How to Fix”Call of Duty: Warzone’s Memory Error 0-1766 When Running Windows 10 & 11

The majority of Call of Duty: Warzone players have been enjoying thrilling combat on the Caldera map until 2022. However, a few percent of PC players have been disappointed because of Warzone’s Memory Error Code 0-1766 problem.

Memory Error 0-1766 is an error message that is triggered by a random crash that can result in players being kicked out of games.

Because this issue can occur frequently, it’s something that players must fix in order to play COD: Warzone.

Do you think that the same problem is ruining your blasting fun of yours too?

If yes, here’s how to fix it. Warzone Memory Error 0-1766 in Windows 11 and 10.

Make Sure You Have An Internet Connection (Xbox and PC)

An easy fix to test for both Xbox, and PC, is to test the quality of your Internet connection. Low latency issues are believed to cause the Memory Error 0-1766 issue for some gamers, and you must test your Internet connection first. There are some suggestions:

  • It’s generally advised to connect via wires when gaming, as it’s more secure and quicker.
  • If you experience an error when using an Ethernet connection, then you should connect to Wi-Fi to determine the cause.
  • If you’re using Wi-Fi, but you still encounter the error message, try to restart your modem and router. Unplug the cables on both of them, then leave them off for at most 30 seconds, and then plug the cables.
  • You may also remove the devices you aren’t using currently from your wireless network to prevent overcrowding.

If your Internet connection is stable, but you’re still experiencing Memory Error 0-1766 on War zone Try the next solution.

Enable HDR

HDR (HDR) can be described as the most recent trend in TVs, and for good reason.

When done correctly, it can significantly improve the quality of pictures, providing crisp and clear visuals that cannot be matched by traditional televisions.

However, this technology is quite modern and remains the source of numerous errors.

This is intended specifically designed for Xbox gamers, since many console users have reported running into the memory error 0-1766 because of an Auto HDR feature.

Try this fix on your PC, too, when your computer has support for HDR.

The setting can be found by pressing the Xbox button on the controller and going to Power and System >> Settings >> General >> TV and video modes.

Remove to turn off the Allow HDR option and restart the game to make the modifications.

On PC, you’ll be able to find this option in settings > system > display HDR.

It is recommended to restart the Devices

No matter if you play Warzone on a PC or play on a Microsoft Xbox console, restarting the device could solve Warzone.

Such errors in memory are typically temporary, and clearing memory via restarting the system is typically all that is needed.

Be sure to select the Restart option instead of choosing Shutdown before powering on the computer once more.

It is due to the fact that modern computers don’t flush their memory completely after shutting down, The restart option is intended to completely shut down the computer.

If you have the case of an Xbox, It’s a good idea to disconnect the power cord and wait for a few minutes before attempting to start it again.

This will allow any remaining power to be discharged, which will ensure an initial start when you switch it on.

Explore Community Hubs

If an issue is affecting more than one user and causes a widespread problem.

Although the developers are likely to release updates on the issue, most users gather on forums such as Reddit in order to determine the others who are not able in playing Warzone.

Sometimes, you’ll encounter alternative solutions that have been able to correct the problem of other Warzone players and turn communities into great sources of alternative fixes.

Be Sure To Keep An Eye On Official Channels

While it’s not a perfect solution approach, you’ll want to be among the first players to the next game after the issue is resolved.

Keep up with Call of Duty’s Twitter page to keep track of recent updates about the problem. After the developers have released the fix, they typically inform the players know about it via the official channels.

Once you have received a confirmation, you may be required to download a minor update that may contain the solution.

Modify Display Settings (Xbox)

A few users have said that the memory issue is 0-1766 and can be solved by changing your display options on Xbox. You can give it a test.

Step 1. Click the Xbox button on your controller. Click the Gear-shaped icon. This will open Settings.

Step 2. Click on the Display & Sound section from the left panel, and then select the video output.

Step 3. Set the resolution to 1080P [Full HD] in the section display.

Step 4. Go into the advanced section, and choose Video modes.

Step 5. Uncheck the checkboxes to allow 4K as well as Allow HDR/Auto HDR. After that, reboot Xbox and test whether there is a memory issue with Warzone Xbox still occurs.

Clean of Mac Address (Xbox)

It is known it is possible to clear the Mac address could trigger the device reboot again. Xbox devise, which could help fix your Warzone memory error code 0 1766. Here’s a quick guide.

Step 1. Hit the Xbox button on the controller, and then switch on Settings.

Step 2. Navigate to the section Network Settings, choose Advanced settings, and then Alternate Mac Address.

Step 3. Click Delete to erase your Alternate Mac Address, and your Xbox console will restart.

Verify and Repair Game Files on PC

It is also possible that the game files are damaged or not functioning properly. If you’re experiencing similar, then be sure you follow these steps to quickly check and fix game files with Game Launcher.

  • Start, the client, and navigate to Warzone webpage.
  • Simply click on the cogwheel icon > click on Scan and Repair.
  • Allow the scan to complete. Relaunch your client and the Warzone game to correct the Memory Error of 0-1766 completely.

You Can Reset Your Xbox Console

Note that resetting your console will erase all data, including settings, installed apps, and games.

  • The first step is to first press first the Xbox button on the controller.
  • Go to the “Profile” as well as System option.
  • Then, click the ‘Settings’ > then select the ‘System’ option.
  • Find out the information and then select “Console Info”.
  • Choose the “Reset Console” option and then wait for the process to be completed.
  • After that, the console will restart immediately into the system.
  • Log into the account you have already created on the Xbox account and install Warzone.

Download Graphics Drivers Update for Windows PC

As new games come out, graphic card manufacturers upgrade their drivers so that the games are suitable for their particular video cards. This allows them to make use of all the features the video card offers, such as Ray Tracing. We recommend updating the drivers on your graphics card since incompatible drivers could create this problem. If you want to update your graphic driver, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Click on the Start menu, and look on Control Panel in the search bar.
  2. In the Control panel, click on the printing devices and devices, view printers and devices.
  3. Click on your device’s name, and then click the Hardware tab.
  4. Then, look up the name of your graphics card and click it.
  5. Go on to on the tab for drivers and click the update driver button. Update driver
  6. Let the process finish and download any updates if it is available.
  7. Restart the Windows PC and open the game to determine whether the error has been fixed or not. We’ve finished our Warzone Memory Error Code 0-1766 article. We hope that after attempting the suggested solutions, you’ll be capable of fixing the issue on your PC or Xbox device.