Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G Hidden Features, Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G Tips & Tricks

This time we’ll go over some of the most effective and mostly not explored Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime tips and tricks, as well as some of the most obscure and unique features. So, without further delay, we’ll get started.

What can I do to Perform a Hard Reset on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Hard Reset on Xiaomi Redmi

If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted information, such as media, applications or system file, then follow the steps below.
1. Press on the power button a few minutes to shut off the power to you Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime device.
2. Then press each button for few seconds.
3. Press all buttons until you will see your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime logo.
4. Use the volume button select the data you wish to erase before pressing the power button for confirmation of the choice.
5. Utilize your Volt button to choose the option to wipe all date , and you can press your power button in order to confirm your choice.
6. Select Confirm using the volume keys and press the “Power” to verify.
7. It is the process that wipes out the data will begin towards the end of the process. Go back to the menu using the volume keys, then hit on the Power button.
8. Select Reboot and Reboot on the computer pressing the volume buttons. Additionally, you can use the power key to verify.

What is the Best Way to Perform the Factory Reset of Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G?

Factory Reset of Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime?

These steps will allow you to perform the Factory Reset for your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime
1. Click on the Settings icon and it will open.
2. Scroll to the bottom, and then select the phone 3. Choose Factory Reset.
3. Select Erase all data
4. Tap Next . The Next button appears on screen
5. Congratulation! Congratulations! Congratulations! Your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime device will begin on a factory-reset.

Hidden Home Page Optional Screens from Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

  1. Long Press on Homescreen, Then Go over the settings of  home screens.
  2. You can open the settings on your screen home.
  3. Press and hold the area that appears on your smartphone as this and then select the settings.
  4. In these options you can see how transition effects affect us.

One thing to remember is that these effects are those that occur for windows in the application, as opposed to those we have that we see in our personal. For the main screen, you’re capable of changing the effects of transition according to your needs.

Methods to enable : Long-pressing on your Homescreen. Then, you’ll be able to  enable the settings, According to your Ne

How to Enhance the Icon Size of the Home Screen of Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

They’re currently working in the next section after which we’ll get our default display. You can select the screen you want to display in your main page. The layout you wish to set will fold the layout of your home screen. The layout is usually set to be 5×6.

If, however, you are trying to fit more icons onto one screen, I would recommend changing the size to 5×6 . The icons may be smaller, however they’ll appear more attractive and free up some area on the screen of your phone.

Film Center of uninstalled applications. Film Center of uninstalled applications will just place icons over the uninstalled programs in order to fill in the gaps. The home screen is in log format. If you do not wish to see your icons to move in the air and arrows pointing to the main screen of your smartphone , you should turn the feature off and choosing other choices. After that, you can select the home screen.

Strategies to allow Long Press on the Home screen. You will see the “More click here” option , and configure it according to your needs.

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Modifications to the Navigation Buttons within Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime

Navigation Buttons within Xiaomi

If you’re not a user of these Deafault buttons you can transform them into gestures and then take advantage of the full display of the screen.

In other instances, continue pressing the buttons. Personally, I am a fan of Buttons. This is the reason I continue to use the buttons.

It is possible to hide the indicator with full speed too.

Let’s look at. This is using the gestures for navigation bar located at the lower left. After that we’ll look at an example of these navigation gestures. If you’re unsure what to do with navigation gestures, it’s possible to get the fundamentals.

These short tutorials will help you understand the various options available for navigation.

How to modify the Navigation Buttons Select the screen for Home. Then, you’ll be presented with additional options. Click System Navigation and set this according to your requirements.

How do I change the Recents App icons in Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

In the event that you want to change the size of icons at the top of your screen you can do this through the application, the drawer on your phone.

With these settings, you can create universal animations for icons. There is the possibility to create animations using icons from third party applications.

The option is listed below, and allows you to sort items from the most recent. It is possible to arrange them either horizontally or vertically. These are the latest applications. You can choose. What are you thinking of when you examine the options that are on the Recent panel?

Methods to Modify the Navigation Buttons : Long Press On the Home screen Then you will see the More, click on Icon Size and setup this according to the requirements.

