5 Settings to Change Instantly on Your New iPhone X

Got hands on iPhone X? Let’s dig into the settings. Before you get started with your new iPhone X, work your way through the initial steps. Below mentioned are some of the things that you should change when setting up your iPhone X.

Various Technique to Change to Your iPhone X

  1. Customize your control center

You got the new iPhone X Tips with the latest software update, what more could you ask for? The control center got revamped after the update and with that, you can customize it as per your need. You can go to setting> Control Center> Customization option and add the apps you think you need to get started with immediately. These include Alarm, screen recording, do not disturb while driving, Apple TV, and many other options. The best part is that you can tailor it as per your need.

  1. Turn off location services

If you’re a concerned iPhone user and privacy matters to you then head straight to the location services. Apps like Uber and Google apps use your location details to assist you properly but this might become risky for you. It’s advisable to turn off the location services for some apps while you’re using the app or not. A good option is that when you get done with providing location information to the necessary app you can turn it off to stay on safe side.

  1. Set Do Not Disturb while Driving

Apple cares about you and your security concerns. Since it’s not safe to use your phone while driving, Apple introduced this new feature which you activate by going to the settings. You can add this to the control center as well. This ensures that you don’t receive any notification while you’re driving to avoid any distraction when you’re behind the wheel. You can allow certain numbers to call you. This is one great feature of the new iOS 11.

  1. Turn off background App refresh

Background App refresh allows the app to get updated with the latest information so that it’s ready to view when you open the app. It won’t take loading time but this can drain a lot of battery if you don’t pay attention. Many apps automatically refresh themselves. If you’re concerned about your battery drainage then you can turn it on for specific apps or completely turn it off.

  1. Use the file app

IOS 11 added a new feature file management system. You can see all your files instead of searching for them everywhere. With the file app, you can manage all the documents in a single folder that are stored in iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive. You can view the file, share the file and transfer to any medium. The file app is all about giving convenience to the user for making their work easier.

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