Happy Birthday Message for Sister | Happy Bday sister wishes: Hello Friends, Today or Tomorrow is your sister birthday, God bless her. Are you finding special lines for your sister? you are in the right place. We share you some amazing and brilliant wishes for her and Make her day for special and fulfil with happiness.

Happy Birthday Message For Sister

  1. I hope that today will bring you unending happiness and will be in your memories for years to come.
  2. There are so many important things that I’ve learnt from you. Happy Birthday, sister.
  3. My childhood would have been incomplete and imperfect without a sister like you. Happy birthday.
  4. “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world, simply by being there for each other.” –Carol Saline
  5. “Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears.” –Anonymous
  6. “How do people make it through life without a sister?!” –Sara Corpening
  7. “Side by side or miles apart, sisters forever, close at heart.” –Unknown
  8. There is no better sister or friend than you. You mean the world to me, sis. Happy birthday!
  9. Sending this message to wish my beautiful sister, a Happy Birthday from across the coast.
  10. To have a sister like you is like to find a treasure in life. Celebrate your Birthday, you deserve all the best!

  11. Even though I always end up making myself look like a fool, I love to do everything you do to look uber cool. Happy birthday to the coolest sister in the whole world.
  12. I can’t count the feelings I have for you but the best one is the love that we always shared. Happy birthday and have a brilliant year ahead!
  13. To my sister, the one who always stuck by my side – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are a beautiful gift to this world and to me.
  14. When life brings me down, all I have do is picture your sweet smile and I can stand again. You are the star of my life. Happy birthday dear sister.
  15. Happy birthday to my favorite sister! Thank goodness you get less annoying as you get older. Just kidding. You’re the best!
  16. On your special day I wish you only smiles and joy. May each minute of your life be filled with happiness and may this birthday be just perfect for you!
  17. My wonderful sister, you are only one in this entire world and I couldn’t find another great sister like you anywhere. Happy Birthday.
  18. Even when no one else shows concern or care, a sister is someone who’ll always be there. Happy birthday.
  19. Sister, we shared so many laughs and thoughts and also boosted each other up when we were down. I believe still there are plenty of sweet memories to come. Have a wonderful birthday.
  20. No one can heal my pains and make me happy with a hug like you. Thanks to my sister for being around me always. Let me hug you for once on this special day of your life. Happy Birthday.

  21. You are not just my sis, you are my hero and my role model. I am extremely happy to have such a wonderful sister like you. Happy birthday!
  22. It doesn’t matter how many problems I will face in my life, I know that I can always count on you. Thank you for being in my life, happy birthday, sister!
  23. Sisters and brothers are God’s blessing, I can’t explain how happy I am that you are my sister. Have a happy and colorful life, happy birthday!
  24. You are the most beautiful flower in this garden of life, shine brightly and gladden us with your warmth! Happy birthday!
  25. My sweetest and cutest wishes are to the prettiest and kindest girl! Happy birthday, sis!
  26. I wish you to life your life to the fullest, and fill it with the brightest moments! Have a fantastic birthday, dear sister!
  27. I saw how you grew up, I saw what a wonderful person you have become. I wish you not to stop there and to achieve professional and personal heights. Happy Birthday, Beauty!
  28. Even Las Vegas today pales with the joy of your party! Let your life be an eternal holiday for you. Happy Birthday!
  29. My sister: Sweet, Intelligent, Self-confident, Talkative, Enterprising, Responsible, you are the best, happy birthday!
  30. You are the embodiment of all the best qualities that a person can possess. I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you always to be yourself in all situations.

  31. Another year of your life trip has begun, let it be funny and cool. Happy birthday!
  32. You cannot compare the sisterhood to anything in the world – especially the millions of memories that you cherish. Happy Birthday.
  33. Happy Birthday to you big sister and congratulations on becoming the hottest cougar I know.
  34. People believe that the heroes are one in many thousands, but I want to say that a sister like you is always one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday.
  35. There is a place that gives me strength, support and inspiration. It is my sister’s heart. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Sis!
  36. Your birthday is more special to me than you, because on this day, I got the most precious gift of my life. Happy Birthday.
  37. You are everything that I could have asked for in a sister and more. I don’t which of us is luckier! Happy Birthday.
  38. Sisters like you are like beautiful diamonds: Only the fortunate have them. Wishing you a happy and prosperous birthday.
  39. My crazy, loving, caring and fun sister, life without you would have been a nasty twister. Happy birthday.
  40. I’m so glad to have a great sister like you, though I’m not counting – but you keep getting better always. Happy Birthday.

