Nokia XpressMusic NX Smartphone Review : Nokia New Concept Phones and nokia xpressmusic nx price | Release Date and More. Upcoming Smartphone of 2017 Info – Short Description about the Topic.

Nokia comes with amazing smartphones and gears. Nokia Developer has do a great job, Nokia returning to the smartphone market in 2017 starting. Now we are sharing you the new concept smartphone of Nokia : Nokia ExpressMusic NX . Lets talk about this device.

Nokia XpressMusic NX Review :

XpressMusic NX has an amazing incredible 5.0 inchs and protected with Gorilla glass. Design of xpressMusic NX is made with fully aluminium and Diamond cutting edges. In this smartphone nokia using old style slider concept with new innovation and using Carl Zesis Lens in camera (Rear & Front).

Nokia-XpressMusic NX design
Nokia-XpressMusic-NX with headphones
It’s a music phone first and foremost, with corner placed speakers, which I’m guessing can easily go past 100 decibels and with this smartphone customer gets amazing headphones with the same diamond-like pattern or maybe feeling a bit like laser rays criss crossing.It runs on latest Windows 10.
Nokia-XpressMusic-NX features

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