How to Fix PS4 Error CE-32809-2

Do you experience PS4 Error CE-32809-2 happen when you try to start a game or an app? This PS4 error could affect games purchased digitally and physically stored media (disks).

If you play an application or game, the blue screen error will be displayed informing you that you can’t Start the application. (CE-32809-2).

The most common reason for this PlayStation4 error is PS4 being unable to validate the digital license that was purchased recently or game files were damaged.

Use the fixes below as explained in this article to fix PS4 Error CE-32809-2 one time and for all.

It turns out that there are a variety of causes that could trigger this specific error. There are several possible causes that could end up creating this issue:

Common inconsistency with the firmware: One of the main reasons for this error is lengthy inactivity that causes an intermittent licensing issue that leads your console to think that you aren’t authorized to play the content. In this instance, you’ll be able to resolve the issue by conducting a simple console restart.

Flash Player Glitch: If you began experiencing this issue after an unexpected shutdown of your machine then it’s likely that you’re experiencing a minor glitch that involves some or all of the files in your system. In this instance try power-cycling the console to see if it resolves the issue.

PS4 is Not Able to Confirm Your Licenses: There is a problem in your Internet network or an intermittent issue with Sony’s servers may make your console inaccessible to verify ownership of your license account. In this instance, the most efficient solution is to make your console to be an account that is the main PS4 account associated with the account on your PSN accounts.

License Inconsistency: as some users have stated this issue can be the result of a persistent license inconsistency that causes the PlayStation system to prevent access to a specific digital purchase. In this instance it is possible to restore the licenses through your Account Management menu will help you fix the issue.

Broken PS4 Database: The problem is that there is a type of license inconsistency is impossible to fix by simply returning the licenses. If the problem lies in the game’s OS files The only option to do in this situation is to restore the database. This is done via the Recovery Menu on your PS4.

The Root Cause of System File Corruption: Under certain conditions, the issue could be the result of kernel-level files that are corrupted (typically occurs following an unsuccessful jailbreak). If this is the case it is possible to solve the issue by backing your data prior to and then re-initializing your console through The Recovery Menu.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

We’ve already mentioned that there are some methods to solve this PS4 Error Code CE-32809-2. First, let’s test the most basic ways to fix this issue.

Solution 1: Restart Your PS4 Console

PS4 Error Code CE-32809-2

If we experience any issues with any of our Windows PCs, we can simply reboot it. In the same way, try to restart your PS4 system every time you experience such errors.

It might or may not solve the issue However, it is a good idea to try it and not cause any harm to your device. Therefore, we recommend users to restart their PS4 in the event that they get the CE-32809-2 error message.

If you get the error message when starting this game using your PS4 Move to the next game.

Solution 2: Power Cycle Your PS4

How to Fix PS4 Error CE-32809-2

The process of the power cycle of the PS4 is distinct from restarting it. If restarting it didn’t work try this method of power cycling.

It completely drains energy from your console. A few users have solved this PS4 Error Code CE-32809-2 by turning off their system. For this you must follow the steps below.

  • Turn Off The Console Completely Without Fail.
  • After That, Press The Power Button On Your PS4 And Hold It To Shut It Down Fully.
  • When You Hear The Two Beep Sounds, Release The Power Button.
  • Now, Remove The Power Cables That Are Connected Between Your Console And Main Power Supply Unit.
  • Keep Your PS4 System Idle For About 30 Seconds. After That, Reconnect The Power Cables Back To Your Console.
  • Turn On The Console. Launch The Game And Check if The Error Is Fixed Or Not.

Solution 3: Rebuild PS4 Database

A corrupted PS4 database could also cause the error code ce-32809-2. There are a variety of reasons for the database to be corrupted, including failure of the hard disk, or fragmentation, corruption of storage media accidental deletion of data, PS4 updates or software fail file header corruption unexpected shutdown of the system, and more.

There are three possible solutions for corrupted databases. The first is to rebuild the database. Here’s how to do it.

1. Press the PS button on the console to access the power options and then select the Turn Off PlayStation 4 option. Make sure the console is completely off.

2. Press on and then press the Power button until you hear two beeps. The sound indicates that you’ve entered the safe mode successfully.

3. Connect to a DualShock 4 controller to the front of the PS4 by using a USB-A connector.

4. Scroll through the menu prompts to locate an option called the Rebuild Database option. Click this option and then press the X to begin the process.

5. The duration of the rebuild will depend on the space available on your hard drive as well as the type of technology used that ranging from a few minutes up to hours.

Solution 4: Initialize the PS4 Console

Initiating using the PS4 console also makes it a possibility to fix database corruption which will help you resolve the issue with ce-32809-2 too. But, this procedure can erase the game’s progress as well as the saved information.

Therefore, you have to create a backup prior to starting. This guide will help you make backups. to help you to follow.

Step 1. Log into your account to store your game information.

Step 2. Navigate to settings from your main dashboard.

