Oppo is the recently launch new smartphone Oppo A83. Oppo A83 comes with amazing features and most of features are hidden. Let’s talk about Oppo A83 hidden Features in detail.

How to take Long ScreenShot in Oppo A83:

Very easy way to capture long screenshot. Just do it step by step:
Open the Page which you want to capture long screenshot >> After open the page Just Press Power button and Volume up button simultaneously >> After press the buttons : One option is enable : PAGE DOWN (CLICK ON IT) >> Save it.

How to enable new Night mode filters in A83:

Swipe up from Down navigation keys, One option is there NEW NIGHT SHIELD MODE click on it. Your device screen changes into black and white screen.

  • How to adjust Night Mode colours:
  • Swipe up from Down navigation keys, Long press on NIGHT SHIELD MODE. After long press you will be seen the setting of Night Shield mode.
    – Display in colours.
    – Display in Black and White.
    – Confortable Night Reading
    Set it up according to your needs.

    How to Hide OR use gestures Navigation keys in A83:

    Oppo A83 has no physical buttons on front, all buttons are in the screen. i am Show how to hide navigation keys or how to use gesture keys.
    – Go to Settings >> Click on Additional settings >> Navigation keys.

  • You Will seen the Option of Hide the buttons.
  • Second option : Gestures Naviagtion button, In this option buttons are hide but function work same.

  • How to Recover your Delete Photos in Oppo A83:

    Instruction : This feature is only work’s on last 30 days deleted pictures, It’s not works on after 30days deleted pics.

  • How to Recover :

    How to Set Face Recognitions:

    Go to Settings >> Click on Face & Passcode >> Set it up.

    Camera Operation and Tips and Tricks :

  • How to Use Full screen camera : Open your F5 camera >> at Top you will be seen >> Rectangle icon >> Press on it >> Click on Full screen camera. After do these simple setting you camera working on full screen.
  • How to Use live filters: Open the camera >> Right side top >> You will be seen the bubble icon >> Press on it >> When you click on it >> Filters are started working >> Select the filter according to you need.
  • How to Bokeh Mode: Open the camera >> at the top you will be seen the DROP icon >> Press on it >> After pressing drop icon your BOKEH Mode is activated >> Capture beautiful movements with DSLR effects.

  • How to Turn On or Off Lockscreen Magazine:

    This Feature is very helpfull for you because it’s provding great stuff off screen.I suggest you, You must be try it.

  • How to Enable it:
  • Go to setting >> Click on Wallpaper and Lockscreen Magazines >> Click on Lock screen magazine >> Enable it.

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