Tips to improve your vocabulary

Words always play a very important role in our life. They help to share our thoughts and present us in a better way. We will present us in a better way only if our vocabulary is strong enough. It is essential to have a grip on your vocabulary. Here in this article, I am giving you some handy tips so, that you can polish your vocabulary skills & improve your vocabulary.

improve your vocabulary

Don’t sit idle:

Think now, how much hours in a day you waste? I know a lot of time you are wasting. Don’t waste it pick up anything and start reading. Just read, read and read. Whatever it may be any newspaper or some literary works like novels or stories reading them will do the thing. Try to learn new words and include them in your daily conversation.

Note important words:

Make a journal for writing down new words. It will work as a catalyst in your in your vocabulary. Whatever you find difficult or any new word just write it down and at night before going to bed read them and understand their meaning and next day try to put them in your daily life.

Keep a dictionary always with you:

There may multiple chances when you will find a word which is difficult to read or pronounce. Don’t get nervous just refer to dictionary understand the meaning and pronunciation of the particular word. You can keep a pocket dictionary or you can download thesaurus and refer it whenever you need. You can carry them easily.

Learn a new word each day:

If you want to build a strong vocabulary then you must try to learn a new word each day. You can refer to some website or download the application from the internet. Learning a new word a day is a great technique. It would be tiresome sometimes but believe me, it is beneficial.

improve your vocabulary

Learn deeply:

It is known that English is the combination of Latin and Greek words. After you get your hands on vocabulary try to categorized words and their origin because the pronunciation of some words are different and they are pronounced according to their origin.

Now, guys, you got the key to improving your vocabulary. Practice well and improve your personality. Don’t worry if you don’t have any source of learning. Just visit Flipkart deals and Flockhart offers because with every type of books that will surely help you to get a fly to your vocabulary.

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