Tips to Make your Slow iPhone Faster : Secret Tips and Tricks

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Tips to Make Your Slow iPhone Faster: iPhone is the fastest phone in the world can also sometimes shows signs of a slowdown process. This is not because of the Defect in the processor of the iPhone but there are some other factors that affect the faster process of the iPhone. To regenerate the faster processing and function of the iPhone, you need to look after certain things and fix them to get a smooth functioning of the system. Follow the simple methods by which you can regenerate or regain the fast processing of your iPhone.

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Tip 1: Delete unwanted photos

There are so many unwonted photos present in your iPhone which can cause the Acquisition of lots of space from the iPhone storage. This is the major cause of slowing down the processor of the iPhone. You can delete the necessary files or photos by yourself and you don’t need an expert to do this. All you need to do is, go through the photos present in the album and then you can select the unwonted photos which you want to delete.

how to make iPhone faster

It will take a little bit of time because hopefully there are a lot of photos present in the gallery. The size of the photos of the iPhone is very large and hence it is noted that everybody clicks so many pictures on the iPhone camera. And eventually, the iPhone storage gets full mostly by the photos present in the gallery.

There are more chances that the slowdown of the iPhone processor is only because of a lot of storage acquired by the photos only also the videos can hold a lot of space in the storage. Hence the unwanted data must be deleted so that you can read the speed of the iPhone processor.

Tip 2: Delete unwanted apps.

The iPhone does not include so many preloaded apps to perform daily tasks. To perform the daily task smoothly, one has to download so many applications that can be useful in a different way. In this way, the user download application switch acquires or a whole lot of iPhone storage Which can lead to the slowdown of the processor.

how to make iPhone faster

Apart from this, the applications of the iPhone are big which after installation also hold a lot of space in the storage. Also, the data uploaded and downloaded in this application, are holding a lot of space. So you need to check out whether these applications are useful or not for you.

If the applications are not useful, then you can delete them properly along with the data and if the applications are useful then you can delete the downloaded data from that application. This will free up a little bit of space which can be used by the system to run in function various programmes. If this trick doesn’t work for you then for more advanced speed boost tricks for an optimal gaming experience you can check where you get a detailed guide for unlocking the real speed of the processor.

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Tip 3: Free up catches from the iPhone.

The programming of the iPhone is similar to that of the computer. As we treat our computer to free up space from everything, you need to perform the same thing with the iPhone. iPhone is also having the website history data and catches which can slow down the processor. As we delete the old man history and catches from the computer, we need to delete it also from the iPhone. To perform this task, you need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the settings of the iPhone where you can find the option of Safari.

Step 2: Here you will be able to find the option of clear history and website data.


how to make iPhone faster

Step 3: After selecting the option, he will be able to free up the catches and website history from the phone which will fasten the speed of your phone.

Tip 4: Delete the old message.

You can also delete all in unused messages from your phone which are not in use. iPhone collects a lot of messages in the storage and hence there is no check on it by the user. You can also delete all the messages from the settings.


how to make iPhone faster

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Tip 5: Turn off automatic updates and downloads

how to make iPhone Faster

The iPhone is very famous for giving regular updates on the applications and System software. There is a regular check to fix the bugs and errors of the iPhone which can improve the user interface and experience. To update The system application and software, the iPhone preloaded a setting that automatically updates and downloads the data. You can stop this by disabling the options in the settings. To do this, follow these simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: You can go to the settings where you will be able to find the option of iTunes and App stores.

Step 2: There are four options given on apps, music, books, and Updates. You need to disable all these four options to turn off automatic downloads and updates. This will stop all the automatic updates of the system applications and software which causes the slowdown of the iPhone. As your iPhone gets connect less to the internet, it lowers down the uploading and downloading of the data On and from the internet. This can improve a lot of speed from the iPhone. You can do this process regularly once a month.

Tip 6: Restart the phone weekly.

how to make iPhone Faster

It is seen sometimes that restarting your phone can include the speed of the system. Because the reboot process fixes all the bugs and errors in the system when it is restarted. The long-term workload of the applications can affect the speed of the iPhone. Hence it needs a little rest in the reboot to regain the speed. You can perform this task once a week or when you are facing a slowdown in speed.

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Tip 7: Update the phone to the latest version.

how to make iPhone Faster

Check about the latest version of the System in your iPhone as it slows down the process on the system. Once you update the iPhone to its latest version then you will be able to perform the task smoothly and fast. Whenever you update the phone, don’t forget to restart it after the complete process. Restarting the phone is a must process because it is also recommended by the Apple team. If you want to continue as in smooth process throughout the years, you need to keep your iPhone updated and do regular checks only restarting the process.


iPhone is affected by so many factors that can lead to the slowdown process and hence it is advisable to keep a check on the functionality of the system and the programming of the tools. In this way, you will be able to find out the correct problem and then he will be able to solve the issue according to its cause.

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