Mobile Game Graphics Trends: Concept & Casual Art

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Mobile games are popular nowadays because the number of people who own pocket-screen devices is growing from day to day in geometrical progression. The graphics are modified as well because users’ demands and expectations are changed as well. Two main constituents of mobile game design are concept and casual arts.

It is worth noting that modern technologies allow devs to implement various graphic techniques both for mobile and desktop projects. It means that the level of cross-functionality is increasing that makes high-quality digital products absolutely user-friendly. Both casual and concept art are used for this purpose. The experienced teams of developers create various projects like board games and promotional assets with a significant WOW-effect.

Concept Art – Where to Start?

Each product obtains its own concept. This is the major idea to remember. That is why it is impossible to create anything without a comprehensive conceptual approach. Concept art is used for the development of the game designs, for the creation of the mobile and desktop product graphics, etc. Its modern techniques allow developers to provide users with high-quality gaming products that can be easily played on any device with any OS and technical characteristics.

Key Aspects to Take into Account

best hyper casual games

For example, 2D character concept art allows designers to think of the heroes that will take part in the virtual completions, tournaments, arcades, and so on. The deep analysis takes place because all the figures of the game should harmonize with the idea of the digital project. Nowadays, the most prototype stages of game development use 3D character concept art for better performance.

At the same time, one of the most important parts is the environment. The concept art specialists pay their focused attention to the graphics of different locations in the game, to each corner and building.

It is worth noting that the background plays a big role when it comes to promo materials, motion, graphics, and press kit. So environment concept art for games

used for the users’ connection and promotional purposes as well. Besides concept art for locations, characters, props, and other objects in the game, it is useful to create a menu, loading design, and other supplementary graphical illustrations as well on this stage.

Casual Art – Everything to Know About

The main purpose is to create really eye-catching mobile game graphics. It requires the development of characters, backgrounds, different icons, and other details. It is worth mentioning that casual art is used for:

  • User-friendly 2D-art assets design;
  • Promo attractive projects;
  • Motion 2D graphics.

It is necessary to understand that casual games are oriented at a mass-market audience. That is why the comprehensive analytical work before the development stage is a must. This approach allows developers to see the main trends, to determine users’ preferences, and draw correct conclusions before the creation of the ultimate design. It is called a research work that cannot be neglected if the concept art staff aspires to get an appropriate result.

What Else Is Taken into Consideration?

The high-grade mobile game graphics require the creation of both characters and backgrounds. All the heroes that take part in the digital project should be well-thought and unique. This way, it is possible to capture more attention from users.

Speaking about the background, it is important to take into account each detail that will be visible for gamers. For example, if the casual game requires some levels to complete, each stage should be developed in a default. When both characters and backgrounds are created, motion artists should make all the pictures and graphical items in action. Additionally, there are options for 2D and 3D visualization. It is accessible not only for the gaming industry but for other commercial purposes too.

To Sum Up

If each constituent harmonizes with each other, the sufficient outcome takes place. The user experience becomes higher and the popularity of the game is growing. Casual art accompanied by the concept one is the best way to gain the gamers’ satisfaction. These techniques allow dev staffs to provide the high-level end product with:

  • Attractive promo, icons, and banners;
  • Eye-catching user-friendly design;
  • Qualitative game interface;
  • Well-thought characters and background;
  • Excellent motion effects, etc.

The main rule that prevails in the world of modern mobile game graphics is that concept art complements a casual one. The prototype stage requires visualization to see in practice the thought-above concept. The finishing stage of the casual game art design is completed if the development comes to an end, and after the game release, the huge quantity of gamers are satisfied with their experience.

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