If you are interested in finding someone’s phone whereabouts using its number, it is now easier. Thanks to phone surveillance technology, which provides anyone with the ability to track a phone using a SIM Card. 

So, to find someone’s phone location using a phone number or SIM card requires a reliable surveillance app, this is one of the ways how to control someone’s phone, more here. The most advanced phone surveillance apps provide a way to track a phone remotely over the internet. 

Read on to find the app we recommend for locating the whereabouts of a phone using a SIM Card. The app has a reputation for providing a reliable and trustworthy phone tracking service. 

Spyic – The go-to phone tracking app

As a leading phone surveillance app, Spyic provides an unrivaled experience. To check out the Spyic demo version, visit the official website. The app offers more than 35 phone surveillance features for both Android and iOS devices.


Spyic has been featured on major media outlets like Forbes and the New York Times. What’s more, over a million users globally trust and use Spyic for their surveillance needs. It is trusted by parents, spouses, and businesses. 

Read this great article to know how Spyic users find someone’s location by cell phone number and much more. Besides, Its features make it possible to monitor other aspects of the target cell phone. The app can monitor virtually any area of the target. 

Remarkable Spyic features 

Here are some of the popular and amazing Spyic surveillance features. 

  1. Location surveillance 

With Spyic, you get the option of tracking the whereabouts of a phone using GPS or SIM Card. The app provides details such as GPS coordinates, real-time location, and location history. It even shows street addresses. 


Besides, Spyic has a geofence feature that allows you to define a virtual boundary of your target device. Once the device crosses the set boundary, Spyic sends you notifications. The feature is popular with parents. 

All the details of the smartphone are visible on an interactive map on your dashboard. 

  1. Social media surveillance 

Spyic can spy on all the popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Skype. The app gives you access to all the chats and posts of these platforms on the target cell phone. 

Best of all, you even get to access deleted chats since it backs up the chats on its server. Besides, you have access to shared photos and videos on the target device. Spyic gives you access as if the target mobile phone is in your hands. 

  1. Keylogger feature 

The Spyic keylogger feature records all the keystrokes on the target smartphone. Spyic captures even sensitive details like usernames and passwords used on the phone. 


To make it easy to track all the keystrokes, Spyic groups all of them by app. This way, you will know which usernames and passwords are for which app or websites. 

  1. Browser history 

Spyic provides users a way to monitor browser activity on the target mobile phone. The app lets you know what the user has been searching online and the websites they visit. 


What’s more, you know if the user has an account on websites like Tinder. 

How to find someone’s phone location by number using Spyic 

With Spyic, the process of tracking someone’s phone whereabouts by number is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps involved: 

Step 1: Visit the official Spyic website and signup for an account. During signup, Spyic will let you choose the operating system of the target phone. Also, while at it choose a plan that suits your needs. 


Step 2: Now, configure the target smartphone. For an Android smartphone, you will need one-time access to install the app. Ensure you give the app all the permissions it needs to work properly. 

In the case of an iPhone, no installation is necessary. Instead, the app uses the iCloud backup to monitor the whereabouts of the target phone. So, you will need to provide the Apple ID used on the target device and verify them. 


Step 3: Give Spyic a few minutes to sync the content on the target device with your Spyic dashboard. Once, it is through, hit the Start button to exit the configuration process. 


Step 4: Next, log in to your Spyic dashboard to start tracking the whereabouts of the target phone by number. On your dashboard, open the SIM Card tab on the left scroll panel. 

Here, Spyic will show you the location of the SIM Card location of the target cell phone. The app also shows details such as the network carrier and IMEI number. All the details of the phone’s location will be on an interactive map. 

Why choose Spyic?

There is a reason people rate Spyic so highly. In fact, there are multiple reasons. Here are some of them. 

  1. No rooting or jailbreaking 

With Spyic, users don’t have to worry about the technical skills needed to root or jailbreak a phone. Besides, rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS devices compromises their security leaving the user vulnerable to malware. 

What’s more, the process voids the warranty on the target device. Also, the rooting or jailbreaking process is time-consuming. Fortunately, Spyic is among a handful of phone surveillance apps that don’t require rooting or jailbreaking. 

The app uses cutting edge technology to accomplish its phone tracking needs. 

  1. Works in stealth 

All the phone tracking activities in this app occurs in the background to avoid detection. Also, the app doesn’t use resources like memory to avoid interfering with the performance of the target phone. 

On iPhones, it uses the iCloud backup which makes it hard to detect. For Android smartphones, Spyic automatically deletes its icon to hide its presence. All the measures ensure your tracking activities remain undetectable. 

  1. Safe

With Spyic, you won’t have to worry about the data privacy of the target smartphone user. To guarantee this, Spyic never collects data from third-party apps. Also, the app ensures you are the only one who can access content on your Spyic dashboard. 


Finding someone’s phone location has become very easy thanks to the development of phone surveillance apps. With the right app for the job, you can easily locate someone through their phone. Try Spyic, it may surprise you.