How to Fix Spotify Can't Play this Right Now Issue [Simple Method]

Spotify is one of the top streaming music apps of the moment and comes with an array of features. There are a variety of errors like Spotify not responding to requests, Spotify application not responding to requests, or Spotify cannot play the current track.

Another issue has surfaced. For instance, the “Spotify cannot play this song right currently” Error message. Many users have stated that they can’t play music on the web player. There are some users who may not be able to play the current song in the app. Other users might not be able to listen to all the tracks or even an entire album. The most frequent errors are “Spotify isn’t able to play this currently.”


Find Out Why Spotify isn’t Able to Play your Music

Spotify might not be able to play a song that you have requested due to a variety of reasons. The factors mentioned above can make it so slow that it could make you angry. It’s possible that you want to stop your subscription.

On your computer, you can import the track directly from your personal drive. You can also share the link to it with acquaintances. However, the person you share it with will notice that the app is not able to play the latest tune because it’s not available in the area of his choice.

When you listen to music that’s not available in your area, you’ll receive the exact error message that says that Spotify isn’t able to play this currently. Certain tracks might not play in certain regions because of copyright issues.

If the player on your computer isn’t functioning correctly it could cease playing music. In this case, it’s important to check if the internet player is not working.

Following six months as a free member, I found that Spotify was permitted to play a single song five times. After I had gotten bored of this I found out that Spotify can’t play the song currently playing.

A mistake in your account’s settings could result in an issue: Spotify can’t play this moment.

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What’s the Main cause that Spotify isn’t able to Play this Message Right Now?

How to Fix Spotify Can't Play this Right Now Issue [Simple Method]

After studying the matter in depth We concluded that the following could be one of the main causes of this error.

An incorrect login: The login you made to the Spotify application may not have taken place in a timely manner. We suggest in order to resolve the “Spotify cannot play this right now, if you have the file in your Computer you could import it” error, try to exit the application, then log back into it once more.

outdated application: Sometimes, it could be that the app is out of date and, as a result, it may not be capable of streaming the music. We suggest you check to see whether there’s an update available for the application.

High-Quality Stream Problem: If the Stream Quality is set to be too high, it’s likely that due to the server or network restrictions, it’s not in a position to stream at the same quality. So, we recommend that you lower the quality of the stream and make sure you check it again.

Hardware Acceleration If your computer has enabled hardware acceleration in your computer We suggest you turn it off since it could cause problems due to software and hardware conflicts that occur on your system.

Cached Files In the event that your cached data on PC have been corrupted or rendered unusable We suggest you clear the cache, and then test to see if clearing it will fix the Spotify Can’t Play This Right now error that you are experiencing on your computer.

Damaged Software: When the Spotify application on your computer has been damaged, this may lead to an error message appearing also. An easy and effective solution is to follow the steps listed below and uninstall the Spotify application from your PC.

We’ve now given you a thorough overview of the major triggers for this issue, you are able to start to implement the fixes listed below.

Method 1: Disable Hardware Acceleration on Spotify

Hardware acceleration involves using hardware-based modules to replace software algorithms in order to make the most of the speedy characteristics of the hardware. Hardware acceleration is typically more effective than software algorithms.

In default settings, Spotify has hardware acceleration activated, meaning that Spotify can utilize the audio hardware acceleration functions to improve the efficiency of playback and music decoding. However, hardware acceleration can have some negative impacts. If Spotify cannot play the song you are currently listening to Try to turn off this feature.

on Windows Desktop:

How to Fix Spotify Can't Play this Right Now Issue [Simple Method]

  1. Double click the Spotify application on your PC.
  2. In the upper left corner, click in the upper left corner, click Ellipsisand then view. You will notice that the hardware acceleration is being checked.
  3. Do not uncheck the option to disable Hardware Acceleration.
  4. Restart Spotify.

for Mac users:

How to Fix Spotify Can't Play this Right Now Issue [Simple Method]

Start the Spotify app on your Mac Click the Spotify name at the top of the bar. Then, select on the Hardware Acceleration option.

Replay a song or list of songs to determine whether Spotify is able to play them today. If the problem continues then please explore other options.

Step  2: Remove Local Cache Files

How to Fix Spotify Can't Play this Right Now Issue [Simple Method]

When restarting the account or logging back into your account isn’t working try giving the next procedure. Clearing caches of files stored on local drives may solve your issue.

Step 1. Copy the address of the file from Spotify. Copy the address from Spotify app. Click on the advanced settings menu and copy the address of the Offline storage for songs.’

Step 2. Close the app and then open windows explorer to browse the folder. The folder ‘AppData’ is not visible by default, therefore, you must unhide it before doing so.

Step 3. Choose all the files within the folder, and remove them. Restart Spotify and see whether the music is playing.

Make sure to restart your system

Before you continue we recommend you start Your Windows 11 computer.

In the majority of instances, restarting the computer is an excellent option to fix problems that plague Spotify.

Step 4. To accomplish this, click right-click on your Start Menu button, and then move your mouse cursor on shut down as well as sign out. From there, you can select Restart then click Restart. That’s it.

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Delete Crossfading

How to Fix Spotify Can't Play this Right Now Issue [Simple Method]

Crossfading takes away the silent pauses that occur between songs and allows for an effortless transition between songs. If Spotify does not play a certain song, it is possible to turn off this option and give it a go.

On the Spotify desktop you can change the settings using the following steps:

Step 1. Open Spotify on the web browser and click on the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the top.

Step 2. Click on the Settings option.

Step 3. Scroll down and then click to show Advanced Settings.

Step 4. The Playback tab lets you switch on crossfade you turn this option, you can set the duration in seconds to zero.

Step 5: Restart Spotify.

Upgrade your Spotify

Upgrade your Spotify

The error “spotify can’t play this right now ” is also possible in the event that the app isn’t up-to-date on your smartphone. So, make sure that Spotify is updated to prevent any glitches or errors. To check visit Spotify in the Apps Store or Google Play Store and if any updates are available, select the “Update “Update” button.

In the case of the Desktop application:

Step 1. Start the desktop version of the Spotify app on your desktop.

Step 2. Choose Spotify and then about Spotify from the menu bar at the top.

Step 3. Spotify will show the current version of your account and inform you when there is an update available. Choose “Update Now” when it’s on the market.

Step 4. You’ll get a message saying that Spotify has been updated successfully and that you have to restart the service to install the latest version.

Step 5: Choose Close and then reboot your computer.

Song Accessibility

Song Accessibility

In this case, there’s nothing to do. Songs that aren’t available in your area due to copyright concerns aren’t played. If you attempt to do this and you fail, you’ll likely get the error “Spotify cannot play this song currently.”

But, you can also activate the setting on a desktop to inform you what songs or playlists can be played.

Step 1. Open Spotify settings on a desktop.

Step 2. Choose “Display” from the “Display” option.

Step 3. Choose the option ” Show available songs in playlists.”

By doing this, you’ll be able to quickly discern the songs accessible and which aren’t.

Install the App

How to Fix Spotify Can't Play this Right Now Issue [Simple Method]

The last thing to mention is If none of the options that were mentioned earlier are working for you, you can reinstall the application. You can remove or delete Spotify on your mobile, and then install the most recent version. This is the best way to fix the problem.

If you’re not sure if anything happens, connect to the Spotify Help team and discuss your issues.

That’s it. Use these simple fixes to start your tunes playing again. Tell us in the comments section below what worked for you. And if you’ve got a better solution to the problem of “Spotify cannot play at this moment,” do share it with us, too.

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