Top 14 Android Secret Codes and Hacks | Secret Tips and Tricks

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Top 14 Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

1) Check your device Whole Working

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

Is in fact very new because you’re buying it off a private seller. They’ll tell you it’s pretty much in perfect condition. The phone may not have a scratch on it. But then you turn it on and a defective pixel shows up out of nowhere. What a shame this command would have shown you if there are any non-working pixels on the screen.

2) Check your device is Brand New or Renew

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

It’s really Factory know when it is the brand-new phone of your dreams with an unbeatable discount. Oh not so fast before handing over your hard-earned cash. Make sure you dial this it’ll show all the essential information about the phone and whether it was refurbished or it’s really Factory new dialing this *# 2222#.*#1111# (Check your Device is Refurbished or New)

3) Check Software Version

Dialing this will instantly tell you all you need to know about your software version same goes for this this quick access trip is useful when you disable automatic updates to save on battery life always check. If you have the latest updates can fix bugs and beef up security holes to keep the bad guys out. This combo here and also help, you know more about your phone. 

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

4) Battery Usage of Device : Full Graph Show You in Details

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

This Combo command here can also help, you know more about your phone like your current Network battery and usage statistics and many others is handing if you can’t understand Going on with your battery and why your phone was out of power so often by the way, not all these commands are just a random number combination since it’s a hidden word written in the almost forgotten ancient.

5) Camera Capture Photo Command

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

Phones have pretty much replaced digital cameras, and they’re just about as complicated as DSLR to learn everything about your phone’s camera. Just dial this *#*#34971539#*#*. Are you ready? You take a picture then say CHEESE.

6) Strong GSM Connection

If you’re traveling and can’t get a good connection dial this to test the GSM signal this the global system for mobile Communications. And this secret code will work even abroad since 90% of places have it. Hence the whole Global thing. It will enable a quick access menu where you can start a range of different phone operations with a single push.

7) Secret Command for Backup your Data

Anyone who’s lost importing data just because your device deleted it for some unknown reason. He knows the Restoration were worried about monsters like that again if you just type in get ready for it.You can Copy screen where you can backup your media files like pictures videos and your body.

8) Check If Someone Track your Device

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

What about accessing a service that could be listening in on you secretly reading your private messages relax. This is no Bond movie dialing.This will open what’s called Google Talk monitoring. Yes. It does keep records of all your communication, but it usually is used by employers to monitor their workers, you know to make sure business hours are being used for business not discussing and Sweets epic party.

It also shows your device ID Gtalk connection status in history. And even your Gtalk heartbeat status.Google does collect information on you from your Android device, but it’s mostly so they can show you personalized ads you’d be in to be that makeup video games tag Home Improvement.

You can find all this information in your Google settings from On your phone find the ads menu. Choose opt out of ads Personalization.

If you’d rather Google didn’t know your interests or you can opt out of add categories. They might have gotten wrong about you.

9) Reprogram your Phone

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

They might have gotten wrong about you now feel like a true phone engineer dial this plus call and it’ll bring up the apps menu this lets you program your phone so you can for instance improve your call Quality or try to Save your battery life careful, though. When you’re reprogramming your phone. Some settings can never go back to how they were before.

10) Wipe Out your All Data | Wipe Out All Settings

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

You have to do this Before selling your old smartphone because the Android device has recovery mode and you Can wipe out whole data with using this Command *#*#7780#*#*. The secret code is this thing it will return your phone back to the factory settings. You can also try this one.

*2767*3855#If the first one didn’t work out, it’ll delete all your apps and reset your settings.


11) Catch Strong Connection

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

It you are Traveller your are facing that problem the hotel Internet working is not good. We will Share you the Command of Combo Command. Test whether your phone is catching available wireless connection.

12) Strong Signal Connection

One more secret code to check a lousy Line This one this command enables a loopback test that verifies whether the device signal is working right or not. Who are the days of standing up Long Hills with our phones held up toward the sky.

13) Strong GPS Connection & Bluetooth Connection

If your GPS is messing up or you are facing the network you can Easily test this with the Command. If you ever get Lost you can also test your Bluetooth connection by dialing this *#*#232331#*#*.

14) Testing FlashLight

Android Secret Code | Secret Tips and Tricks

Phone backlighting won’t turn on vibration mode driving you nuts. You could go and get your general settings. But here’s the fast way dial fist to check your phone’s Back Flash light and vibration.

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