Guide to making a YouTube Intro : Step by Step Process

Over the years, YouTube has made a name for itself. At present, YouTube is the second most used social media platform around the world. The platform has over 1.8 billion users who spend one billion watch hours each day. Three former PayPal employees first created YouTube in the year 2005. The next year Google bought the website for US$1.65 billion. Every day thousands of new users are logging into the website to upload their video or watch some of them. YouTube provides a vast range of videos, such as comedy, tutorials, educational, music, and many more.

There are many people who record their videos but have a problem while editing it. A vital aspect of the YouTube video is the introduction. When we browse through YouTube videos, one thing that is noticeable: intros. Most of the content creators add an intro to their video, which attracts the viewers to stay and not click out of the video. People who are searching for an intro maker should opt for InVideo. They provide a variety of templates, which can be customized to the users liking. The website is free to use, and one can make intros for YouTube in a few simple steps. Check more details at


What is a YouTube Intro?

A YouTube intro refers to a small clip at the beginning of a video that talks about the topic or introduce them, especially a vlogger. Most of the time a YouTube intro has the channel logo and name. One can add color, theme, music to their intro that suits the topic of your channel and videos.

One should be careful with YouTube intro videos. They have the potential to make or break the video. If the intro gets created nicely, then the first impression will be good for the channel. The introduction gives an idea to the viewers what type of videos they are about to watch, for example, educational, funny, etc.


How to make a YouTube intro?

Making a video from a choice of website is an easy task. One can make their YouTube intro within five minutes.

First, log in to your account for free. You can choose from the wide range of available templates or start from scratch. Customize the template the way you want it by adding text. Then add some fantastic music, animation, and other media. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, export the file to your laptop or computer.


What makes a YouTube intro excellent?

There are specific points one should keep in mind before making a YouTube video.

a) Keep it short

The first thing one should keep in mind is not to make the intro very long. People tend to click out of the video if the intro is long. The ideal intro should last for 5 seconds. Once your channel gains popularity, the length of the intro can be reduced. But make sure the intro is of high quality as first impressions matter.

b)   Keep it relevant

Make sure the intro matches with the content of the video. If your intro is different from the video, the people will not watch it. Try to create intros, which are relevant to your topic of the video. For example, high tech intros for reviews and funny intros for lifestyle videos.


Why should I have a YouTube intro?

One should have a YouTube intro because of various reasons. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. It helps the viewers know about your channel.

When a new viewer clicks on to your video, they get left without a clue about what to expect from the video. The intro helps the viewers to get an idea about the video and what kind of content the channel provides. The intro gives the viewers an idea about the content creator as well as the video.


  1. It helps with brand recall.

Various different brands and programs such as TV shows have a piece of intro music that we remember years after the show ends. The same way a YouTube intro should get made in such a way that people would recognize it at one glance. The music or animation should be quirky, so the viewers remember it and can distinguish it from afar. People will, therefore, watch your intro and remember your brand.


  1. It helps to build trust.

The viewers will see the intro and understand what type of content the channel will publish. If your channel keeps posting the same kind of videos, the viewers will be familiar with it. This can lead to building a foundation of trust and familiarity. And most of the time, the viewers search for this familiarity when watching a video on YouTube.


  1. The intro can be informative.

The YouTube intro does not always have to be about the brand. It can show your channel name, upload schedule, social handles, and other info about the channel and video that the viewers should know.


Disadvantages of having a YouTube intro

As there are various advantages of having a YouTube intro; there are disadvantages as well.

  1. Viewers might skip the video.

Many times, if the intro is too long or not catchy, then the viewers might skip the video. One should not make their YouTube video beyond 5 seconds and keep it fun and informative.


  1. The intro stops the viewers from engaging immediately with the content

According to some studies, the first 5 to 30 seconds of a video is the most crucial part. This is when a viewer most likely clicks out of the video. If the intro is lengthy or not enjoyable, then the video will lose viewers. It stops the viewers from engaging with the video immediately.

Hence it is essential to keep in mind that the intro for your YouTube video should not be too long. Also, try to keep the intro fun and informative for the viewers to enjoy. Use the mentioned website in the article to create videos for YouTube without any problem. It will take 5 minutes to make the intro, as one can choose from the templates provided.  

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