The market for car gadgets and other accessories is on a steady rise, projected to  grow to $489 billion come 2021. With the world becoming increasingly connected and people wanting more functionality and ease-of-use, it’s easy to see why. Plenty of tech advancements are springing up, from  novelty tech like in-car home appliances to gadgets that make day-to-day driving more convenient.
3 Hottest In-Car Gadgets To Make Your Vehicle Ready For The New Decade

In-Car Air Purifiers

Gone are the days when you would settle for covering up bad smells with car freshener. Compact in-car air purifiers are making their way into the mainstream. These neat little devices plug into the cigarette lighter like most in-car gadgets. Unlike traditional air purifiers that make use of fans and filters, modern car air purifiers make use of some nifty space-age tech.
They clean the air by  ejecting negatively charged ions into it, which stick to the particles causing the odor. Then, they’re sucked back into the purifier, attracted by a positively charged plate inside. This innovative process eliminates odor. That makes them a lot better than your average lemon-scented freshener.

Windshield HUD Speedometer

Projecting information onto your car’s windshield is no longer science fiction. Now, inexpensive devices can project a heads-up display that acts as a speedometer. This shows you how fast you’re going right in your field of vision, instead of making you glance at the actual speedometer. As many a driver knows, even a tiny distraction like that can be the root of an accident.
Most windshield HUDs have adjustable mounts, letting you project the information wherever needed. They also auto-adjust brightness by referring to their inbuilt light sensors. The most handy feature, however, is the automatic speed warning system. The device will alert you when you’re reaching a certain speed you can specify while setting it up.
Some models also display other information on your car. This info can range from simple things like diagnostics and engine status to  big features like GPS and displaying texts from your phone. They also have companion apps that help with tweaking and management. There are some premium trim line models that already have tech like this built in, though. You can  research the latest vehicle models to find the best options suitable for you. For those looking to modify their vehicles, items like windshield HUD speedometers are great for making your ride feel more high tech.

360-Degree Dash Cams 

Surveillance tech has been making large strides in the recent years, and car tech is one sector that benefited much from it. They also come with their own security features now. 360-degree dash cams watch for activity in and around your car and notify you of anything that might be suspect. This is great for detecting burglary so you can rush to stop it before it happens.
Car tech advancements is driving all the more convenient for everyone. With big, sweeping concepts like the Internet of Things, car gadgets will only become more effective in the years to come.