Step 3. Step 3: Navigate into the Application Saved Data Management menu using Settings and select saved Data from the System Storage. Alternately, you can select the to save your data on the USB Storage Device option.

Step 4. In the following window you will need to press the Options option on the console, and then click Select Different Applications to continue. Once you have selected the games you want to keep and then hit the upload button to begin your backup.

Step 5: When you have completed the process of backup then press the PS button to access the Power Options and select to turn off PS4.

Step 6. Wait until you are ready and then press your button Power button for a second time to go into the Recovery Menu.

Step 7. Connect to the console using a USB-A connection again. Choose the initialize PS4 Option.

Step 8. Follow directions on the screen in order to finish the initialization procedure. Then, download the games you had backed prior to. Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage/Saved Data on USB Storage.

Solution 5: Restore App License

If the application is not able to start, the application, the error CE-32809-2 pops up when you launch the digitally bought media.

The problem is in the License Try to restore the licenses for the PS4 console and resolve this PS4 CE-32809-2 problem.

  • Open Settings.
  • PS4 CE-32809-2 problem
  • Use the button X key on the controller to select Account Management..
  • PS4 CE-32809-2 problem
  • Select Restore License.
  • PS4 CE-32809-2 problem
  • After you have confirmed the prompt, stay patient until the process is complete.
  • Now restart your PS4 console in order to determine if the cause that the issue has been resolved.

Solution 6: Rebuilding the Database

The console’s hard disk fails or storage media corruption accidental deletion of data, PS4 system software installation, or update issues cause PS4 error. You must rebuild the database to fix the corruption of the PS4 database.

PS4 CE-32809-2 problem

  • Use the PS button on the controller to access the power options and select the Turn Off PS4 option.
  • PS4 Error CE-32809-2
  • Hold and press your Power button till you can hear two beeps. A subsequent beep will mean that you are in the Safe Mode..
  • Connect the DualShock four controller to the front of the PS4 using a USB-A cable.
  • PS4 Error CE-32809-2
  • Scroll down to locate an option to option to rebuild the database. option. Press the X key to initiate the process.
  • Wait until the operation is finished, it could take several hours.
  • Once don Restart the PS4.

Solution 7: Start your PS4

And lastly, In case you’re not able to resolve your PS4 error CE-32809-2, after applying the fixes above. Perform PS4 initialization which will wipe every game file, including the saved data.

Log in with the PSN account.

Open Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage.

You can also select the to save your data on USB Storage Device option

Solution 8: Reinstall the Game

In this case following the above two solutions, you may attempt to reinstall the game to resolve the problem. For this you must follow these steps.

Step 1: The first step is to remove the game from your library. To do this you need to go to the Library menu on PS4 and select the game you want to remove.

Step 2: Then you press the controller’s ‘ Option button. In turn, the ‘ Delete‘ option will be displayed in the left sidebar.

Step 3: The ‘Delete’ interface will be displayed it is necessary to click ‘ OK‘. The game will erase.

Step 4: Visit the library section once more. There you will find an option called ‘ purchased choice. When you click it, the list of games will be displayed. Find the game that you have deleted before, and choose it.

Step 5: At this point, you will be able to see the ” download option on the interface for the game. It is necessary to click it. The installation process will begin.

Solution 9 : Update the Problematic Game or Application

The CE-32809-2 error can be hidden in the backdated program or software. If this is the case, you will have to make the update manually, following a few simple steps.

Step 1:  It is necessary to visit”the Library‘ again. You will need to choose the application or game which is causing the error. After identifying, press the button ‘Option. The result is that you will be able to see the ‘ Look for updates’ option in the right-hand sidebar. Choose it.

Step 2: Therefore, a notice will show up based on updated availability or the most recent confirmation.

The message reads The installed application is the most recent version when the game or application is up-to-date.

However, in the event that an upgrade is in the pipeline, you’ll be able to see the message “An update file for this program is available. If you are seeing this, you must hit the ‘Go-To Downloads[ Downloads] button to complete the process of updating.

Then, verify that does the issue exists or is it not?

Solution 10: Primary Account Reactivation

In this fix, I’ll include some fixes to the settings that can be customized. You must follow these to resolve the CE-32809-2 Error when using PS4. The first is the primary account Reactivation.

Step 1:  In the first place, first go first to the ” settings menu.

Step 2: You will see a ‘ Control Account option within” setting Interface. You must work with the option. Therefore, choose it.

Step 3: Therefore, you will be able to get that you are now active as your primary PS4 choice. It is necessary to sign in it.

Step 4: Most likely it will be activated. This is why you must disable it first. To do this, click on the deactivate button.

Step 5: You must then confirm that the deactivation is on by clicking the ‘ Yes” tab.

Step 6: Then, you have to restart the settings to be you’re primary PS4. To do this you must follow the same steps Settings > Account Management”Active for Your PS4 as Primary’

Step 7: Press the ” Active button to finish the process of activation.

Then, investigate the problem. Do you have it or not when you try to launch games or applications?

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