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How to Fix Error Code R013 on Google Play Store?

This error message will appear whenever you attempt to connect to Google Store. Google Store by adding products to the shopping cart or make a purchase (after having waited for hours) via Google Store.

Another issue that could be frustrating is when a user refreshes their checkout because of an error code R013, they might not be able to access the checkout page.

However it’s possible that the cart may be empty because the store is out of items (like Google Pixel), and all the items (including the ones you’ve put in the shopping cart) have been sold.

As new products are added to the inventory on Google Store, new items are being added to the stock. Google Store However, you have to repeat the procedure (on the date of the launch, like the 6th of October 2022, which is a long period of time).

In some cases, possibility of charging specific customers’ cards, but the store was not able to reveal the error immediately.

Make Sure the Network Connection is Stable

The first thing to check is whether you’re connected to an uninterrupted internet connection. If you’re connected to the Internet via mobile data, you should consider switching to a Wi-Fi network.

If you are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi networks try switching the network to mobile data. You can also switch to a different Wi-Fi connection if you’re currently connecting to Wi-Fi.

If the network is functioning but you’re having problems then try your next choice.

Keep Refreshing Google Store Web Page

It’s a problem with the server. You may attempt hitting the Refresh button at the high point of the page to see whether the issue is solved within the next few days or not. It’s unlikely to fix this problem, but it will keep you updated on the issue.

Click the Button to Go Through.

The third approach is the one we’ll go over if the strategies mentioned above don’t work for you, just keep by pressing the checkout button.

If you are confronted with this error making the effort to add products to your cart, complete the checkout process and add the item the cart in order to make the payment.

You can Try Opening Google Play Store on Another Browser

The fourth method is the most effective to consider if the other three options don’t work for you. This is when you have to complete your work by using a different web browser.

It could be because the browser’s protocol or rate of speed the web browser uses can make connections to websites slow. If this occurs and is the reason, this method can assist you in fixing this problem.

These are steps you need to take Here are the steps to follow

  • Add the item to your cart using the browser you are using. Don’t check out until you close or quit the browser.
  • Make use of a different web browser.
  • Check out the Google Store’s site. Google Store with the alternative browser.
  • Log into your account.
  • Check out your cart.
  • When the product is present in your shopping basket, simply make sure to check out.
  • If the item doesn’t appear in the cart, then add it to the cart and checkout.

Make sure to update your browser

  • Open Google Chrome browser.
  • Choose the three lines in the upper left corner of your web browser.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Select “Advanced”.
  • under”Update,” click on under the “Update” heading, click on the “Check for updates” button.
  • If updates are available, they will be highlighted. Select to click the “Update now” button.
  • Google Chrome will be updated , and any issues that arise due to the upgrade will be resolved.

Contact Google customer support

  • Go to and sign up.
  • On the left corner of the display Click on the three lines in an arc, to open the menu.
  • Click “Contact Support.”
  • Click “Submit a Request.”
  • In”Subject “Subject” field, type “Google error R013.”
  • In the “Description” field, describe the issue.
  • In”Additional Comments,” in the “Additional Comments” field, include any additional details or other information.
  • Click “Submit Request.”
  • Google will review your request and reply to you in the shortest period of time


There’s no reason to worry when you see error code R013 on Google Store. Google Store the next time Do you? Make sure you follow the solutions we’ve suggested in this article.

Don’t give up if you’re unable to eliminate the problem.

The reason for this is the volume of traffic entering the servers. Google will resolve the issue in the near future and will allow you to complete the purchase.