Many people would wonder why a doctor would be worried about making more money. What they don’t understand is that doctors carry a lot of medical school loan debt and are often burnt out.

There are plenty of doctors out there who are looking for ways to branch out and possibly make more money.  It can be hard to do when you are so busy but when you look for unique ways to use your special skills it is possible.

These seven examples are methods doctors have used to expand their skills and increase their income:


1. Telemedicine

This is certainly in big demand now since many patients don’t want to visit a doctor’s office due to COVID-19. If you’ve never tried telemedicine and aren’t sure how it works, you’d be interested in this course by InnovateHealth.

With our technology advancing everyday, telehealth is a viable option for those who are bedridden or housebound and a physician would find plenty of opportunity to use these new skills.

The best part is that you can set your own hours and fit in as many or as little appointments throughout the day as you please. 


2. Create an Online Course

There are courses for just about anything you want to learn online. Why not add to this library with your own profit building course?

If you are specialized in a certain procedure or have knowledge in a specific skill set, you can create a course to share this expertise with others, and make money doing it.

There are a wide variety of online learning platforms that can host your course, or you can create your own and market it yourself.


3. Invest in Real Estate

For many doctors, paying rent for their clinic is a hefty bill. The smart thing to do would be to find a location that you can buy. This will help you in two ways,

First, you won’t have to pay rent and second, you can make an income renting out the unused space to other doctors.

You don’t have to limit your rental properties to your own doctor’s office. You can purchase multifamily rental properties, multi-unit business buildings and more.


4. Consulting

Your years learning the ins and outs of medicine earns you the ability to advise businesses on the best way to proceed in their product design.

Many entrepreneurs can think up an idea but lack some of the knowledge on the best way to carry it out. That’s where you come in.

If they need to ensure that their product is medically sound, you can test it and give them the ok. They can then use your backing to market their product.


5. Focus on Patient Satisfaction

Instead of getting burned out by pushing through patients as quickly as you can to make more money, look for a job that uses a wRVU compensation model.

When an RVU compensation model is in place, it doesn’t matter how many patients you see, but how well you treat the patients.

They also aren’t contingent on the amount of the bill gets paid by the insurance or the patient, so your income isn’t based on effective bill collecting either.

This could really help you slow down and enjoy being a physician again, while still making the same or even more income.


6. Be An Expert Witness

Have you ever seen movies that involve a medical case where the attorney called a physician to the stand to testify about the viability of a proposed theory.

You can be one of those doctors in court, explaining how something could or could not be possible causes for a medical problem. May not be as glorious as you might think but it’ll put more money in your pocket.


7. Complete Medical Surveys

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but you can make a little side money by taking part in medical surveys. There are plenty out there to keep you busy but make sure you know how much you’re getting before you accept.

Each survey company works differently and you’ll want to focus your time and energy on the surveys that bring the best rewards.




Doctors are no doubt intelligent individuals with plenty of drive but they can still end up in a situation that could be improved.


If you’re a physician that wants to find a better way to make ends meet and reach financial independence, these seven ideas will certainly help.