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If you’re hit with an ChatGPT error, and you are unable to resolve the issue, we have a solution for you.

As with any other online service, ChatGPT may occasionally encounter technical issues which affect its performance. For instance, from the error 1020 to the history gone issue, to the famous “at capacity” error, there are numerous possibilities for issues that users might experience when using ChatGPT.


What Exactly is ChatGPT the Network’s Error?

ChatGPT The 8 Prompting Techniques

Most often, ChatGPT network error occurs when the AI is writing lengthy text.

The chatbot is believed to have 60 seconds of timeout. If it does not return the complete answer within that time frame, you’ll be confronted with a network error. ChatGPT server issues may result in a network error in certain instances.

If you’re struck through the ChatGPT network issue, your system could be compromised and may require a complete reboot. This can destroy the well-established dialog that took time to create, which can be very annoying.

How do I Solve ChatGPT Problem with the Network

We’ve already covered the causes that led to this ChatGPT issue. Since the response is long and the chatbot takes long to write the answer, which results in an error on the network. The only solution to avoid this issue is to make the answer brief.

The idea is to instruct your AI to break down its responses into pieces, and then display them in order.

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Fixes for ChatGPT Network Error When Writing Code

ChatGPT Network Error

Avoid Long Responses on ChatGPT

According to the users that users have a limitation on the prompt as well as the response from ChatGPT (about 1500 characters). If it is reached, ChatGPT stops working with an error on the network. Therefore, it is important to be careful not to request long responses.

You can break down your question into several questions and then ask ChatGPT to respond one by one. This method can allow ChatGPT provide you with information without overloading its network and result in a network issue.

In addition, you could attempt to add additional prompts after the conclusion of your request. For instance, showing only the first 30 lines. You can then allow ChatGPT show the remaining 30 lines on subsequent requests. This will fix ChatGPT network issues with long answers.

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Check OpenAI’s Server Status

Check OpenAI's Server Status

Sometimes, the issue with the backend of ChatGPT could result in ChatGPT network errors in the writing of code. Also, check that your server’s status is correct.

  • Go to the server status page of OpenAI and verify the status of the services it provides.
  • If it appears that the server has gone not functioning then just wait for OpenAi to correct the problem and the issue with the network could disappear.

Check Internet Connection

Latest Updated Version of Web Browser

ChatGPT could be stopped because of an unstable or lost internet connection which can result in an ChatGPT Network error.

  • Make sure that your connection to the network works.
  • You can check the speed of the connection using
  • If you encounter issues in connection to the internet you can reboot your router.

Clear Browsing Data

Clearing cookies and cache

Sometimes you will encounter an error with the network of ChatGPT due to an issue with the browser. Try restarting the browser and see whether you encounter the issue. If you do, switch to a different one to check. If you don’t get similar errors, then your primary browser has a problem.

You can opt to erase browsing information, including caches cookies, cache or browsing data. On Google Chrome, click three dots, then Settings and then select to clear browsing history under Security and privacy. Choose what you’d like to delete and select Clean data.

Disable VPN

Try Another Network or Use A VPN

If you’re using an VPN to access ChatGPT there is a higher chance of encountering a ChatGPT network errors is more likely.

  • Because of copyright issues for content,
  • OpenAI services are geo-restricted and some issues can occur when you use the VPN.
  • Try switching off your VPN to check whether you are able to use ChatGPT properly.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Stop using ChatGPT and return in the future, as heavy traffic could stress ChatGPT servers, causing network issues.
  2. Report ChatGPT network error when writing long responses/when writing code for OpenAI. Visit the OpenAI Help Center, click on Chat icon in the lower left corner and send a message in messages.

Fix the Annoying Network Error in ChatGPT

ChatGPT The 8 Prompting Techniques

A sudden network issue during a conversation using ChatGPT can be irritating.

If you follow the suggestions in this article and you’ll be able identify and fix the main issue. If you’re not able to fix it then you must submit the issue to OpenAI and they’ll deal with it.

What kinds of projects has ChatGPT helped you accomplish? 

Even if you’ve already utilized the chatbot to help with various tasks, it is advisable to explore it further since it is a hugely powerful tool.