How to Delete Instagram Account: Permanently Or Temporary

How to Delete Instagram Account: Instagram is One of the amazing Social Media Platform. The time Instagram is on the boom. One than 900 million users is active on Instagram. The speciality of this Platform is this very user-friendly because users easily access all features and you Can easily Chat with your friends and relatives. Mostly peoples are using Instagram for business purposes also.

But Sometime Peoples are frustrated with Instagram because of different-different reasons. Don’t worry if you want to break from Instagram. It depends on you, break of the temporary time period or delete an account permanently.

How to Detele Instagram Account: Not  a big task

You just follow all instruction and users required a few clicks as well as Confirmations On the Social media. Instructions Shown on below but we tell you something If you delete your Instagram Account, system automatically delete your all followers, videos, images and you never take your username back. Without wasting time let’s talk about the Process.

 Instructions: How to delete Instagram account

Step1: First you have to log in to the Instagram account on the computer.
Step2: Users can not delete the Instagram account from the mobile Instagram app. So visit the official website on Instagram.
Step3: Now click on the user icon and choose the edit profile.
Step4: Then click on the edit profile screen
Step5: Or choose the option to temporarily delete my account.
Step6: Choose the reason why you should disable the account from the menu.
Step7: Re-enter the Instagram password when prompted.
Step8: Then click on the temporary instagram to delete my account

Tricks to delete Instagram Permanently:

Hello friends, We are suggestion you firstly you think about do you ready delete your instagram account, Why we are telling you this, understand you delete you instagram account once you never reactivate your instagram account and system delete your 100% data from the instgram.If you want delete instagram account, you can proceed with following steps:

Step 1: First you have to visit the official Instagram sign in the account.
Step 2: You can not delete the Instagram account in the app.
Step 3: Then select the Delete your account page.
Step 4: Select the drop-down menu to choose the reason for deleting the account. You must select the relevant option for you.
Step 5: Then enter the Instagram account password again.
Step 6: Now, on the permanent instagram, delete my account.

How to Delete Instagram Account Through Application:

If You want to delete Instagram Account from mobile app you are on right place, Follow instructions below:

  1. Open the Instagram application on the Smartphone.
  2. Click on the profile photo. The profile picture brings the user to the profile page.
  3. Select the gear icon for iPhone users to edit the profile option
  4. The Android users choose the three dotted icons.
  5. Now scroll down and choose the Instagram Help Center.
  6. Click on the Manage option of the account.
  7. Choose the Delete account option on the page.
  8. Click the option How to delete an Instagram account that will provide more information to delete the Instagram account.
  9. Choose the Delete the Instagram account page in blue color.\
  10. Log in to the Instagram account.
  11. Now type user name and password and then click on the login option.
  12. Choose the appropriate reason for deleting the account.
  13. Then enter the password again. Enter the account password again in the text field to confirm that the account must be permanently deleted.
  14. Choose permanently delete my Instagram account. It opens the new window to confirm.
  15. Click on the OK option.
  16. Now the Instagram account is permanently deleted.

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