How to Fix Misc.Files Android Issue : Full Guide

How to Fix Misc.Files Android Issue : Full Guide: Are you having issues with your Android device because of the accumulation miscellaneous file? 

This can be solved by cleaning apps such as CCleaner App and Files by Google.

My Android device often slows down or gives me an alert to increase my storage space. I was determined to find a solution and here is how I did it.

What is MISC in Storage Android?

MISC files are binary files that store data used by Android’s operating system. They are associated with many functions, such as location services and app updates.

MISC files are available on both external and internal storage.

They can be found in different folders or subfolders. The function the file performs will usually be reflected in the name of the file. You might find a file called “misc_update that’s used for updating your apps, or one called “misc_mtp that’s used for sending multimedia messages.

How to Delete Various Files From An Android Phone

This post will show you how to delete junk files from your android phone.

A lot of files in your internal storage can be a disaster for any smartphone, android or ios.

The best miscellaneous file cleaners can help you clean out those files.

You’ll see miscellaneous files in your smartphone as long as it’s an android or ios smartphone. Your smartphone will slow down if you have too many files.

Although you might believe your Android phone is starting to hang or Lag, it could be a multitude of files that are causing the problem.

Many people complain that their Android smartphone is slow, but it was not the case before.

They didn’t realize that this is often caused by excessive ram usage or possibly miscellaneous or junk files. Also, they don’t know how delete miscellaneous android files.

It can also occupy your internal memory, causing your smartphone to have a shortage of ROM.

The size of miscellaneous files can exceed 6GB, but this is dependent on which android smartphone you use.

The higher the smartphone, the higher the number miscellaneous files your phone will have, essentially those with 8GB of RAM.

It is recommended to delete anyfiles that are not essential. You should do this at least once or twice per day.

You’ll have tons of junk files if you are a serious phone user. I recommend that you clean your android smartphone at least twice a day.

You should not hesitate to clear your phone’s junk files if you experience lag or hangs while using your Android phone.

Ccleaner App

Ccleaner is a popular application among Android users. This application can be used to delete unwanted data and other files from Android phones.

Ccleaner App can be used to clean miscellaneous files from Android

  • The Ccleaner App is available in the Play Store.
  • Run Ccleaner App.
  • Click “System Clean”, Tab.
  • Click “Analyze”.
  • This scans your device for junk and then displays them in categories so you can choose which MISC file to delete.
  • Then you can check all categories. If there are misc. files that you wish to delete, click the Clearbutton at bottom of screen to clean your Android smartphone.

There is also an “Smart Cleaner” option that allows users to select which file they want to clean. These files include temporary files, unused and APK files.

After you’ve selected the miscellaneous files you wish to delete from your android phone, hit the Clearbutton. It will begin deleting any miscellaneous files from your phone memory.

Files from Google

Google’s Files by Google app offers a great alternative to the File Explorer. This android app offers more than the standard storage management tools. It allows remote access to all your data, custom folder icons and even allows you to delete junk files from either your internal storage or external SD cards.

Use Files by Google to delete junk files

  • Download Files from Google Play Store
  • Open the File App, and tap on the ‘Junk Files tab at top of screen.
  • Tap Junk then tap Clear Now.
  • You will notice a white area under the Junk files tab after the cleaning is complete. This indicates that your device has cleared out misc files and freed some space.

AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner can be used to clean out junk files, excess data, and other miscellaneous files from your Android phone.

This app can not only clean out miscellaneous files, but it also optimizes your mobile device to increase its performance.

Clear miscellaneous files from Android with AVG cleaner

  • Download and install AVG Cleaner.
  • Install AVG Cleaner on your Android device.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your screen and select the Clean option.
  • To begin, tap on the “Junk Cleaning” option. This process may take several minutes.
  • To complete deletion of miscellaneous files from an android tablet or phone, tap on the OKbutton.

This is how to delete various files from android with AVG Cleaner.

One Booster App

One Booster app can clean junk files, cache and other miscellaneous files quickly. You can also backup and manage your photos and videos using the app. It makes it easy to optimize the performance of your android phone.

To clear miscellaneous files using One Booster App:

  • Install One Booster app.
  • Start the app.
  • Select the option under the category . Then, tap “Clear Junk.” 
  • To confirm, tap the “OK” button.

This will clear your Android device of all miscellaneous files.

Manual Removal

Misc files can be deleted manually from Android devices. Although it may take longer than using an app to clean your Android device, you can select the misc files that you want to delete one at a time.

You can manually delete files that are not being used or miscellaneous.

  • Open Settings.
  • Navigate to Apps.
  • Scroll down to see all the apps.
  • Click on the apps you wish to delete their caches and accumulated data.
  • To clear caches, go to Storage and then tap Clear and Clear Data. This is how to delete misc files.

How Can you Backup data that is losing and delete Misc files? !

You can also transfer all data to an external SD Card for your security. You can backup your data and delete any miscellaneous files by using an app. This app is called the Online android Backup app. This method of backing up data is only available for Android users. This app can only be used to backup data from Android devices.

Online android Backup will create the backup in CMW and TWRP styles. The app will automatically restore all data from your device without you having to turn it off. You must clear the cache and storage before you can back up your data.

  • To do this, go to the Settings >> Backup & Restore >> Delete all data from Internal SD. You can then back up all data using the Online Nandroid Backup App.

This backup is only available for Rooted devices, as we have already explained. This backup method is only for Rooted users. It could cause damage to your device.

We hope you find this discussion about What are Miscellaneous Files useful. Please share this information with anyone who might be in need.



A smooth running phone is dependent on many things. One of these things is enough internal storage that’s free from miscellaneous files. You may have issues with your phone if this happens. These solutions on how to delete various files on Android should help you solve this problem.

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