Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot

Pizza delivery company Domino’s launching world’s first pizza delivery robot. The service will start in NewZealad. This is World’s first pizza delivery robot and Fastfood services. Company have trialed the robot in the wellington city of Newzealand. According to the company this is smart robot which will deliver services door to door.

The device will track your location by tracking your smartphone location. Company have used Light Detection and Ranging technology used in Google’s driverless cars. Company claims the machine can carry four time as many pizza’s as a pizza deliver boy can.

The robot can travel up to 20Km/h speed much better than a delivery boy can. The four-wheeled robotic unit carry pizza by laser sensor technology. Weight of device approximately 190kg and has a maximum height of 1185mm.This idea is taken form Australian fast-food retailer company that convert military robot into Domino’s Robotic Unit.

The company has released a video on Twitter showing the DRU (Domino’s robotic unit), a four-wheeled device a metre tall.


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