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Best App Locker for Android : Latest Locker apps

Best App Locker for Android: Hexlock review & LEO Guard review.Free Download best locker app for Android, easy to use,Secure Your apps with fingerprint lock – Short Description of Topic.

The Best App Locker For Android ?

1) Hexlock is latest app in play store.Hexlock is a free app locker application for android smartphones by liquidum which provides various features to protect your apps from unauthorized access.In this Locker app have many unique features –

  • Automatically App Locking
  • Fingerprint Lock
  • Automatically App Locking – Hexlock App one best feature is that, its locking the apps automatically.The locker locks the apps automatically when you are connected to wifi on which you had enabled auto locking app feature.The Security Of Hexlock app is very stonger than other apps.
    Fingerprint Locking – Easy to set fingerprint lock on your favourate apps and Safe your inportant data.But Unfortunately, this fingerprint locking feature is available for only Samsung devices ! support more devices will be available soon in the new updates.
    Download Hexlock for Android

    2) LEO Privacy Guard is best app locker in play store. Millions of peoples use this app and its trusted privacy protection tool for Android. It comes with tons of new and improved features which distinguish it from other app lockers.
    New Features in LEO App locker

  • Brand New Home Page
  • Lock Everthing
  • In new update of LEO App locker, Improved User interface and more simplicity for user experience. Secure your important data and favourate apps with single click. One best feature is that user can hide your personal photos and Videos anytime.
    Safe Box for Lock and Hide : A private vault for you to hide some private photos & videos. Protect your information from prying eyes.Hide your SMS, contact, call logs too in Safe Box to keep your secret safe.
    Download LEO Guard For Android

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