React JS Benefits and Top Websites Built with It: Front-end development has become one of the most exciting and multi-faceted web development tools, with many feature-rich components, tools, and libraries. New tools surface and become “best sellers” in web development and revolutionize the work environment, while other tools become dead ends. Launched in 2013, React JS can be easily labeled as a bestseller, as its library has quickly won popular affections. It does one thing exceptionally well — create great-looking User Interfaces (UI). Maintained by Facebook, together with the developer community, React JS is used by leading companies, like Netflix, DropBox, Instagram, PayPal, and Apple, with over 30 thousand websites built using its framework. If the above list of companies is not enough of a reason for you to hire React JS developers for your next project, then a look at some more benefits of React JS should convince you to do the job.

React JS Benefits and Top Websites Built with It 

1. Easy to Learn and Use

First, it must be clarified that, unlike Angular or Vue.js, React is NOT a framework but a library consistently used in association with other Javascript libraries. It means there is a shorter learning curve in understanding React JS when compared to other comprehensive libraries. React also comes with a good supply of documentation, Tutorials, and training resources. Anyone with a JavaScript background can understand and start using React in a few days. This also means that Businesses can streamline development without spending much money on the existing system. As we said earlier, React JS is not a full-featured framework but a library that focuses on doing one particular thing well; the V in the MVC (model–view—controller) pattern, meaning that other tools are needed to build a complete solution. React is a view layer that allows JS developers to design an app the way they see fit. 

2. Wonderful SEO

React JS benefits can deal with search engine failure to read JavaScript-heavy apps, which is quite a common problem. React can run on the server, render and return the virtual DOM to the browser as a regular webpage, which solves the issue. This is important because Search Engine Optimization is the gateway to boost user traffic for any online business. 

3. Ensures Faster Rendering

It is essential to consider how the structure will impact the overall app performance when building a high-load application. Even with the latest engines and digital platforms, there’s no guarantee of the absence of annoying hitches. This is because of the “tree-structure” of the Document Object Model (DOM), so even minor changes at the top layer can cause awful ripple effects to the interface. Facebook’s development team introduced Virtual DOM to solve this issue. This is one benefit of using React JS for heavy loaded and dynamic software solutions, as it has provided a better user experience and higher application performance.

4. It Guarantees Stable Code

To ensure that parent structures won’t be affected by any slight change that occurs in the child structures, React JS provides a more stable code by using downward data flow only. To change an object, developers just change its state and make amendments. Only specific components will be updated—this structure of data binding results in code stability and smooth app performance.

5. Strong Community Support

React has a massive community of dedicated developers who can provide quick and accurate solutions. Also, there are tons of free React JS tutorials on YouTube and as articles and blogs. Experts are regularly using interactive sites to imbibe their knowledge with newbies who will learn React JS. For example, React GitHub repository has over 1100 contributors. Users can also ask their questions on the Discussion forum, Freenode IRC, Stack Overflow, Reactiflux Chart, social media platforms, and many others.

Top websites built with React JS

Let’s take a brief look at some top websites built with React JS:

  • Facebook

A lot has already been said about Facebook and React JS, with its 2.13 billion users across the globe able to conveniently access their newsfeed even with a mediocre Internet connection thanks to the high-speed rendering provided by the framework. 

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a renowned online file hosting service where data are stored and synchronized in the cloud. This grants users access to their files from wherever they are, via any device connected to the web.

  1. Tesla 

React JS’s advanced web engineering technology is also the foundation of the official Tesla Motors resource owned by Elon Musk.

  1. Netflix

Netflix has become one of the most popular media content providers in the modern entertainment market, offering TV shows, movies, etc. Everything is available to stream in high definition, all at a quick, beautiful interface. 


With all the advantages of React JS, it’s clear that React JS has a future in enterprise app development. It allows the easy build of high-end applications, and all data changes can be applied repeatedly. And using Virtual DOM makes it possible to develop an app faster and user-friendly.