How can I Make the speed of My Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G Faster?

speed FASTER of My Xiaomi

There are a variety of ways to make your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 11 Prime run fast

1. Perform an needed program cleanup Clean all downloaded applications and files not being used no longer.
2. Uninstall the preinstalled applications. The programs that come installed on your phone take up space and cause your phone to become less responsive.
3. It is important to ensure that you copy all media files stored on your internal storage device to an external memory card.
4. Keep your mobile up to date. The latest version of the software is constantly up-to-date with improvements in performance and fixes many of the bugs that cause your phone to be slow.
5. You can try restarting the phone once a day for six. If the phone continues to be unresponsive or slow it is possible to do an uninstall.

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How do I show the Status of Memory within Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Status of Memory within Xiaomi

The display of memory status. It displays the current skaters who are listed in the menu of recent applications on your phone. Go to the latest screen, and then look at the memory-satisfied above. 5.4GB from the 8GB case are available.

What can you do to change the navigation buttons to”Long” on your Homescreen. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the Morescreen Select RAM Status and turn on the feature.

How to Change the App Drawer Layout (Transparent or Dark) in Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 5G

I take you through, the forget settings, I would like to take you through the application drawer of your phone. Now, the application drawer too, all right, here has this. White look, if you want to make it transparent or translucent, Open the App drawer, Then you Click on the Top right Setting Icon. Now click on backgrounds. Now, you can change the opacity of the background right from his. If I set it to let’s say 50%, you can see that.

This is how it looks. So, this is one of the nicest. If you are looking to make your background transparent, you can do so from here and these are all the options that we have.

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How to enable the Floating Icon in Shortcuts for Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Floating Icon in Shortcuts for Xiaomi

1) The Lock app will display some of the new features available in the latest applications. Open the Recent App, and then long-press the icon. Icon, System automatically opens the floating icon. Just press on the icon that appears first (LOCK App) If I press the Lock button and it stays inside the application.

2) split window (Multi-Window) Start the Recent app, then hit on an app Icon, System automatically opens the floating icon. When you click the second button, you’ll see that it appears with a split-view. After that, I have to select another app I would like to utilize in the settings. It is evident that I’m using my Google Play Store and the settings app on my phone simultaneously. This is how screens split. It is turned off.

In this post, I’ll explain how to start an application in this open-ended feature. The application is pressed for a long period of time in the Investments panel. After that, click on this tiny icon, the floating windows will now be in view and the application is now started.

How to modify your settings that affect sharing and connectivity within Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Let’s review the settings of the phone. Then, under the settings I’d like to start connecting and sharing.

1.) Wireless printing: Within the connection and sharing section there is a the option to print wirelessly as I’ve already explained the various options. You can also connect wireless printers to your phone and print your paper.

2.) The wireless display It’s feasible to link your smartphone to a screen that is wireless by using these options for writing on it. If you’re able to utilize Android auto, you can use the Android auto option. The new version of Android 11 you can make use of the wireless connection to the Android photo, if the phone is also compatible with wifi Android Auto compatibility , which means you’ll require an extension cable in order to be connected with Android auto. The only change to the configuration is working. Also, wirelessly. You must use the On display, the display that’s always on is a great feature. It’s due to it to be the Super AMOLED display on this phone.

How do I Recover Deleted Contacts or Information on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Recover Deleted Contacts

If you’ve accidentally deleted a number and are looking to recover it , use a highly efficient tool called EaseUS MobiSaver. It can assist you to recover other files , such as images films, MP3 and SMS. It can also be made the use of this program to back up the files on your computer.


What do you do if you forget your PIN for the Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G?

If you’ve misplaced the PIN Code ensure that you don’t enter you PIN Code repeatedly as it may result in the blockage from your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime by the SIM.

You must get in touch with your service provider to request the PUK number in order to deactivate your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime.

How to Setup Always On Display on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G (If Settings Available)

You can change the continuously-on display’s settings or turn off the whole display. There are two options. Click the Display, you can turn it off from the rear as you observe. It is impossible to alter the time of the continuously-on display. If you would like to set the display to stay present at all times you need to turn off the MIUI optimization by using the developer options available on your phone.

