Everbody Wants Some Full Movie (2016) info,Reviews

Everbody Wants Some Full Movie (2016) info,Reviews

Everbody Wants Some

Distributor: Paramount
Production company: Detour Filmproduction
Director : Richard Linklater
Story by: Richard Linklater
Film series: Dazed and Confused
Producers: Megan Ellison, Richard Linklater, Ginger Sledge
Executive producers: Sean Daniel, Stephen Feder, John Sloss
Director of photography: Shane F. Kelly
Production designer: Bruce Curtis
Costume designer: Kari Perkins
Editor: Sandra Adair
Casting directors: Justine Baddeley, Vicky Boone, Kim Davis-Wagner
Budget: $10 million
Rating: 4/5
Liked : 80% peoples
Release: March 30, 2016 (USA)

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Richard Linklater’s movies are filled with energy in small doses.Richard Linklater has never cared about plot in his movies and he’s never really concerned himself with adhering to genre, either.Rickhard Linklater coming with Old style comedy movie and fullfil with Enjoy and Actions.Everbody Wants Some,his so-called “Spirtual sequel” to Dazes and confused.Everybody Wants some is also fullfil with Hard Action movie story releates on boys of high school to College from football players to collegiate baseball team.

The Boys in this movie mastermind behind Boyhood hits a lot of the same touchstones here as he does in Dazed and Confused. There’s a big, sprawling cast replete with a wide variety of types (stoner, jock, dick, party guy), lots of antisocial antics (beer bongs, regular bongs, sledding down stairs on a mattress)

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Cast of Everbody Wants Some

  • Will Brittain
  • Zoey Deutch
  • Ryan Guzman
  • Tyler Hoechlin
  • Blake Jenner
  • J. Quinton Johnson
  • Glen Powell
  • Wyatt Russell
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