The developers of Instagram wouldn’t have expected that Instagram would be so popular that Facebook would buy it.

However, you can improve your Instagram experience. To improve your Instagram experience, you will need to download Instagram++. This is a modified version.

TutuApp, a third-party App Store that provides a wide range of modified, modified and hacked iOS applications, is available.

You can install Instagram++ from free on your iPhone/iPad.

You must first uninstall the original Instagram application before installing Instagram++.

Let’s look closer at the main features and functions of Instagram++.\



You may be wondering if deinstalling the original Instagram app is worth installing Instagram++. Well! That’s possible. However, before calling, it is important to familiarize yourself with Instagram++ features.

Instagram++ allows you to share photos and videos right from the app.

You can even download videos and photos from Instagram++. Double-tap the thumbnail to save the photo.

You will notice that the original Instagram app requires that you tap on a video to hear it. You can adjust the sound of Instagram++ to play any time.

Instagram++’s greatest feature is its ability to disable read receipts within the messages section.

You will need the TutuApp App on iPhone/iPad to experience the Instagram++ experience.

App Name Instagram++
Size 77.32MB
Version v5.8
Latest Update 9th August 2022

Insta++ for iPhone/iPad [STEPS]

Insta++ for iPhone/iPad

Installing Instagram++ doesn’t require jail breaking your iPhone/iPad. Keep in mind that Instagram++ can only be installed on one iOS device.

As a first step, please download and install TutuApp on iPhone/iPad. TuTuApp iOS

Step 1: Direct Download Config Profile Link 1

Step 2: Alternative Download Link 2

Step 3: Config Profile Link 3

Step 4: Alternative download link 4 can be trusted after a successful installation.

Step 5: Start TutuApp and search for insta++Tap on the search results to navigate to the application information screen.

Step 6: Click on the button “Get” to download and install Insta++ on iPhone/iPad.

Step 7: Before you launch the app, ensure that you trust the Insta++ profile.

Features for Instagram++ APK.

Instagram++ has many cool and innovative features that aren’t available in the official version. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features included in this apk.

  • It is easy to download videos and photos.
  • View the profile photos of Instagram users full-size.
  • Instagram++ Apk offers one of its best features, which is the ability to play videos without buffers. It is important to note that Instagram++ Apk cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store. This Apk isn’t available in the Google Play Store and App Store.
  • Click one button to download any Instagram story.
  • Save your favorite image.
  • Any video can be downloaded without the need to install third-party software.
  • You can download your favorite videos and watch them live.
  • An anonymous story view lets you hide your identity from a friend’s tale and they won’t know you have viewed it.

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  • You can save comments by copying them and placing them in your BIO information or any other place you choose.
  • View full-size Instagram profile photos easily.
  • It’s easy to download it and install it.
  • Copy the URL of any video or photo you like and share it.
  • Translate comments into different languages to meet your needs
  • You can use clipboard to allow automatic video startup
  • There are more than 1000 Instagram themes to choose from, or you can make your own.

Where can I get and install Instagram++?

Insta++ for iPhone/iPad

  • Install Insta++ on a device that is not Jailbroken

First, you will need to download Instagram++. Then sideload it with AltStore or another similar program.

You must first delete the original Instagram app before you can install Instagram++.

  1. Download AltStore first and then install it on your computer and device. For complete instructions, see the guide.
  2. Open Safari on iOS and navigate to this page. To download the Instagram++ IAP from this page, click the button.
  3. Open AltStore after you have downloaded it. From the tabs at the bottom of AltStore, tap on the My Apps tab.
  4. To add a new app, click the + buttons in the upper left corner. You will see a list of all IPA files that Safari has downloaded. Click on the Instagram++ IPA that you have downloaded previously.
    • AltStore will ask you to enter your Apple ID username and password if AltStore is your first use. Apple will receive this information to create a signed certificate to install the app.
  5. AltStore will install your app. It takes approximately a minute. It will be downloaded to the My Applications webpage. It can be accessed from the strong>My Applications/strong> page or from your Home screen.
    • If AltStore is still not found, you can either reinstall AltStore. You can then install Instagram++.

This is how you install Instagram++ on an unjailbroken phone. You can launch the Instagram app from your homepage, and you’ll be able to use all the new features of Instagram++.

Install Insta++ on Jailbroken Device

In just a few steps, you can install Instagram++ on a jailbroken device using Cydia. Here’s how:

  1. Open Cydia on your device and click the Sources tab.
  2. Click on the Edit button and then choose Add.
  3. Enter the following source:
  4. Once the source has been added successfully, you can access the search tab to search for Instagram++.

Cydia Repo Instagram++

Here’s how to use Cydia to get Instagram++:

You can add this repo to Cydia’s Sources Tab.

How do I Download Instagram++ IPA

To download Instagram++ IPA, click the “Download IPA” link at the top.

All the apps on this page have the latest version so you can be sure.

FAQ – Instagram++ App for iOS

Q: Does Instagram++ work?

This is the modified Instagram version, and it works perfectly. It is 100% safe and does not contain malware.

Q: Is it possible for private Instagram++ accounts to be viewed?

This allows you to access many hidden features of Instagram, but it does not allow you to view private accounts. Private accounts can only be viewed by submitting a request. You will be able to see their entire accounts if your request is accepted.

Question – How do I download Instagram++ 2023?

In 2021, you can download Instagram++ to an iOS device in many ways. AppValley allows you to download this modified version of Instagram++.

Q – What can Instagram++ accomplish?

Instagram++ has amazing features that are not available in the original app. Here are some examples.

1. Photos and videos can be saved to your device.

2. It is easy to switch between grid view or default list view.

3. You can hide comments from the timeline.

4. Open links inside Instagram.

5. Zoom in on an image for a caption. Third-party apps allow you to share photos and videos.


Conclusion – Download the Instagram++ App for iOS (iPhone or iPad). We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Insta++ for iOS . We are glad to assist you.