What Is Roku Error 014.30?

Roku issue 014.30 is usually associated with a message box that contains the information which informs you about that you “can’t connect to your wireless network” problem. This usually means that you have an Internet connection is slow or there is no Internet is accessible.

Other than the Internet problems, you may be unsure if a misconfigured device settings trigger this issue. Roku Internet issue 014.30.

Causes of Roku Error Code 014.30

The 014.30 error happens when the Roku device isn’t receiving an high-quality broadband signal or cannot make connections to the Internet while the streaming.

This issue can happen when you attempt to stream using your Roku device, or during an actual streaming session. The reason for this is that the internet signal is inadequate for your device to work effectively or if there is the internet connection is not accessible.

The error is typically displayed in the form of a purple box over all the screen. Below is the most common message that is displayed, however it is possible to see variations of this displayed on your screen.

Power-Cycling Devices

Because there could be the development of a damaged DNS cache in the router, which could stop the device from being able to connect to specific services, we’ll be power-cycling the router as well as the television. To do this, we will:

  • Disconnect the power to both the router and the TV.
  • Unplugging the socket
  • Hold and press your “Power” buttons on these devices for at most 20 seconds in order to release the stored electricity in capacitors.
  • Connect into the device, and switch them on.
  • Reconnecting the power
  • You must wait for acces to the system to occur, then examine to find out if the issue continues.

Check MAC Address Filtering

This is only for a tiny segment of people who use MAC Address Filtering with their router. If you’re among those, then ensure that Roku isn’t blocked. If it is blocked, you’ll see this error.

Perform Factory Reset

If nothing else works If all else fails, it is time to get the big gun which is to execute Factory Reset for Roku. This is the last option as it removes all configurations that you’ve made.

To accomplish this you need to follow the instructions below.

  • On your remote, press “Home”, you’ll be taken into your main screen.
  • Go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings.
  • Go to Factory Reset. Factory Reset all the settings.> OK.

Upgrade Your Roku Software: If the error is still visible in the error, it could be that your Roku requires an update to its software.

Follow the steps in the following order;

Then make sure to connect the Roku to another Wi-Fi network, or connect it to your Ethernet cable for connecting to your router.

After connecting, go to the settings and click on the update software. Be patient and wait for the update to be completed, then restart.

In the aftermath of the updates, you will need to deactivate the pings on your network.

The next step is to connect Wi-Fi to the network. This is the moment when you have pings

In Conclusion

If you take your time and try all the solutions suggested above, and you’ll be able to eliminate the error code 014.30.

If you have encountered this error, particularly those who use punctuation marks and symbols in their passwords, It is recommended to change the password, removing any symbols.

If the method does not work, you may contact customer service for more information on the guild information on how to fix the problem.