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Secret Apps for Android of 2017. Easy Free Download secret apps download Apk, Best android apps not in play store.Create your phone impressively and Amazing. – Short Description of the Topic.

1) Amazon UnderGround

Amazon Underground is one of the best and amazing app in Playstore because this application has an amazing feature of download paid things free. Suppose you see a game in play store: Star Wars at the price of Rs 200 (Paid).
If you want to download this game free,
Go to Playstore >> Search for Amazon UnderGround >> Download it >> After download >> Search this game in Amazon Underground App >> It Free for You.
This is Secret Application for Download Paid Things Free instantly.

Direct Download Amazon UnderGround app

2) Whatscan

Whatsapp is very secure and private application, hack the whatsapp is impossible, If this thing in your mind you are wrong my friend. Today i am show you how to see another person whatsapp messages and chating.

  • Go to Playstore
  • Download Whatscan App
  • After Download
  • Real work is started
  • Suppose you want to see our Friends whatsapp chatting, Do it secretly
  • Just open our friend Whatsapp App
  • Click on Top Option Button
  • Front of you, You see the option : Whatsapp Web
  • You See the Bar Code on the screen
  • Open your Phone and Open the Whatscan App
  • Scan the bar of our Friend Whatsapp
  • After Scan the Whatsapp code : See your Smartphone Screen your Friend whatsapp all Messages show on the screen and Every Chat shown on the screen.
  • 3) ADGuard

    Very Irrirating thing in applications is that ADS. Show much ads shown on the screen, By mistake if you click on the single ads automatically that ads download automatically too much application and junk file. Some time that is the reason software of corrupt. Today i am show you the secret trick how to stop show ads.

  • Go to Playstore
  • Download ADGuard App
  • After Download >> Go to Setting of Application.
  • Click on General
  • Allow / Block Ads according to the need

  • Direct Download ADGuard Apk

    4) ShowBox

    ShowBox is one of the amazing app in playstore because this application has feature for watching latest movies free, very easly. No Need to Download Full movie.
    Direct Download ShowBox Apk Free

    5) Cryptography

    Cryptography application is based on secret chating. In this application has ability to Encrypt chat into Decrypt and Decrypt chat into Encrypt.
    For Example :
    You Send a Message to your friend (Encrypt) : Hi How YOu (Input)
    But System Changes your Message into (Decrypt) : UBJ NER LBH (Output)

    When You friend Decrypt your message : Then He see you RIGHT Message, What you send to him.
    Direct Download Cryptography Apk

    6) LMT Launcher

    LMT Launcher is best launcher in playstore. Very Easy to use.
    Direct Download LMT Launcher Apk

    7) Fildo

    Fildo is one the amaizng music player which i love in the playstore because in this application has feature of Online Listening with Lyrics of song and also Download the song track in Single Click. If you can use this Music player you never use another music app.
    Direct Download Fildo Apk

    8) NetCut

    NET CUT is also amazing application because in this application has the feature of Control WIFI speed from your Phone.
    How it Work :
    Suppose : 5 Peoples Connected with your WIFI, You Don’t want to share 100% speed with 5Peoples.

  • You Just Open the Net Cut Application
  • Select your WIFI
  • First Open : SPEED, it set on 100%, Suppose you want to Share 30% wifi speed with 5 peoples adjust it on 30% , WIFI only spread only 30% wifi speed, 70% of speed you will be save.
    Direct Download NetCut Apk

    9) Pixel Off (Battery Saver)

    Pixel Off battery saver is perfect battery saver for your smartphone because it has too many features for control on everything of smartphone, Its really help to increase battery life of the smartphone.
    Direct Download Pixel Off

    10) Lucky Patcher

    Lucky Patcher is an app that gives you real control over the permissions you give to the apps installed on your Android. You can delete excessive advertising, change the permissions, create backups of other apps, and much more. That said, you do need a rooted device in order to enjoy these features.
    Download Lucky Patcher Direct

    11) Videoder

    Videoder is amazing apps because this apps has the feature for Download youtube video and Mp3 audio tracks very easy way.

  • Go Playstore and Download Videoder App
  • After Download Go to Youtube apps : Open the which you want to be converter into mp3 OR Download the Video.
  • Wait for Second : Click on side Orange Color Icon
  • After click on Icon : Download the video OR Mp3 track, which you want.

  • Direct Download Videoder Apk ont>

    12) FileChef

    FileChef is also a great app because This apps has the feature for download anything you want like (Audio , Video , Images , Gif , Books/ Docs , Software/ Games).

  • Go to the Playstore
  • Download this Application
  • Just Click on option which you Want
  • Suppose you want to Download Movies, Checkmark on movies
  • Enter the Name of the thing
  • This App directly attacked on Directoryies
  • Front of you List of Directory
  • Just a Single Click and Download it

  • Direct Download FileChef Apk

    13) Instwogram

    Instwogram application help’s you for download Instagram things. In Instagram you can’t be download anything but its not be impossible. You will be do only one thing, Uninstall the instagram app,

  • Go to Google Download the Apk File of Instwogram apk file
  • After Download Install it
  • Sign your Instagram Account
  • In this Application your instagram account will be works similar like instagram but you will be seen that you have the option for Download (Photos, Videos and more other things).
    Direct Download Instawogram Apk

    14) Official TWRP App

    Official app developed by Team Win for TWRP. Use the app to alert you when new TWRP versions are released for your device. When a new version is available, download it using the app and install it (root users only) without rebooting to recovery.
    Official TWRP App

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