Students and Graduates Mentorship Program: The Why’s and How’s

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The term “mentorship” is often viewed as a path to seek and obtain advice but in an actual sense, it is more than that. So, what exactly does mentoring mean, and how is it worth the stress?

What Is Mentorship?

What Is Mentorship?

Mentorship is the art of building a relationship between two people where one has a higher knowledge and is capable of helping the other navigate through life or career. This relationship is intentional and comes with its objectives. It is all about helping the younger to explore their full capacities in the chosen field. The said relationship could be between a faculty member and student or an industry expert and fresh or mid-career expert.

Interestingly, mentorship is gradually becoming an idea of the past outside institutions and schools. Before now, anyone can look through the community and within the sphere of a profession to pick a mentor to work with. While this is one of the ways to participate in mentorship, mentorship programs make it easier and provide a level ground to interact with both experience and expertise in a more organized system.

There are several mentorship programs designed to help students and graduates maximize their education and career pursuit. These programs are embedded to foster a cordial relationship between mentor and mentee primarily to ensure growth, share opportunities, enlarge capacities, etc.

Why Engage In Mentorship Programs?

Mentorship programs come with lots of advantages, especially for the mentee. Participation in mentorship programs offers support for the mentee in their academic pursuit and career advancement. The way it works is simple; mentees are exposed to information that will enhance better performance in their academics, networks to leverage on, access to feedback, encouragement, and support.

Another reason the mentorship program is great is that it helps fresh graduates to understand their industry even before they dive into it. This is made possible because of the information on professionalism, trend, and training available through the mentorship program. Even for students, they are better informed about how to go through school, enhance their capacity, and be prepared for their careers.

Mentorship Enrolment

Enrolling in mentorship can be as simple as meeting someone who has enough skill, knowledge, and experience to guide you through. In the case of mentorship programs, you need to read through the requirements and processes of registration required to be enrolled in the program. It usually entails filling a bio data with information around the area of expertise.

For mentorship programs, the applications are sorted, and when approved, applicants are attached to a mentor. This mentor assumes the responsibility to treat the mentee with respect, engage him/her and enhance a cordial relationship. Mentorship only prospers when the relationship between mentor and mentee is cordial with respect for boundaries.

So, whether you are a student or a graduate, it is important to add a mentorship program to your list of professional development tactics. With mentorship, you will rediscover your career and leverage everything that the mentorship program has to offer. My last piece of advice to you is that you read through every detail before signing up to be sure it will lead you to the place of your dream.

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