How to delete Gmail account: Permanently & Temperary

How to delete Gmail account: Permanently & Temperary | how to delete a gmail account | Reasons To Delete The Gmail Account| How to delete your Gmail account – Short Description about the topic

Gmail is One the important aspect in our Smartphone. The gmail account is Very important to access Ecommerce , Bussiness website, Community website but sometime we are made too much google Accounts. But today we are provide you the knowledge How to delete gmail account. But before you delete your account gmail think about it Carefully what you are doing with the deletion process in the order the Serious consequences.

How  to delete Gmail account: Permanently delete process:

If you are decided to delete your gmail account think about one thing If you are delete your gmail account system delete your Single message, Email’s and system automatically delete your backup from your account for Example: Contacts, Photos, Google drive data and others Data which is available in Google account. If you are still want to delete you gmail account, Read below the instructions:


How to delete your Gmail account: Instructions


Step 1: Go to the settings of your Google account

Step 2: Navigate to account preferences

Step 3: Under Account preferences, select Delete your account or services

Step 4: Click on the delete products button

Step 5: Select the Gmail account that the user wants to delete

Step 6: It asks for the password, type the respective password of the account through the text box of your password

Step 7: Click on the next button

Step 8: Then click on Gmail on the trash can icon

Step 9: Now it will ask for the corresponding e-mail address. Therefore, enter the correct e-mail address that differs from the address associated with the deletion account.

Step 10: Enter the linked email address in the dialog that indicates how you log in to Google

Step 11: Now click on the shipping verification number

Step 12: Now open email from Google with the subject “Confirmation of Gmail removal” or “Security Alert for your linked Google Account”

Step 13: Then click on the delete link in the message

Step 14: After logging in, log in to the account you want to delete

Step 15: Under Confirm delete Gmail account, select Yes, I want to permanently delete [email protected] from the Google account

Step 16: Then click the Delete Gmail button

Step 17: Click Done and ready


Some Special things to be consider while Delete Your Gmail Account

  • If you are delete gmail account your entire delete your gmail backup data, messages, mails, attachments and contact backups and your conversations also.
  • If you are accessing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, pinterest, Linkedin with your gmail account, you must be change this before deleting your gmail account otherwise you lost all access of social media website.
  • The user must change the decision if the account he wants to delete is used to restore another Gmail account or Outlook account.


Reasons To Delete The Gmail Account:

  • Someone else might get hacked into your account
  • The user might receive too many unwanted messages or spams
  • The user might be available full of junk
  • The user might have tired of the silly username or the same username
  • The user has not used the account for more than years.

If you happen to these things, it is best to follow the procedure for successfully deleting the Gmail account.


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