All Secret Xiaomi Mi 10i Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks

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Hello friends, welcome to take make this is the Article. In this article, we’ll show you some Xiaomi Mi 10i tips & tricks and all new hidden features. So let me know Xiaomi Mi 10i comes with MIUI 11 and we have the Android 10 out of the box. So this device comes with a lot of additional features will be explaining some of the additional features some of the features which you can get the better out there out of the device. So those are the things we are going to explain in this article.

Xiaomi Mi 10i Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks

How to Edit Notification Toggles in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Edit Notification Toggles So here we have the Top toggles. So there are lots of Toggles icons available that you can basically have the screen record in the dark mode. So a lot of things are included.

So if you click the Edit button Here, so you get this option to edit the toggles.


How to Change Home Screen Icon Settings in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Edit Home screen Icon You Just Pinch on the Home screen and click on the Home settings. You can see the options. Just come closer to the default screen because there are multiple screens available.

You can set the default home screen. There are some transition effects.

There are some options other than the home screen layout. So right now it’s 4×6 which means 4 icons then 6 rows so that the option you cathGo with the 5×6 option as well.

So that’s another useful option. Then you can lock the Home screen layout if you are if you don’t want ads to move from I mean the from while working with it, You can just lock the screen layout.


How to Enable RAM Memory Status in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Enable RAM memory Status You Just Pinch on the Home screen and click on the Home settings then you can click on More settings options.

You Go to the more we have again the option to show the memory stages, which is Swing And you’re doing the multitasking again see here.

This will show the memory status here. So we just show you that once again, so we’ll just show you again.


How to Setup Video Wallpapers on Home Screen in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Setup Video Wallpapers Let’s Go to the Gallery. Now. Here’s another useful option is that you can set the video wallpaper.


For example, I have Just Got this video now, we can see here set us Video Wallpapers. So if you want a video as you want paper, this option is quite useful.

But remember we want people will take more Battery. So if you’re okay with that then you can set this.


How to Share Data from One Mi phone to Another in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Use Mi Share Another useful feature is available in MIUI 11. Let’s go to the Settings. So here are there are lots of options to choose from and I will just Go to options one by one.

So first of all, Let’s go to Connection and Sharing. So here we have the Mi share option. So we want to share some files with another smartphone.

For example, if you want to share with other Mi phones. You can use this Mi Share is a very fast application, which allows you to transfer files pretty fast.

So that’s one feature. If you want to share files pretty fast there. Then Mi share is a really useful option.


How to Increase the Display Sharpness and Colours Quality in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Increase Screen Colors Let’s go to the Display settings. So here we have the Video Mode or which is self-explanatory.

Go to Setting, then click on the Display settings and Color scheme and Setup this according to your needs We have the color scheme so you can Go with either saturated colors, or you can go with the auto color so saturated.

  • Vivid colors enhanced colors, you know to go meet the standard colors so we can see that the difference here. You can also select the color tone warmer color tone or pool and tone or the default tools.


How to Enable Dark Mode in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Enable Drak Mode Those can be selected in the display settings. So you can just Turn on the dark mode. So there you go. That’s the dark mode or if you want to schedule the dark old that option is also included again.

How to Enable this: Go to Setting, then click on the Display settings and Dark Mode.

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How to Enable or Disable Notch on Device in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Hide Notch You’re not it’s a Punch holding a camera. In fact schedule, the dark world that option is also included here now not so this device has a small Notch. It’s a punch holding the camera in fact, so it’s not now if you want to hide the Notch you can go here.

Just go into Settings, then click on the Display settings and Click on Hide Notch, Then you can set up this according to your need. Two Different Option of Hide Notch There are few options to hide the Notch


1) One is regular then you can hide without moving the status bar. That means a seat in the bar will be on the top of this with itself.


2) So this you can see now You want to have the status bar below the Notch You can go with that option as well.


How to Optimize the Battery in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Increase Battery Performance You can optimize the battery if your battery performance is Greater. In fact, this device has a really really good battery performance.