Methods to Activate: Setup To enable Setup: Go to Settings and then click on the Display tab , and select an Always-On Display.

How to Alter the Color of the Display to Increase Quality on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Next , you need to go to settings, then select Display and select an appropriate color scheme.

To choose the scheme of color go here if you are not happy with the default scheme you have selected for you have selected for your Dino brings to the next stage and choose any of the colors or infrared. Then, you can create your personal color scheme.

How to Modify the Refresh Rate of Display in Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Refresh Rate of Display in Xiaomi

If you get this unit straight from the box, it will contain 60 HRZ. Refresh. However, you need to change it to a 60-HRZ refresh rate if you’d prefer to see that faded display. This is how you can change the refresh rate to 120 HZ.

How to change the Type of Notification and Control Centre on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Type of Notification and Control Centre on Xiaomi

Central control and notification here. The first thing to choose is to click.

What is the best way to see the notifications appear on the display in your locking device?

The notifications floating and badges. If I choose”Lock Screen”, I get the Lock Screen option, I have all these apps which display the lock screen notification .

These apps display floating notifications.

Furthermore, they show the notification patches. Choose the notification Setting. If you want to use MIUI shade or Android share You can select to utilize MIUI shading or Android share.

You can select the control Center style. If you like the default MIUI 12, notification style then you can update your style and use a version that’s more similar to the control center of iOS. You can choose.

How do you enable in the menu Settings, select Notification as well as Control Centre and then create it in accordance with your preferences.

How to Change the All Status Bars on your smartphone within Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

The first step is to show your connections to the left side of the Status bar. It is possible to display the name of the carrier while your handset is in lock. You can also change your name for the carrier , and add a date for each of the SIM cards that are in your phone.

How do you enable this feature?

Go to Settings, and then select Notification or Control Center Click in the status bar and then configure it according to your preferences.

How do I Setup the Battery Percentage on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Battery Percentage on Xiaomi

You can choose if you want to show the percentage of your battery , or an indicator of battery inside your bar. If you want to show the percentage alongside the percentage of battery or would prefer to show a specific percentage in an indicator of battery.

You can also disable this option. If you are not happy with it, I like the control and don’t want it to be visible and I’m not worried about to hide it as well.

What do you need to enable?

You can visit Settings and select Notification, and Control Centre . Click on the Status Bar, then set the settings to your preferences.

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How to Hide Notch in Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Hide Notch in Xiaomi Redmi

You can deactivate this Punch tool in specific applications. If you don’t like it in another program, once you have your security password and security default, you’ll be using the fingerprint to unlock it.

The phone is the easiest method to access the phone. But, I’d advise keeping your eyes fixed on the face as well as the area as when you’re stuffed with hands your face and world will aid you in unlock the phone.

How to enable it the feature: Just go to Settings, then click the Display Settings and then select Hide Notch Then you can alter the settings to meet your needs. Two options to Hide Notch

How to Install Video Wallpapers on the Home Screen within Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Let’s visit The Gallery. Now. Another option is that lets you  the wallpaper for your videos.

For example: I have Just written this post and you can make it happen here. Video wallpapers. If you’re looking for images for your screen to write on, this choice is extremely beneficial. However, we’d like to make sure that users utilize more batteries. If you’re satisfied with that you can change it.

How to Transfer Data from One Mi phone to Another Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Another feature that’s useful is available in MIUI 11. We’ll start by going to Settings. settings. There are plenty of options to choose from. I’ll look over every option one at a time.

We’ll navigate into the Sharing tab and Connection tabs. Here we will discover an option called Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime sharing functionality. So we want to share certain files with another smartphone.

For example for instance, if you would like to share your files with other Mi phones. MiShare is an extremely speedy application that permits you to transfer files quickly. This is one of the things. If you’re seeking to share files quickly. Mi share might be the best option.

How to Enable Dark Mode within Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Dark Mode within Xiaomi

These settings can be changed in the settings for display. This means that you can disable Dark Mode. That’s it. It’s the dark mode. Should you choose to set the dark mode it is also accessible.

