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In a modern time, all bussiness company working on Excel, Pdf, word and more other microsoft office softwares but it’s very hard to convert PDF to Word file. It’s also too much hard convert files on iphone and Android platform. But today we will solved your this problems, You just follow the instruction for convert PDF to Word file.

How to Convert PDF to Word file in iOS:

Step 1 (ipad):  Open your office on iPad, tap on the icon (ICON LIKE : PAPER ON THREE Dots) on the left upper corner screen. Click on it

Step 1 (iphone):  Open your office file on iPhone, tap on the icon (ICON LIKE : THREE Dots) on the right side upper corner screen. Click on it

step1: convert pdf to word file

Step 2 (iPad & iPhone): After click on that icon, you will seen the multiple options, Click on EXPORT.

Step 2 convert pdf to word file

Step 3 (iPad & iPhone): Open this file with PDF format, Click on PDF (*.pdf).

step 3 convert pdf to word

Step 4 (iPad & iPhone): On the top right side Click on Export,  you now have to decide where to actually save the PDF file you are about to create.

step 4 convert pdf to word file

Select a cloud storage such as OneDrive or tap iPad or iPhone to save the file locally.

Step 5 (iPad & iPhone): After you select the location, System automatically gave you one prompt. User will gave permission to system. CLICK ON ALLOW (Allow for Continue) OR CLICK ON DON’T ALLOW (Stop the work now).

After all process system will take some time of 1-2mins

Step 6 (iPad & iPhone): If you saved the file locally, You can open it by tapping the word folder under the location on My Iphone / iPad.

step 6 convert pdf to word

Open the Command Bar by performing a long-press. You should have access to a range of options such as Rename, Move, and Share.

step 6 convert pdf to word file

How to Convert Pdf to Word file in Android:

Easy tricks to convert microsoft files into different format from different format. We will provide you some list of Android application which help to convert.

List of Applications to convert to Microsoft Files:

  1. OfficeSuite
  2. Able2Extract PDF Converter

Method no 1 : OfficeSuite:

Officesuite is one of the best application PDF to Word Converter for Android. Great thing of this application it supports various formats such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, PPS, ODS, CVS, ZIP and many more.

Step 1: Firstly Download this application (CLICK HERE)  on the Android Phone.

Step 2: Sign in with your Facebook, Gmail, or Email. Hit menu list icon at the upper right and then tap “Open” to find and add a PDF file.

Step 3: On top side Left CLICK ON Menu button >> Click on Export >> Select the File >> After Click on continue (Allow the system) >> System start converting the file.

Method No 2: Able2Extract PDF Converter

This tools is also workes perfectly to convert Pdf to words and  more other files. Great thing of this application is that ther is no limitation regarding the size of files to convert.

  • First of all Download this application : CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD.
  • Click on + button for Add an file
  • Choose the file that you want to convert and tap “To Word” to start converting.
  • After click on  TO WORD, System automatically convert it.

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