-picture >> If you like it >> Click on save. Otherwise go back.


4) Potrait Backdrop: This Feature is new, Right now ONLY available in J8

This feature is providing some amaizng effect to the photos. Adjust background available in this feature like (Cystal, Pixel, Time slice, Crumbled). Try it.

How to use it: Open the Camera >> Click on Live-Focus >> Capture the Photo >> After capture the photo >> Open the Photo >> Click on Adjust Background Blur >> You will seen the Option >> Potrait Backdrop >> Click on it >> System provide you one-demo of potrait-backdrop-picture >> If you like it >> Click on save. Otherwise go back.


5) How to use Samsung Mall in J8:

Samsung Mall is a one stop online shopping service with an intelligent Visual Search feature. Click picture of product and find it from multiple shopping sites using a single app. Learn how to use Samsung Mall.

How to enable Samsung Mall: Open the Camera >> On left side: Click on Samsung Mall >> Capture that which you want (Shoot it and Shop it).


6) Samsung create unique features every time, this time samsung developers create one new feature: CHAT OVER VIDEO.

Suppose: User watching video on Video player or on Youtube and you getting message on whatsapp messenger >> System will show you one POP UP >> Then you are click on whatsapp >> System will be open transparent whatsapp on screen and also opened transparent keyboard.


7) How to Change LockScreen Two Icons : Camera and Dialpad:

How to Change it : Go to Setting >> Lock and Security Option >> Info and Apps Shortcut >> Change the Left and Right Shortcut, According to you need.


8) Smart View: How to Connect your Phone with Smart LED

With the help of Smart-view you can share your smartphone screen on bigger LED screen without using WIFI.

Swipe down your quick shortcut menu : After Swipe down >> Click on Smart View >> Pair with your Smart LED >> Allow from your LED remote control.


9) How to use Dual Messenger and Private Space in Samsung Galaxy J8:

Without using Parallel Space or OG whatsapp apk, how to use second whatsapp and how to private space in your smartphone

If you want Create App Clone : Go to settings >> Advance Features >> Click on Dual Messenger option >> System now you the list of messengers >> Suppose you need second whatsapp >> Enable on whatsapp >> System automatically >> Install secondry messenger >> Click on enable, which messenger do you want to use secondry.


10) How to Hide things in Samsung J8: With the Help of Secure-Folder

Secure Folder is the best place to hide your important data because it’s security too much higher.
What things you will hide inside Secure-Folder: EVERYTHING YOU WILL STORE INSIDE SECURE_FOLDER.

How to Enable it: First of all Create your Samsung Account, If you already have follow next setp >> Open the Secure-folder App >> Sign in with your Samsung Account >> After sign-in information >> System will take processing time >> System will take 5min >> After processing secure-folder is ready for save data.

  • How to Add Apps in Secure-folder: Open secure folder >> On top, You will seen ADD APPS >> Click on it >> Select App which you want to Add.
  • How to Add Photos in Secure folder: Open the Gallery >> Open that photo, which you want to Add in folder >> On top right: 3Dots >> Click on it >> Clcik on option: MOVE TO SECURE FOLDER.


11) How to Enabling the Scroll Up to Answer option:

Go to the Settings >> Select Accessibility >> Then tap Switch Access >> Then tap Switch Access >> That is the one way to change the style of answering incoming calls >> Other is to just tap the icon of your contact in top right corner.


12) S Power Planning : How to increase battery life

S Power Planning application is design for reserved some battery and use reserved battery in emergency.
– Reserved Battery : This Application help for reserved battery for important.
– Extend Battery Life : This Application helps for extend battery life.
How it Enable it : This application has 3 levels and By Default extend battery set on Level 2.

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