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Huawei Mate 10 Pro is Recently launched samrtphone, It is very trending in 2018.
Specification of this smartphone is very good but most of don’t know about the Hidden features of Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Let’s talk about Huawei Mate 10 Pro hidden features in detail.

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How to use Full Screen Apps and How to Enable it:

Huawei Mate 10 Pro has an infinite full screen display but some of apps are not work 100% on full of the screen. I will show you how to set it up.
Go to setting >> Display >> Full Screen Display >> Enable the Apps which you want to use in full screen.

How to enable One-Handed operation:

Huawei Mate 10 Pro has bigger 6.0 inchs full view display, This option is very helpful for you.
One-Handed Operation: Go to Setting >> Click on Smart Assistance >> Click One Handed UI >> Click on Mini Screen View.
(Slide your finger across the navigation bar to switch between the standard and mini screen views).

Navigation Dock: How to enable it

Go to Setting >> Click on Smart Assistance >> System navigation >> Click on Navigation Dock >> After these system setting on screen you will be seen the ONE DOT on the screen.
How it works:

  • Go to Home : Just Long Press on Dot.
  • Go to Back : Just Long Press on Dot and Swipe the Dot to Left.
  • Open the Recently Apps : Just long Press on Dot and Swipe the Dot to Right.

How to Enable Navigation Keys:
Go to Setting >> Click on Smart Assistance >> System navigation >> Click on Navigation Bar.

How to Hide Albums and Photos:

Some time in our smartphone has Personal photos which we are don’t wanna to share with anyone. Use this trick, it’s very helpfull for you.
Go to Albums >> Click on the 3 DOTS >> Click on hide albums >> You just Enable OR Click on the folder, which you want to hide.

Application ShortCuts:

I love the feature of this phone, It’s basically is used for Apps Short.
Suppose : You want to open the Camera or Camera video recording.
How to Use Shortcut feature:
Camera icon >> Long Press on Camera icon >> System automatically Pop-Up the features >> Choose the feature, which you want to use.
Same Thing Shortcut available on different different apps: For Example.

  • On Contact for Recently calls or Add new Contact.
  • On Instagram for seen the Messages or Notifications.

Or Other Applications.

Apps Drawers : How to Change Launcher

Go to Setting >> Click on Display >> Click on Home and Apps >> Select which interface you like.

Best Launcher : It Will Change the Look’s of your Smartphone
1) Best Window Launchers

2) Best Android Launchers

How to Enable Multi-Window tasking in Huawei Smartphone:

This Features, I love it because i love to watching video on youtube while messaging with friends. This feature divide your smartphone screen into parts, On top screen you can do any task and on botton screen you can do another work.
How to Enable this feature:
Open the Work which to you want use on Top screen >> After open the Work >> Long press on Recently App open navigation button >> System automatically activate Multi-Window.


How to Create Duplicate / Clone of Facebook or Whatsapp:

When Enabled, you can log in to two different accounts for the same apps for the same time. Twin apps cannot interract with original apps and will be displayed on home screen. This Feature is currently not supported by Third party home screens.
Go to settings >> Search for App Twins >> Click on App Twins >> Enable the app (Facebook/Whatsapp) which you want clone.

How to Connect using a Dock:

Connect phone to Display screen to enjoy a desktop expirence with an external keyboard and mouse. Both the display screen and the phone can be operated.
How to Connect Using a Dock:
Connect the Type-C end to your phone and the HDMI/VGA/DVI end to the display screen. Keyboard and mouse can be connected using bluetooth.

Default App Locker: Set up fingerprint on Apps

Go to settings >> Click on Security & Privacy >> App Lock >> Click on App which you want to lock.

How to Increase your Battery Life:

Increase the time of battery life:
Go to Setting >> Battery >> Enable your Power Saving Mode OR if you want to increase your Extreme battery Saver: Go to Setting >> Battery >> Enable your Ultra Power saving mode.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Some Unique Number Code for Activate Default settings : Which is not shown in your Phone: Setting Activate Code:

  • This Code for system settings : For Example: Background debugs, USB Port settings, AP LOG settings, Set UI theme colour settings.
    Number Code is *#*#2846579#*#.
  • This code is basically used for Testing phone:
    Number Code is *#*#6130#*#.
  • This code is used for checking out the full details of System:
    Number code is *#*#0000#*#.
  • This code is used for Calendar information, Check the Events, Holidays in Poland, Phone:
    Number code is *#*#225#*#.
  • This code is used for Checkout the IMEI Number:
    Number code is *#06#.

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