Android O (Oreo) Review : Advantages | Disadvantages | Problems | Pros and Cons

Android o (Oreo) Review : Advantages | Disadvantages | Pros and Cons : All Top features and benefits of Android 8.0, How to use options. Which Smartphone is Available for Android 8.0 Update – Short Description about topic.

Android o (Oreo) Review : Advantages | Disadvantages | Pros and Cons

Google recently launch Android O (Oreo), The look of Android 8.0 is similar look like Android 7.0 (Nougat) but google said our developers done too much change inside the system. Let’s talk about Android 8.0 disadvantages, problems and full features review.

1) Android O (Oreo) is 2 times faster pervious OS

– Now you can do your favourite tasks more quickly with 2x the boot speed.
Google test it on Google Pixel (Google Pixel takes half times if we compare it with Android 7.0)
Oreo manage your background working apps very stickly that why Android 8.0 installed smartphone is faster than older OS smartphone and also helps to increase smartphone performance and battery life too.
2 times faster speed of android 8.0

2) Auto Fill in good feature :

It’s very irriating, when ever we are login our twitter acc, facebook acc more other accounts, firstly we are fill our email and second fill our password but After update you don’t need to do this anymore because in Oreo 8.0 OS, Google adds Auto fill feature just fill user username first words system automatically fill username and password.
Auto fill feature of Android o

3) Picture in Picture mode :

It’s basically pop up feature like : Suppose you are watching movie on your phone while watching you recieved whatsapp message, with the help of picture and picture feature you will be pop up your video, your video in a pinned window in a corner of the screen when navigating within or between apps. Picture-in-picture (PIP) mode lets apps run a video activity in the pinned window while another activity continues in the background. It’s a basically multi-tasking feature.
picture in picture mode in Android 8.0

4) Update full Notification Features :

In Android 8.0 one impressive thing google has been done : Upgrade Notification alerts.
How to Check Notification in 8.0 OREO
– Suppose you recieve message on Instragram >> On Instragram : Show you a little Dot (.) >> When you long press on it >> system show you the message >> user takes 3D touch like expirence.
3D touch on android 8.0

Extra Benifits inside Android 8.0 (OREO)

– Google Play Protect
– Battery Life Saver
– Impressive Emoji
– Adds Font and Download fonts

5) Adaptive icons

Developers can now provide a full-bleed square shaped icon and OEMs will mask the icon to ensure intra-device consistency.

Android 8.0 Oreo Disadvantages | Cons | Problems

– Google provide to much updates.
– New OS, Bugs inside in Oreo now.
– Every Smartphone is not get’s OREO update. OLDER than Lollipop smartphone is not upgradable in 8.0 oreo.

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