How to Download Hotstar Videos | Download Hotstar Videos on PC

Lets Discussion About the Questions How to Download Hotstar videos:

Methods No 1: How to Download Videos From Hotstar App

You can pursue the offered steps to download innumerable recordings on your Android gadget. It is like YouTube, you can download recordings from Hotstar application and watch them later without the web.

Stage 1: First of all, you should have a Hotstar android application on your android telephone. In the event that you don’t have, if you don’t mind download this application from Playstore.


Stage 2: To download Hotstar recordings, you should be signed into the Hotstar android application. Along these lines, make another record on the off chance that you don’t have yet.


Stage 3: When you prevail to sign in to the Hotstar android application. simply go to the landing page and choose any video from a considerable rundown of accessible recordings.


Stage 4: Open the Hotstar video and start watching it. Underneath the video, you will get a choice ‘download’ to download Hotstar recordings. Simply tap on it and start downloading hotstar recordings on the web.


Final words about Hotstar Video Downloader  – This strategy is about on how you can download recordings Android telephone for nothing. You can spare watching recordings disconnected without buffering for any video. Furthermore, you can spare video whenever and anyplace without the web association.

Different Methods To Download Videos From Hotstar:

Along these lines, Just Read Them And Follow Their Given Steps To Download Videos And Enjoy.

You Can Use This Option To Download the Videos from Hotstar.  Be that as it may, There Is Some Basic Restriction To This Option.

Some Instructions Listed Below.

  1. You Can’t Download the Content That Is Streaming Live OR Some Movies That Are Premium OR Newly Released On The Platform.
  2. You Can’t Share Download Video Through Sharing App Like Share It OR Sender.
  3. In the event that You Remove Hotstar, Then Your Downloaded Content Will Also Get Deleted.
  4. Along these lines, If You Also Want To Use Hotstar App To Download Videos Then Here Are The Complete Guide On Steps That You Need Follow.

Along these lines, Read Them And Follow.

The Most Effective Method to Download Hotstar Videos Using  HotStar Video Downloader

These All Methods Are Working Fine. However, Sometimes, These App And Web Platform Can’t Download Some Videos, Due To Some Technical Issue OR API Issue. Thus, If You Face This Type Problem’s Then Just Wait Few Time And Try Again. Thus, If You Are Ready To Download Hotstar Videos Then Just Follow These Below Steps.

At that point Let’s Start with the Guide.

  1. Above all else, download Your Desired App From Below List and Install It On Your Phone.
  2. Presently, After Installing, Open That App On Your Device.
  3. At that point Use That App’s Search Option and Got to the Official Website of Hotstar.
  4. Presently There Search For Your Favorite Show OR Movie That You Want To Download.
  5. Presently Click On That Video OR Movie Open To Visit Play Page And Play It There.
  6. At that point From There, Appeared Options Choose Your Desired Quality In Which Your Video/Movie Should We Downloaded.
  7. After That Click On Download Button To Download That Movie OR Video.
  8. That is It, By Using above Steps You Can Easily Download Your Hotstar Video.

Rundown of Hotstar Video Downloader Apps

To Download Videos From Hotstar There Are Currently 3 HotStar Video Downloader That I Personally Use.

Step by Step instructions to Download Hotstar Videos through TubeMate App


  • Numerous User Already Use It To Download Videos From YouTube And Other Popular Social Websites Like Instagram And Facebook.
  • This Is A Free App That Contains Only A Footer Google App.
  • What’s more, User Interface of This App Is Also Very User-Friendly And Easy To Understand.
  • You Can Use This App To Download Videos From HotStar.
  • To Download Videos Through This App, Just Follow Below Steps.
  • Steps To Downloading Using TubeMate App
  • As a matter of first importance, Download Tube Mate App From Below Link.
  • Snap Here To Download TubeMate
  • Presently Install And Open This App On Your Device.
  • At that point In Search Bar Type And Search It.
  • Presently There Search For Your Favorite Show Using The Search Option.
  • Presently Select It By Clicking On It And On Next Page Choose The Episode That You Want To Download.
  • There Just Click On Settings Icon To Choose And Change The Playing And Downloading Quality.
  • From that point Choose High As Quality To Download That Video In HD.
  • Presently, After Changing Quality, Click On Download ICON To Start Downloading.
  • At that point It Will Show You the Size and Name Details to Edit.
  • At that point Just Click on Download Icon Again to Start Downloading.
  • That is It, Your Video Will Be Start Downloading.

