A Guide to Choose the Best Online Assessment and Learning Platform

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Digital learning platforms offer entrepreneurs and businesses a flexible but framework method to ensure their employees get the training they need. However, e-learning is ineffective without online assessment tools.

According to experts at Janison, an adaptive assessment tool plays a vital role in helping employees with time management and situation handling and processes their thoughts faster. Here are the tips on how to select the best online assessment and learning platform.

How to Choose an Online Learning Platform?

The learning needs of employees are different. Leading companies support social learning at the workplace that enables employees to take responsibility for their learning. Find below some essential features you need to look into learning management systems for the workplace.

Provide Educational and Training Content at Fingertips

Thankfully, we live in a connected world, and you can learn anytime you like. Companies need to ensure the workforce knows and understands what they expect from them. The online learning platform you select should foster an appetite for learning and provide a world of content to your employees.

Personalized Learning

The online learning platform should allow employees to personalize their knowledge journey. A platform that supports smart-directed searching and machine learning would help employees at their own pace.

Self-Assessment Tools

Learning is effective when employees can identify their knowledge gaps. A self-assessment tool like Janison can be of great help to employees to test themselves on the system and know their weaknesses. This can be useful to serve relevant content to them to overcome their knowledge gaps.

Collective Knowledge

The platform should offer distributed authorship tools that give internal subject matter experts to create their content. Also, it should allow publishing and sharing of meaningful content.

How to Choose an Online Assessment Platform?

The online assessment is a critical component in learning. It can help employees determine how they are doing online learning and motivate them to work harder if they perform poorly in gaining new skills. Here are some essential features you need to look for in an online assessment platform.

Speedy Assessment

The platform should allow educators to create and setup exams in an hour or less. Also, they should be able to deliver the results within 24 hours.

Controlled and Consistent Exam Experience

The online assessment platform should deliver a controlled and consistent exam experience to all employees. The platform should provide real-time quality checks to determine the fairness of the evaluation.

Engaging Interface

The online exam interface should be engaging. It should contain media-rich item types that make assessments livelier.


The security of the assessment platform is an important aspect. The online assessment platform you choose should have enterprise-grade security that ensures submissions are not lost, misplaced, or tampered with. An audit trail should be part of the platform to record the actions of every user.


The online assessment platform should include actionable analytics. The outcomes should allow educators to pinpoint employee learning areas for increased focus and improvement.

The tips given here helps you choose an online learning and assessment platform that employees will love to use. The best online learning and assessment platform is the one that constrains employees but creates deeper and meaningful human interaction for learning.

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