  41. here is no better sister or friend than you. You mean the world to me, sis. Happy birthday!
  42. Dear sister, I really miss the days when you were young and pretty, but happiness cannot last forever, so you’ve grown up. I am just kidding, with each passing year you become only better. Happy birthday!
  43. Our spiritual connection will always be strong, your joy is my joy, your pain is my pain, and even physically I’m not near, spiritually I am always with you. Happy birthday, dearest sis!
  44. Once you have asked me about the secret of my success. The answer is obvious – I took the example of you, dear sister. Happy Birthday!
  45. Dear sister, do not worry that you get older, you are like a good wine, with age become only prettier! You are beautiful inside and out, happy birthday!
  46. My childhood memories are very good and bright thanks to you, my elder sister, you are my treasure. Be happy and loved, happy birthday!
  47. The bond between two sisters is the kind of bond that can never be explained, and replaced by any other thing. happy birthday!
  1. You are like a golden thread to the meaning of my life, you are the one who can never be replaced!
  2. After having a sister like you, I think the God has some special blessing for me, as he has given you as a gift!
  3. You are a truly amazing person, everyone after communication with you becomes better. You have your inner light and share it with people. Happy birthday, sis!

  4. Sister – one word, 6 letters and so much happiness to me. Happy birthday, my sis!
  5. One person said that “A sister is a forever friend” and I am over the moon to have a trustful life partner, a faithful friend and a sister in one person. Happy birthday, dear!
  6. If ever happens that I forget your birthday, I request you never get angry on me. I can forget your birthday but not your love!
  7. You know me better than anyone, I see myself in you so I never give any justification for anything. Belated Happy Birthday!
  8. No matter how occupied I remain; I can never forget to wish happy birthday to my lovely, cute and adorable sister!
  9. Our likes and dislikes are same, each of our styles are same as you are me and I am you, Happy Birthday my sibling!
  10. I have gone far from you but that has no relation with the intensity of love and affection I have for you. It is eternal!
  11. We are sisters heart to heart, so nothing can ever keep us apart. Wishing you love and happiness on your birthday, sister. You deserve it all and more.
  12. I love that we get to play dress up together and still laugh about boys. I love how even though we fight we are always there for each other at the end of the day- because we are sisters. Thanks for being such a great sister and a loyal friend. Happy birthday.
  13. There is no better sister or friend than you. You mean the world to me, sis. Happy birthday!

  14. Time goes fast, people come and go. But I’ll always be here that’s for sure. For you, my sister, I will give the world, I’ll do everything, and anything for you. Happy bday sis!

62.They say that older people are wiser, but how did you get more wisdom than me? Have a very happy birthday sis.

  1. When we were young we are inseparable. We have a love that is unbreakable. So this is a message to the best little sister I know, forever you and I have adoration that will grow.
  2. Hope your day will be as bright as your smile, as young as your spirit, as sweet as you. I love you little sister. Happy bday sis!
  3. You are slow to judge and quick to forgive. You didn’t turn your back when I needed you the most. You gave me a shoulder to cry on and showed me direction when I was down. I will be forever thankful to have a little sister like you. Happy birthday.
  4. I was overjoyed when you came to this world. I promise to be here for you and protect you as long live. Happy birthday little sister!
  5. You are my sidekick, my number one fan and you always followed me around. I am a proud big sister and I hope you enjoy your special day.
  6. You always followed me around. You were always there when I was down. You made me happy when I had a frown. Thank you for being my little sister. Happy bday!
  7. I cherish all the memories that you and I shared. The laughter, and the joy and the teddy bears for which we cared. Time flies so fast my little sister, but I promise to give you my love that will always last. Happy birthday little sister.

  8. You were always there to make me smile, you are always jolly when I frown. You are the funniest and greatest entertainer in the world. Happy birthday baby sister.
  9. Thank you for listening when I needed someone to talk to. Thank you for being by my side through thick and thin. Thank you for your everlasting love. Happy birthday little sis.
  10. I will fight for you, shield you from harm, protect you. I will do everything for you. Happy birthday baby sister.
  11. Thanks for being my fearsome little sister. You have grown to be such an amazing person. Happy birthday younger sister.
  12. Happy Birthday, Sis! Today is a day to celebrate the amazing person you are. I hope you enjoy every single moment & make lots of special memories!
  13. It’s so wonderful when the weather is really good on the day of your birthday. It feels like the Sun itself wishes you a happy birthday and sends its best regards from the above. I join in congratulating my dear sister and wish that the weather would be this fine for you throughout the year!
  14. Do you know how much I appreciate you? I hope that answer is YES! Wishing you a wonderful birthday and don’t forget to wait for me! I will be in a few seconds!
  15. Dear sister, may your life be a box full of treasures. May gold and diamonds be there, as well as true love, happiness and peace. And may no frauds be found in the box. Happy birthday!
  16. You’ll always be my partner in crime. You’ll be in my heart forever and always. You’re my best friend till the end. I love you. Happy birthday to my sister.
  17. You are a gift to me, a gift to our family and a gift to the world. To the most amazing sister, happy birthday.
  18. It’s nice to know that you are always around, you’re always ready to give a helping hand. Always ready with laughter and joy. Forever, I will always be there for you. I love you. Happy birthday sister!