How to Download Hotstar Videos through Videoed App


You can duplicate the records put away in the underneath area in Phone Internal Memory to any outside memory gadget or even SD card. In any case, these documents are scrambled, and you have to duplicate back to the careful area on the off chance that you need to play them utilizing Hotstar App. It is conceivable to change over motion pictures and TV shows facilitated on Hotstar to ordinary video record design and download. To play out this undertaking, we need outsider applications.

My preferred application to change over encoded Hotstar video documents to ordinary video records and download is Videoed.

Note:  Videoed is never again supporting direct downloading from Hotstar.

Directly connect to download Videoed App:

PS: It is critical to take note of that Videoed isn’t accessible on the Google PlayStore because of the exacting rules on download Apps. Other than the absence of essence in the Google Play Store, this App is sheltered (it incorporates Ads).

Useful Info: Web Video Downloader 

Best Hotstar downloader


Is one of the sites you like to watch recordings? Okay like for nothing out of pocket strategies to download Hotstar recordings? gives you three most advantageous strategies for downloading and sparing recordings from this site. There is an extraordinary assortment of SQ, HD and Full HD quality and MP4, 3GP, WEBM or different configurations. All you need is to get the technique you like and adhere to the guidelines

Application NameDownload Link           Any Restriction
Hotstar AppVisit siteThese are the best App for Hotstar Downloader
TubeMate AppVisit site
VideoDer AppVisit site


Visit site


Transfer Hotstar Downloaded Files from Phone to External Memory

Numerous clients wonder where to search for Video documents downloaded from Hotstar on their Mobile Phones. It is on the grounds that Hotstar application isn’t giving the way to the capacity envelope where it spares the video records.

Hotstar just let clients play the downloaded records through their App and erase them once the client watched them. The default download way on Hotstar is:

  • Internal Storage > Android > information > in.startv.hotstar > documents > downloads


You can discover the video records downloaded utilizing Hotstar App by taking a gander at the area given.

Now let’s look at some tricks which shall enable us to download Hotstar videos from PC and also help us to select content not otherwise available.


How to Download Videos from Hotstar Using IDM: For this, we need Hotstar Video Downloader and our Command Prompt. Once the software has been downloaded, we shall need the RAR file and will require Hotstar live streamer from the folder extracted. The command prompt which shall open up. The rest again is simple enough to be followed. We need to enter the link of the selected Hotstar video for download and also mention the quality. Once done, we could click on entre. The Hostar video download will be available in the extracted folder.

  1. Over and above these, there are many apps present in the Google store which enable downloading Hotstar videos. No only Hotstar, but also Voot, Youtube, TED talks, etc
  2. Let’s now check out how to download Hotstar videos from IDM.
  3. One needs to have an IDM tool available on the desktop or laptop.
  4. Open IDM-Options-File types-TS-press enter/ok.
  5. The rest is the same as the download option on mobile.
  6. Open the Hotstar website and your desired videos to download.
  7. Users shall see an icon at the right corner for download.
  8. One would just need to click that icon and then it’s the same flow.
  9. One can use this method for other videos also from other platforms.

How to Download Hotstar Videos on PC

How to Download Hotstar Videos

Step 1: You can download the video legitimately to your PC. You simply need to download the Hotstar application either on your cell phone or PC first.

Step2:  Coming up next are the means to assist you with downloading a video utilizing the Hotstar application. Utilizing the authority Hotstar App, open the video that you might want to download You will at that point see the download button on the symbol.

Step3:  Tap on the fasten and pick the document goals of the video. You will be naturally informed by the application once it’s downloaded totally.

Step4:  Contingent upon the goals you pick, Hotstar streams video utilizing the web in High Definition. In this manner, 1.5 minutes of spilling would expend around 21 MB while a 1-minute download will devour 14 MB and 30 minutes expends 420 MB. For 5 days out of every week, the complete utilization will be 420x 20= 8.4 GB. This is given that the information speed is adequate at more than 8 Mbps.

On the off chance that speed is less, the download quality is influenced and information use will be higher. In the event that you are utilizing a PC, at that point you can appreciate watching content on the Official Website of Hotstar.

 While there is no official Hotstar application for Windows pc, you may likewise download the application on your workstation or pc utilizing an android emulator.

For You: Top ios Emulator For Android

Download Videos & Movie From Hotstar on Windows 10 Using CMD

To start with, download the accompanying programming for windows from here. Concentrate compress record utilizing Wirer/7Zip or some other related programming. Find the organizer of the concentrate information. Snap-on the hotstarlivestreamer.

