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4 Tools for Students Preparing for Examination: Students are always anxious about appearing for an examination, regardless of whether it’s held online or offline.

Anxiety, nervousness and stress are emotions experienced by almost every student a few days before the day of the test.

What they need are tools or means which allow them to prepare adequately for the test.


Fortunately, the Internet can be of great help in this regard.

Students can utilise various tools available on the net to prepare for an upcoming examination.

These tools contain plenty of quizzes, test series, assessment reviews and educational names that enable a student to become familiar with a particular subject and develop confidence while answering questions related to any topic.


However, what are the four tools that can help students prepare for examinations? Read on to find the answers below.

Online Tests

Online tests are the most beneficial tool students can use to practice for exams online.

Most of these tests are created by teachers and education experts, containing questions that give students a broad idea of the various topics covered in the syllabus.


Further, there are no time limits when taking these tests, as they have a flexible schedule.

Students can appear for them whenever they want, at their convenience. A digital timer on the window informs the test taker about the time left to complete a question or the test itself.


Time management is another reason to take online tests, as each comes with a fixed time limit to complete the examination.

Most online tests also contain answers to the questions, allowing students to separate the correct answers from the wrong ones and identify the areas for improvement.

Exams Platforms

Students should take full advantage of exam platforms while preparing for online exams because of their immense benefits.

These are particularly helpful for young children between three to seven years of age who are keen on improving their mathematical and English language skills.


These platforms contain a vast repository of questions with varying difficulty levels.

Moreover, students can view an answer soon after they attempt a question or within a few seconds.


Exam platforms enable students to track their learning progress, identifying their strengths, opportunities, growth areas, and general observations on the previously attempted test.

Digital Games

Digital games are a beneficial tool in helping students learn while having fun. They consist of puzzles, stimulations, and questions that encourage an active learning environment.

Through these games, a student learns the various areas of a particular subject through various applications and activities.

However, their primary objective is education rather than entertainment. As the student progresses through a specific set of questions, the game rewards them by allowing them to jump to the next level.


Besides helping children prepare for exams, digital games develop cooperation, problem-solving, analytical and mathematical skills, and logical thinking.


Quizzes have always been a favourite with students while preparing for exams, as they combine the elements of fun with learning.

Most of all, they contribute to the development of memory retention, helping students to remember what they have learnt.


Online quizzes cover various areas of a topic rather than restricting themselves to one particular area.

Because the structure of the quizzes (mainly consisting of multiple choice questions) is similar to online exams, it helps students become familiar with the exam pattern beforehand.


These four tools help students to practice for exams online and ensure they are confident while attempting the questions.

The best part about these methods is their ability to make learning fun and engaging.