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How to Hide Photos on iPhone | How to Videos Photos on iPhone | How to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone | how to find hidden photos on iPhone | Hidden Album iPhone – Short Description of Topic

iPhone is the product of Apple Company. In today’s economy, it is occupying 15.6% of the market share
globally. Its main competitors are Samsung and Sony phones. It has IOS operating System. iPhones are
highly in demand because of their apps and their features. Apple iPhone has thousands of free apps. It is
popular because it is easy to use in other words it is user-friendly and doesn’t have unnecessary features.
It also looks good. People are crazy about iPhones and it is highly in demand. But as every coin has two
sides the same is with its iPhone it has advantages and disadvantages also The major disadvantage is it is too
iPhone has different apps like Adobe, acrobat reader, doodle, snap chat, messenger, youtube, Tiktok
,Instagram,Netflix, google map,google photos etc.
Google photo is the most essential app, it takes clears photos. In it, all apps have very important
significance. The photo app is also very important. Through it, you can hide photos and videos on the iPhone.
Suppose one wants to keep his photos private and don’t want to share with another person then this app
can be used.
There are various methods to hide or keep your photos private.

One method is by putting a password

Step 1- Go on no app
Step 2- Create a new folder in it and name it to suppose you name it as the pic
Step 3- Now click on the folder and open it adds +button will appear on the right-hand corner. Click on it now
you can over here get to library and photos and camera roll. Transport the photos from here to this
folder pic and add the password to this folder preventing anyone to open this folder. Now go on the camera roll
or albums where one have saved the picture and delete it. If one wants to see this hidden picture or
the video he can again go on this folder and view his picture or resume these pictures from the original

Another method to hide photos and videos on the iPhone is by

Step 1- Go to photo App and click on the Album
Step 2- Go through the photos and album one wants to hide and click on the select button.

Step 3- If one wants to hide a single photo click on that photo and select it and then click on the share button.
Step 4- If one wants to hide multiple photos click on multiple photos and then select and click on share
Step 5- Now click on tab hide
Step 6- Confirm that one wants to hide photos.
The most important thing to know is that even though if you hide the photos. The photos are there in
the hidden album.

If You Want to Unhide Photo Then

Step 1- Again go photo app
Step 2- Tap on the hidden album
Step 3- Select the hidden images one wants to unhide.
Step4- Now the hidden images will appear.

Another way to hide photos and videos on the iPhone is by installing a new app

Step 1- Go on the app store
Step 2- Search and find a secret calculator
Step3- Install that calculator now when installation is done the typed password to a secret calculator.
Step 4- Now follow the steps given in the calculator
Step 5- After following steps type pin in the calculator.
Step 6- Now create a folder in the calculator and name it.
Step 7- Now select photos and videos from photo app one wants to hide and transfer those images
photos and videos in this folder.
Step 8- Delete the photos from the photo app.
Step 9- Now if you want to access our hidden photos and videos you can see in this folder.

There are also various other methods to hide photos and videos on the iPhone.
One can hide photos and videos on the iPhone through a vault app. It is a safe app.
Disadvantages of hiding photos in iPhone

Inspire of having an advantage there are also disadvantages
1) Like you give full access to the developer.
2) If you forgot the password of the calculator app it will be difficult for one to retrieve hidden photos.

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