How do you enable it? Select Settings and then select Display settings, then select Dark Mode.

How to Optimize the Battery of Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Optimize the Battery of Xiaomi

You can boost the performance of the battery if the battery’s capacity is higher. This gadget actually is extremely efficient in battery’s performance. If you think that your battery isn’t working properly, you can take it to the store.

It is possible to increase the performance of your battery.

You can see which overlaps are draining your battery, and fix the applications that cause it. You can increase the longevity of your battery. If you’re thinking about optimizing your battery.

Click on your Settings tab. Select the tab for Performance and Battery and optimize the battery in order to match your needs.

How to Enable Dual Apps on the Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Enable Dual Apps on the Xiaomi

The other alternative can be Dual applications. In the app section , you will see a number of choices among them is Dual accidents. The way to do this is permit you to access an version of all installed apps.

For example, that you have multiple Facebook accounts, you can manage two accounts at once with this phone by enabling this feature. Dual apps. This can be a great illustration. It is a separate application and you’ll be able to login twice. These features are accessible to all applications included. This is extremely useful since UI allows you to create for all of the apps.

The steps to set up Dual Apps: Go to Settings and then click on The Apps tab. You can allow Dual Apps as per your preferences.

How to Set up App Locker on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

This app lock is much more secured than app lockers that are provided by third parties because the third third party app locker has the ability to disable this feature. Otherside App locker that is the standard app that is a safe system application. This article will show you the feature and the steps to protect the app.

Go to your Settings tab, click Apps then choose App locker. Set it up according to your needs.

How can You Block a Phone Numbers in Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G?

How can You Block a Phone Numbers in Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime?

If you want to block or blacklist any number in the Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime, follow these steps
1. Open Phone Dialer App
2. Tap three dots on the upper right corner of your screen
3. Go to the Settings menu in order to launch it.
4. Click the Blocked Numbers and then click Add an amount
5. Enter the number that you would want to stop. Click Block. Congratulation! you’ve blocked the telephone number on you Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime smartphone.


How do I Hide the Applications within Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Hide the Applications within Xiaomi

If you want to disable applications, you are able to disabling this feature since there are two options.

  1. Another option is to lock the app, which protects your application with an access code, or fingerprint scanner.
  2. The other option is hidden applications. This means that your app will be hidden. Two choices.

This is a possible alternative. You can use the Lock feature to lock the app here and protect your personal apps when they are accessible via the settings.


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How do you clear the Your Device’s Speaker within Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G (If Settings Available)

There is an option for cleaning your speaker. The result is, over some time the speakers at the bottom is clogged by dirt and dust. The impact is clear. Speakers play music throughout 30 seconds. This is the reason why the speakers in Destiny’s second option. It can be turned on once you’ve activated it so that you can hear sound and be on for 30 mins.

The process to enable this option in settings? Then, select the option Additional, and then click to choose the Clear Sound option. This is a method to clean any dirt off the speaker.


How to Enable Game Turbo in Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

As per the firm, there are currently some new features, like Game Turbo. Game Turbo. If you’re someone who like giving the gift of giving the gift of giving, you’ll find this Game Turbo option is extremely useful. There are numerous options in this Game Turbo that allow quick responses. It’s what it’s about is that you can quickly respond to messages sent via WhatsApp as well as chat Etc. Furthermore, these Messenger apps , you are able to rapidly respond when you enable it. Once you enable it, you’ll be able to observe the logic behind it and how it could be used to.

How to Enable Dual Space on Devices in Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Dual Space on Devices in Xiaomi

Do you think that the second area is where you could design a new piece by using your smartphone.

For instance, when you require your smartphone to be different from whom and what, you could create a second space in which you can switch between the two spaces by using the fingerprint scanner each time you utilize the fingerprint sensor. Also, you can secure it for your second. This is a huge benefit since you will have two separate zones which you could use one for work and one for your home. You might think that it’s fantastic. The same is true for the second one.

How do I allow this to be done:

  1. Go to Settings> System and Device, and then choose 2nd Space option.
  2. The second space account is set up automatically. …
  3. Simply select”Set 2nd Space Password” and then tap” Set 2nd Space Password. “Set Second Space Password” option.