But in case you’re feeling the battery is not that great. You can just go ahead and optimize battery performance.


You can see which overlaps are draining the battery and fix those apps. You can get some additional battery life. If you’re going with optimization options.


Go to Settings, Then click on the Battery & Performance and Optimize the battery according to your needs.

How to Enable Dual Apps in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Enable Dual Apps Then next is the Dual apps. So under the apps, you have a few options one is the Dual accidents.  what You can do is you can enable you will instance of all these apps all things installed apps.

For example, if you have two Facebook accounts, you can have running two accounts running at the same time on this phone by enabling the Dual apps.

I put that means to an instance of useful. This will be there both will be independent and you can log in twice. So those things can be enabled for all the apps included.

So that’s something which is really good because we UI allows you to have developed for All the apps.


How to Setup Dual Apps:  Go to Settings, then click on the Apps option. Enable Dual Apps according to your needs.


How to Setup App Locker in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Hide Apps Default app locker is more secure than the other third-party app locker because the 3rd party App locker easily disables on Otherside default App locker is a system secure app. So now we’ll show you the feature and How to lock the App.

Go to Settings, Then click on the Apps, and Then click on App locker and Setup this according to your needs.


How to Hide the Applications in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to App Lockers If you want to hide the app, you can enable this as there are two options

  1. One is a Lock the App which will protect your app which a passcode or a fingerprint scanner.
  2. The second is hidden apps which means your app will be hidden. So choose are the two options.

So this is quite a useful option. This is you can use the Lock the App here and protect your personal apps that you go to the additional settings.


How to Change Navigation Keys in Xiaomi Mi 10i

We have a full-screen display device. That means you can Go with the buttons. That’s the current option for you can go with a gesture.


So if you want Gesture buttons without the navigation buttons.


How to Change: Go to Settings, Click on the Additional settings then click on the Full Display option, Click on the Navigation Buttons, and set up these options according to your needs.


How to Setup Shortcut Keys in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How setup Shortcut KeysHow to Setup:  Go to Settings, Click on the Additional settings

  1. Launch camera, you can enable the functions Here.
  2. Enable three fingers screenshot is there you can just swipe up 3-finger screenshot. That’s the three fingers clean shot option.
  3. There is a one-handed mode as you know, 100 mode allows you to have a smaller screen. Swipe left or right from the home button to pull this the one-handed mode.

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How to Clear Speaker of your Device in Xiaomi Mi 10i

How to Enable Clear Speaker Features There is an option to clear the speaker. So what happens is over a period of time the speaker at the bottom collects dirt and dust. 

What this does is clear speaker option will play a sound for 30 seconds, which actually creates the speaker from Destiny other option.

So you can enable it once you enable you to get a sound and it plays for 30 seconds.

How to Enable this option: Go to settings, Then click on the Additional option and Click on the Clear Sound option.


Ends, which actually cleans the speaker.


How to Enable Game Turbo in Xiaomi Mi 10i

That’s what the company claims now there are some special features like the Game Turbo. So if you’re a person who loves giving this Game Turbo option is quite handy, there are lots of features being offered in the game Turbo now quick replies.

What it does is you can quickly reply to a notification message from WhatsApp or we chat Etc.

So those Messenger apps you can quickly reply to that option Once you turn it on you can have the think it applies in it.


How to Enable Dual Space in Device in Xiaomi Mi 10i

Would the second space so you can create a different piece on your smartphone.

For example, if you want a smartphone to be different for whom and work you can have a second space so you can switch between the second Space by tapping the fingerprint scanner and whenever you use the fingerprint scanner. You can have the protection also for the second space as well.

So that’s quite handy so you can literally have different areas one for work and one for your home you see it so. The thing can be said with the second space. How to Enable this:

  1. Go to Settings>System & Device and then tap on the Second Space option.
  2. A Second Space account will be set up automatically. …
  3. Tap on the “Set Second Space Password” option.

So these are some other tips and tricks. You can try it out on the Xiaomi Mi 10i. So this can be applied to the Xiaomi Mi 10i as well.

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