Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret UI Features

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro recently launch a beautiful smartphone with brilliant features but most of the peoples do not know these features of Redmi Note 5 Pro. Today we are showing you the Hidden Features and Tips and Tricks of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro: Follow instruction for enabling secret features.

How to Check Running Apps with unique Way:

User does not have to long Press on recently app button.
User just double tap recently app button for check the running applications.

How to Enable to Show RAM Memory Status:

In New smartphones of xiaomi, Doesn’t have the feature to show RAM memory status but the user doesn’t know that this feature is available in your but its hidden in options. How to Enable it: Follow Step below.
Long Press on Recently Apps button >> Click on settings >> Click on More >> Enable Memory Status >> After done the all setting process system show you the RAM memory Status.


How to Enable Multi-window in Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro:

Most of the times, When you are doing your important work, Someone messaging you and you are close your important work and reply to him/her. After knowing the Multi-window feature you have no need to close your important work window, You just enable the Multi-window and do two works on the same time on one screen.
How to Enable Multi-Window:
Open the Recently app option >> On top Click on Split Window >> and Drag the recent app to the top, Drag that App which you want to use on Multi-window.

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How to Lock / Unlock your Smartphone Home screen:

Sometimes by mistake we are unistall our important application and By mistake icons are move the next page. We are show you the simple settings for Lock our Home Screen.
Long Press on Recently App button >> Click on settings >> Enable the Lock Home Scree option.

How to Enable Automatic Call recording in Redmi Note 5 Pro:

Call Recording is one of the important App in the smartphone but if you are download the third-party Application for call recording but that app has some limition for call recorder data. That why xiaomi offer default automatic call recording system : Enable it with simple setting.
Open the Dialer App >> Click on Incoming Call settings >> Enable the Automatically call recording.


How to Enable Flash when Someone Calling You?

Open the Dialer >> Go to Incoming Call Setting >> Enable the option Flash When ringing.

How to Move Multiple Icons on Different Page:

Follow Steps: Below in the Video:
move folder in redmi note 5 pro

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How to Take ScreenShot in Redmi Note 5 Pro with 7-8 Different Different Ways:

In Note 5 Pro have too much techniques for taking screenshot. Do these little settings for change the way of screenshot.
Go to settings >> Additional settings >> Button & Gestures >> Screenshot >> Select the option which way you want to use.

How to Enable Double tap to Wake up the screen:

No Need to press power button everytime to wake the screen. Do this setting for enable double tap to wake up.
Go to Settings >> Click on Display >> Enable Double Tap to wake up.

How to Create Clone of Different Different Social Media Apps:

Go to Settings >> Dual Apps >> Create the clone of the App, which you want to use.

How to Create Shortcut According to your Need:

Create your own Quick shortcut which is help to save your important time.
Go to Settings >> Additional settings >> Shortcut keys >> Set up and Enable it according to your need.

How to Unlock the Phone without Swipe the Lock Screen:

Everytime for unlocking the smartphone, we are swipe up the screen but after done this setting, You have no need to swipe the screen for unlocking the smartphone.
Go to settings >> Click on About Phone >> Tapping on MIUI version (More than 6-7times) >> After Tapping >> Go to Settings once again >> Click on Developer Option >> Click on Skip screen lock >> Enable it.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro Camera Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks:

1) How to Enable Image Stabilization in Note 5 Pro:
Capture brilliant photography with Note 5 Pro, Do this little setting:
Open the Camera >> Open the Camera settings >> Enable: Image Stabilization.

2) Enhanced Photography in Low-light condition:
This Phone has the dual camera in rear and dual camera in front and addition one feature is that it’s automatic enhance the low light photography. How to enable this setting:
Open the Camera >> Go to Camera Settings >> Enable Enhanced Lowlight Photos Automatically.

3) Set up the Camera Frame for Social Media Profile:
Big Problem of Social Media, These websites cannot upload the full resolution picture. Most of the time when you uploaded the picture on Facebook or other social media websites, System has to crop the image.
Camera Settings >> Camera frame and select the desired format from the following screen.

4) Using Fingerprint sensor for taking selfies easily:
For taking a selfie every time why we are using volume button and Camera capture button. Sometimes when we capture the photos, our hands have been shaken. We show you How to Capture Photos with using Fingerprint shutter.
Go to Camera >> open the camera settings >> Enable the Fingerprint Shutter.
How to Capture Photos with Using Volume buttons:
Camera Settings >> Volume buttons function and select the desired action from the following screen.
How to Capture Photos: Just Tap and Capture pictures:
Camera Settings >> Volume buttons function and select the desired action from the following screen.

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