Now Download windows 10 for windows phone

Now Download windows 10 for windows phone

Before Windows 10 installing:Check the Overview of Windows 10 features

Now windows 8.1 Microsoft windows store is only 5Lakh Apps but Microsoft solve this problem.Microsoft has long been working on technology that would enable window 10 users.Windows 10 phones has makes the sense to run Some android apps.

Windows 10 version has Capability to Android run on Windows.Microsoft Developer using technology called Windows Bridge for run Android apps.Microsoft Do Great work on Windows 10 and microsoft mobile user run Android apps right on their handset.

List of Features coming in Windows 10

  • Graphics improvements
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Automatic call recording
  • Quick setting upgrade
  • Bleed Background (Set background Wallpaper)
  • Upgrade setting menu
    How to install Windows 10 in your Phones:
    Finally Windows 10 is available for windows 8.1 Phones handsets.How to Windows 10 in your phone users can check their availability of the upgrade for those devices by using one Applications from your Windows Store.
    Download windows 10 for windows phone-Finally Windows 10 is available for windows 8.1 Phones handsets,Windows 10 confirmed features Automatic call recording

    Follow Steps

  • Go to Window Store
  • Download Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor?
  • Open Upgrade Advisor app
  • Click on Next
  • Check Processing start (Show you on Screen)
  • After Complete processing, Click on Next

  • Which Microsoft devices getting Windows 10 upgradation models list

    – Lumia 1520
    – Lumia 930
    – Lumia 830
    – Lumia 730
    – Lumia 735
    – Lumia 640
    – Lumia 640XL
    – Lumia 635 1GB
    – Lumia 636 1GB
    – Lumia 638 1GB
    – Lumia 540
    – Lumia 535
    – Lumia 532
    – Lumia 435
    – Lumia 430

    Other Not confirmed


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