How do I make an fingerprint on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G ?

fingerprint on Xiaomi

If you’re looking to enable fingerprint protection for the Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime follow these steps
1. Select the Settings app to open it.
2. Scroll down to choose Passwords and Security.
3. Tap Fingerprint Unlock.
4. Place your fingers on the sensor until you sign up for the finger recognition technique.




How can I add a security code to lock screen on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G?

security code to lock screen

If you’d like set an encryption password to the lock screen of your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime follow these steps
1. Select the Settings app to open it.
2. Select the scrolling down menu to choose Passwords and Security.
3. Tap on Password
4. Select the locking method that best suits your needs. screen according to your preferences
5. After that, press the”Got it” button.
6. You can then set your new Password PIN, password or even patter
7. And finally, press the button to confirm.


How can you change the languages of Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G?

If you’d like change the language you’re now using with Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime follow these steps
1. Select the Settings app to launch it.
2. Scroll down, and then tap Other settings.
3. Then, tap Languages & Input
4. Click on the Languages tab.
5. Choose the language you prefer.
6. Well done! you’ve succeeded in adding the language.

How to Enable or Turn off the Don’t not Distrub of Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime?

Don't not Distrub of Xiaomi

The easiest way to turn off your phone. Make sure that you are not disturbed by Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime
1. Hit the Settings app to launch it.
2. Press the button to hear Sounds or Vibrations.
3. Tap on the Silent/DND tab.
4. Select the DND option to switch it on.


What can you do if Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G gets swept through water What do protect it from water harm?

Have a look at Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime strategies and tricks to protect your device from water destruction
1. If your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime falls in the water and it shuts off, don’t try to restart it immediately to determine if it’s operating or not, as it could cause an internal short circuit.
2. Don’t attempt to charge your phone.
3. Don’t try pressing all the buttons in order to check whether they’re functioning
4. Don’t blow air into the charging or audio ports.
5. Don’t, however, employ appliances like hair dryers and microwaves in order to get rid of the water that is left.
6. When your mobile is in use ensure that you switch off the phone.
7. Wash the water clean using an absorbent cloth
8. The cover on the back should be removed along with the SIM card along with the memory card. Dry them off with the help of a towel.
9. Once you have removed back cover of your SIM or memory card try drying them with a vacuum and not a hair dryer. Because Vacuum creates back suction. This prevents water from entering the system.
10. Once you’ve made sure that there is no water left After that, put the phone in a container of uncooked rice for at most two days. You can also use silica packs in place of rice that has not been cooked.
11. The phone should be taken off within two days and then you should check for remaining moisture. Once you have been inspected, you’re ready to use the process of replacing your phone.

How do I transfer all the data from Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G to other device?

transfer all the data from Xiaomi

If you want to transfer all your data from your Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime smartphone to another device take these steps
1. First, you need to download an Application called Copy My Data
2. Start Copy My Data, the Copy My Data app
3. Tap the Next Button
4. Select an option for: from or to another device connected to wifi and Restore via Google Drive
5. If you are planning the transfer of files among two devices, you must remember that you need to connect the two devices on the same network. Make use of wi-fi connections to connect two devices, not mobile internet.
6. You need to first download and install Copy My Data app on your second phone. Start the application on the second device, too.
7. The phone will begin searching for a different device. Choose the device you wish to use, and then click Next.
8. Check that the code is valid.
9. Select the entire list of files you wish to transfer, and then select Next.
10. The transfer process will start by clicking on the Finish Button at the end process.

How can I Change the Home Screen Layout on Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G

Home Screen Layout on Xiaomi

You can choose picking how you would like to use the home screen of your phone?

You can access it all from the primary screen but you prefer to use the default app?

I love the app App Drawer and suggest switching it on because it’s easier to start your application ,

and also maintain an equivalence between your home screen the app Drawer and your phone.

You can deactivate or turn to Google discover. Google discover. You can be up-to-date with the latest happenings around the world.

Strategies to activate:  Long Press on the Home screen. You will then be able to look up More click it, set it up in accordance to the requirements of your business.