Per the National Automobile Dealers Association, the total for United States new car sales was over $1 trillion (2018). The more than 16,000 franchised U.S. dealers reportedly sold over 17 million light vehicles. This data demonstrates the profitability of the automobile industry. Someone who wants to work in the automobile industry and open a car dealership can find success, especially if they prioritize their customers’ wants and needs and provide excellent service.

When becoming a car dealer, business owners should consider that car shoppers have different vehicle preferences and needs. While some people don’t mind paying for a brand new car, others might want to buy a cheap car instead of an expensive car. Some people would instead save their money and buy a used car or salvage one that needs a few repairs. An option some people choose is to bid on the vehicle of their choice in a car auction.

People can make bids in auto auctions from the comfort of their home or any location through the reputable online car auction website Auto Auction Mall. Auto Auction Mall enables interested buyers to participate in a car auction in Nigeria. To participate in most auto auctions, someone would need a dealer’s license to make bids.

Someone who creates a new account on the Auto Auction Mall website, however, can have an auto auction specialist bid in live auctions on their behalf. This online auction site has a selection of over 200,000 convertibles, sedans, coupes, trucks, SUVs, and more.

Car dealers should decide if they’ll sell old cars, new cars, or both types.


Car dealers can benefit from launching an informative website that provides details about the dealership, such as its address and contact information. A well-functioning website, such as Auto Auction Mall’s, that displays pictures and describes features of some of the vehicles for sale, can be beneficial. To spread information about a dealership’s existence and lead interested buyers to its website and location, car dealers can engage in forms of digital marketing.

Digital marketing methods include email marketing, and posts on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. A sleek website with a great display and an efficient customer service team can contribute to a dealership’s success.

Car dealership owners should invest in call center software, as it can optimize the way customer service representatives and car salespeople communicate and connect with car shoppers. Robust call center software and call center representatives enable inbound callers to receive faster service.

Business owners who wish to implement technology into their business operations and optimize their call center should incorporate products from Bright Pattern,, the leading developer of enterprise contact center software. Bright Pattern’s artificial intelligence (AI)-backed products include bots, inbound and outbound call center software, and an omnichannel platform.


Call center representatives that receive training on how to use Bright Pattern software will be able to handle inbound calls more efficiently. With this omnichannel communication platform, business call centers will be able to connect potential clients and new and current customers to company agents via emails, phone calls, live chats, and SMS.

Customers who want to speak to a specific company representative when they phone into a call center will be able to do so. They won’t have to wait on hold for long times or have their call transferred through various departments and representatives.
Bright Pattern provides caller data that gives companies an idea of who’s calling and why.

Artificial intelligence (AI) would enable call centers to detect customers’ language and tone, helping representatives determine if the person on the line is a frustrated caller. Bright Pattern’s software allows company call centers to provide excellent experiences and turn frustrated customers into happy ones.