  19. Here’s a little wish that will light up your day. You’re my best sister and you are A-okay. I wish you all the success, I wish you all the best, you’re my best friend in the world I must confess.
  20. Do you understand how wonderful sister you are? I’m very happy for myself because time with you is amazing. On this day I want to wish you to get your desired gifts and have perfect time!
  21. Sister, our life is full of loss and finds. And today, on the day of your birthday, I wish that everything you will lose in your life, would be for the better, and everything you will find, would never be for the worse.
  22. Happy birthday, my sister! Wish you to have a great time with your best friends and today you must be the happiest person in the globe! Kisses!
  23. Don’t be afraid that one more year has passed. You will always be so young and charming. Love you, my sister, and happy birthday!
  24. Our dear parents and nature were very kind to give a birth to such a wonderful sister like you. I don’t know what I would do, if I don’t have you. I wish you all the best, sister. Happy birthday!
  25. You are the best gift that mom and dad ever gave me. I am thankful to have you in my life. I promise to always care for you forever. Happy birthday little sister!
  26. Happy birthday to the cutest, jolliest, and most awesome perfect little sister in the world. You rock!
  27. I am so proud to be your big sister. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday my sister.
  28. You are my best pal, my comrade, my stunning sister, my love. I will always be here for you. Happy birthday baby sister!

  29. We had so many good memories from when we were little. And I will always be here to create more to last forever. I love you my little sister. Have a perfect day.
  30. You are irreplaceable, you are rare, you are my friend, you are my little sister forever. Best birthday wishes for my younger sister.
  31. The biggest and heartiest congratulations for the best sister ever! I can’t be with you now, but I want to congratulate you with your day! You are a really good person. The best of luck, my sister!
  32. When it comes to your birthday, I just don’t know what to wish to you, because I know that you are strong and smart enough to have everything without any extra words. Luck? You don’t need it. Love? You will always have me. Money, power, fame? If you need it, you’ll get it. May your spirit never be tamed. Happy birthday!
  33. You can kid the world, but not your sister.” –Charlotte Gray
  34. “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” –Isadora James
  35. “God made us sisters, life made us friends.” –Anonymous
  36. Sis, our beloved parents have made us siblings and we made us two great friends. Happy Birthday.
  37. I’m so thankful because I was blessed with a sister like you. Celebrate your birthday with maximum happiness! You always deserve the best, sister.
  38. Your simple words can bring the smile on my face, can keep me laughing always. Happy Birthday

  39. All the wealth of the world isn’t enough to compensate for the love of a sister. So, I do not want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.
  40. Sisters always help you in understanding the world better and also appreciates it more than anyone else. Happy Birthday.
  41. Happy B’Day and I apologize in advance for the Christmas wrapping paper.
  42. Though I don’t talk to you every day you always remain the deepest core of my heart. Happy Birthday, Sister.
  43. We have shared so many magical moments of our life. We laughed and cried together and made smiles out of frowns. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
  44. Just for today, you can borrow any of the clothes that you want. Happy birthday, sister!
  45. Happy Birthday, sister. Can you remember that how we used to smile in our old days? You still have that pleasant style of smiling and that’s why I love you, sis.
  46. A birthday cake is always good, but to me, a sister with a birthday cake is undoubtedly great. Happy Birthday, Sister.
  47. Wardrobes can’t get any trendier, breakups can’t get any easier, school can’t get any nicer and life can’t get any better – when a girl has an amazing sister. Happy birthday, sis.
  48. Thanks for being a great sister and understanding me, although I have never quite understood you. Happy Birthday.

  49. Sister, you were the first best friend of my life and you’ll remain my BFF forever. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
  50. Thank you for being my greatest inspiration and my best friend, Happy B’Day darling.
  51. I hope you know how much I love you, my sis. Happy Birthday.
  52. Though even the sun will one day run out of energy, my love for you will never fail. It will survive to the last day of the universe. Happy Birthday.