How to Open CMD command

This strategy is prescribed for PC clients to download recordings in the event that you are fine working with CMD. It is additionally helpful on the off chance that you would prefer not to download any outsider applications for downloading Hotstar recordings. It requires some specialized information and order aptitudes to download Hotstar motion pictures on PC. Utilizing this, you can likewise download Hotstar premium recordings.

Note:  Disable your antivirus for some time as this record can be distinguished as an infection as a result of programming advancement by outsider. Thus, if antivirus ready springs up, don’t stress as it won’t hurt your PC To start with, download the accompanying programming for windows from here.

  • Concentrate compress record utilizing Wirer/7Zip or some other related programming. Find the envelope of the concentrate information. Snap on the hotstarlivestreamer.bat record (Hotstarlivestreamer.rar file Free Download). It will open the Command brief. In the direction brief, Paste the URL of Hotstar video or motion picture.


  • Afterward, select your stream:  234p, 360p, 404p, 720p.
  •  There will be different quality accessible for download.
  •  D-show for download video, P-demonstrate for spilling the video.
  • You will discover the downloaded video in a similar organizer.

Video Demonstration How to Download Hotstar videos: 

  1. We need to make sure that we are connected to a fast and dependable internet connection
  2. Next, open Hotstar app and browse through the collection
  3. Decide what content one needs to download. Select the content and check out the details. The important point being, the details can be seen if the portrait orientation of the cell phone is activated.
  4. We have discussed that not all content is available for download…so check if the content is available for download. Within the details, an arrow pointing downwards similar to download sign will be there. If it’s not present, the content may not be downloadable and the arrow will be crossed out.
  5. Now that we have been able to locate the arrow pointing downwards, the rest of the steps are simple. We should click on the download option to start.
  6. We shall see three different download options. There is a great amount of variance in the space occupied and the nature of download available – average quality content at low (180p to 190p)may take 300mb of space but the same content at close to high quality (300p) may take 10times that much space. So the choice is up to the user.
  7. Once the content has been downloaded, we may revisit the home page of the Hotstar app and check on the menu option. Once the menu option opens up, my download option will be available. One may click on it to view content as well as check download progress in percentage.
  8. Some of the content would be viewed only when the download is complete, so in such cases, it is necessary to wait out. Also, the option to remove the downloadable content is there. The content which has been downloaded also will not be available for sharing with any acquaintance.
  9. The above method is the official way to download Hotstar videos and this is the only way by which one may be assured of copyright and other infringement issues.

How to Move Hotstar Videos From Internal Storage to SD Card

We have to talk about How to Download the Hotstar videos through the video order app. We are going to see How to move the downloaded Hotstar videos into the internal storage.

For friends now, we will see how to move the downloaded videos from the video, Do the internal storage and SD card.

how to move these videos from internal storage to SD card 1

Step1: So for that first before, Open the My Files So after opening the My Files. You should Go into the Internal Storage after going into the Internal Storage. We should Open the already downloaded video of videoder Downloader App Folder.


Step 2: Settings for that we Should Click on the Top three Dots Symbol. So when we click on it, we will get the settings option. So we should go into it so friends we can see here the File management.

So in this, we can see Three options are

  • Best manage files
  • Over Wi-Fi only show recent
  • Show Hidden Files.

You Just ENABLE the Show Hidden Files Option. So in these three the two are on but the third one show ended files, what we should do is just we should on this and we shall go back and again once we should open the videoder download Folder, Now you can easily transfer your Hotstar Download videos into SD card.

I Will show you How to Move these Videos from Internal Storage to SD card.

Step 1: We should do is just we should Long Press on this video and now you can see the Three Dots Symbol and we should click on it.

Step 2: After clicking, we will Get Many Options and we can See Move option. We should click on it after clicking on it. We should click on SD card, and we should Press on the Done.


So friends, in this blog we have seen Different methods How to download videos from Hotstar.

  • How to Download Videos From Hotstar App ,
  • Steps To Download Videos Using Hotstar Official App,
  • How to Download Hotstar Videos through TubeMate App,
  • How to Download Hotstar Videos through Videoed App,
  • Best Hotstar downloader,
  • Transfer Hotstar Downloaded Files from Phone to External Memory,
  • How to Download Videos from Hotstar Using IDM,
  • How to Download Hotstar Videos on PC,
  • Download Videos & Movie From Hotstar on Windows 10 Using CMD.
  • How to move these videos from internal storage to SD card

I hope the above information helps all of you to find your best piece of binge-watching. To all couch potatoes then! If you like this information Please comment.

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