Vacation Rental Websites: Everyone needs to get out of their daily humdrum of life once in a while. But even before you fix your set out date, you need to figure out a safe place to stay and relax during your vacation. 

Finding a place is not only a task for you; the hosts also need to pay close attention to the number of bookings they get during the busy time and not so busy time.

That is when vacation rental websites come into the picture. They provide a generous amount of listings of rental homes where you can stay and enjoy your vacation during those relaxing days. 

This article provides several popular vacation rental websites. You can visit these websites and compare the prices before the final booking. 

1. Vrbo

You can find several Airbnb competitors in the market. But when renting a vacation home, VRBO is undoubtedly the first option.

A part of Expedia Group, VRBO merged with Home Away and relaunched Vrbo. Vrbo mainly provides vacation rentals in the United States. 

It either provides rent on pay-per-booking, or you can choose an annual subscription of $499 yearly. In addition, this website offers the following:

  • Suitable for people travelling with family and travelling to U.S destinations.
  • Hosts can only choose Vrbo for listing private apartments and houses.

2. TripAdvisor

If you are looking for an old and reliable rental vacation website, you can go for TripAdvisor.

Since it is recognised as the most senior site, it is great brand recognition. 

It is also an Airbnb competitor because it has several clients and reviews of more than one billion hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.

In addition, this rental vacation website offers a three per cent commission per booking. 

It also offers the following: 

  • The hosts get the convenience of listing their properties free of cost. 
  • The guest fee is between eight per cent to sixteen per cent. 
  • You can also get the lowest commission rate. 

3. HomeToGo

If you want to go on a vacation, you must type the budget and destination and compare the listings across various rental platforms in HomeToGo.

If hosts want to make their rental platforms visible, they need to increase the booking potential and visibility. This website offers multiple features: 

  • Since you can get various options, it can be easier to find your ideal accommodation. 
  • You can get integration support if you are a host and want to advertise your rental platform. 
  • The hosts must pay a commission fee to the website for listing their properties.

4. Homestay

Homestay is also one of the oldest and most reliable vacation rentals. It offers private rooms in over sixty countries. Since 2013, this website has served more than two hundred thousand guests. 

The special thing about this rental website is that the guests can stay with the host without any money. Simply put, guests and the hosts can exchange their place of stay. also offers:

  • Private rooms for solo travellers.
  • Guests can stay for free in exchange for housekeeping or any work at the host’s place.
  • The guests and the hosts can negotiate the price with each other before booking.


Airbnb, though, is one of the best vacation rental websites. We cannot deny that there are several other websites ready to help you if you want to go on a vacation. If you look closely and try to find the best ones, you can find many reliable Airbnb competitors on the internet.