Top Skills Required to Pursue a Career as Metallurgical Engineer

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Being one of the biggest sectors, Indian Railways offer broad job scope for engineers and experts from other fields. There are different posts available for aspirants looking to join as engineers. One such is the Metallurgical engineer, which falls under JE. Aspirants, who are keen on joining this position, need to undergo the RRB JE exam, which is undertaken to hire the right candidate for the job purpose.

The metallurgical engineer, also known as the materials engineer, has various work responsibilities and skills required.

Job Description:

Evaluate materials and develop machinery to manufacture materials for the use of products. It is vital to meet specialized design and performance specifications. The engineer also needs to work on including engineers working with composite materials required in building certain sections of the railway.

Skills Required

To excel in this profession, one must be solid in maths, physics, and chemistry. Furthermore, the aspirant also needs to be good in logical reasoning and science. Being in the engineering field, you need to work with a team and have problem-solving skills, ability, and creativity.

Metallurgical engineering demands drawing and computer skills. You need to be good in both these areas. When you appear for the entrance exam, you are examined in all areas before recruiting. An individual with good skills can earn a better package. The RRB JE salary is good and offers a good career scope.

One of the most important skills a metallurgical engineer needs to carry is operation monitoring which includes watching gauges and indicators to ensure that machines are working perfectly. Besides, you also need to be good in technology design, which is very important while working as an engineer on the railway.

You need to carry essential knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology. There are many areas under this, including techniques, applying principles, procedures, and designing the equipment. Besides, you need to be good with maths, arithmetic, calculus, and applying formulas. You will be indulging in building bridges and railway platforms, and you need to be good with calculation and designing the same.

Education and training have to be at par. Knowledge of curriculum and training design and instruction for individuals and groups. You will be asked to train new engineer recruits, which is a responsible job.

A metallurgical engineer is the one who prepares metallic alloys that are required for manufacturing and construction works. This engineering field is divided into three different categories- Physical Metallurgy, extractive metallurgy, and mineral processing. These engineers need to understand different elements including electron microscopes, x-ray machines, and other such items.

rrb exam

Metallurgical engineers are high-in-demand in railways because of the engineering job involved in the sector.

Salary Package

One of the benefits of carrying all the essential skills required in this engineering area is the package offered. Railway offers an excellent RRB JE salary to aspirants, and as the experience grows, the salary grows. Furthermore, there are other monetary benefits, including HRA, DA, TA, and other expenses. Moreover, post-retirement the individual is subject to receive a pension.

Besides monetary benefits, the metallurgical engineer will enjoy a safe and secured job. Therefore, you do not have to worry about job security. Moreover, you will get a travel pass, which will also benefit your family to travel to any part of the country with payment.

Every year, the recruitment for a metallurgical engineer increases thanks to new stations and connecting lines. More trains are running between cities and states. To be hired as a metallurgical engineer in the railway, you need to carry all those essential skills mentioned above. Being an engineering graduate, you can be confident of yourself to take up the railway board’s challenge and responsibility.

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