YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform that is accessible online which allows for every kind of video from funny videos to educational content as well as gaming videos. YouTube boasts over two billion people who view share, comment, and interact with each other on the site.

The YouTube app on iOS is among the best ways to enjoy videos on YouTube and keep up-to-date with the latest content released by creators. The app isn’t equipped with several essential features like background playback , and the ability to save videos onto your phone.

This is the point at which YouTube++ is able to help.

Youtube++ Features

This version comes with a great new features. For iOS users looking to broaden their experience and make the most of every app, this tweak is the right choice for you. However, I’d advise you to download Youtube Vanced if you’re looking for an app that is regularly updated. Here are the top advantages of Youtube+iPA on iOS 14/15/16:

  • You can download YouTube videos and playlists using YouTube plus by pressing the download button once.
  • Watch videos on the background of Youtube. Conserve battery while listening your favorite music.
  • Advertisements that were shown in the the original application while watching videos, or as banners were removed.
  • YoutubePremium comes with no cost.
  • Separate download manager to allow the videos downloaded to show up.
  • Auto-replay videos.
  • The age limit on videos was removed.
  • Download MP3 videos to download.
  • No Jailbreak Required.

It’s like Facebook Wolf A modified app for Facebook to avail a plethora of new features. iPhone as well as iPad, Youtube++ IPA is an excellent mod for the default application. Download the latest version that will work with iOS15 along with iOS16 (regularly up-to date) by clicking the link. Then install it without Cydia.

Youtube++ iOS – Details

Here’s a brief overview about the application available for iOS 15/16 (2022). Go through it before you go to the download link and the method of installing.

App Info:

Developer QnBlackCat
Version 17.37.3 (2.1)
Size 121 MB
iOS Version Upto iOS 14, iOS 15 and iOS 16.x.x
iDevice Model iPhones/iPads Supporting iOS 14/15/16
Last Version Released 27 September 2022

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Youtube++ iPA Download

YouTube+ iOS 16 free download using the below link. Once the download is completed follow the instructions to sideload/install it on your iPad or iPhone using the most current iOS version, without Jailbreak and Cydia.

Previous Versions

Version Link
Youtube++ v17.12.5 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.16.4 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.19.2 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.31.4 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.35.3 iPA Download
Youtube++ v17.36.4 iPA Download


How To Sideload/Install Youtube++ iOS 15/16 – No Jailbreak

Here’s a quick and concise guideline on how to successfully sideload the app using iOS 15 or iOS 16 devices without Cydia or Jailbreak (2022).


  • A Mac OS or Windows PC
  • Working Internet Connection
  • Apple Account/ID
  • Install Vanced YouTube ++ Tweaked iPA on iOS Using Altstore 2021

Then, download the required Application iPA on Our IPA Library on your iPhone or iPad.

iPA Library

If you already have an Altstore on your device then click Install Through Altstore for Direct Download and installation.

If you don’t have an Altstore download and install on our Altstore download page.

Download Altstore

Once the Altstore is downloaded and installed successfully onto the iOS iPhone or iPad device, simply open it.

  • To access Altstore Mobile App, on the Altstore Mobile App, Tap on the ” +” icon in the upper-left corner.
  • The listing of the downloaded IPA files will appear on the screen. just tap on the iPA file to install it via Altstore.
  • Then the Altstore server begins the installation process for the application, and generally taking a few minutes.
  • After the App has been successfully installed the app will be displayed in the main screen and also it is accessible from Altstore My Apps. Altstore My Apps tab.

Make sure you trust your Profile Developer certificate before accessing the app. You can resolve the issue of Untrusted Enterprise using the following steps.

Finally, you can access and enjoy unlimited premium features and hacks without cost. That is also without iOS Jailbreak.

Be aware that Apps that you downloaded through Altstore will be removed after seven days. But don’t fret, you can still remove the app from your account by going to your My Apps tab within Altstre. Then, just tap on the X days button beside the application.

How to download YouTube’s YouTube-Vanced iOS iPA using Cydia Impactor

  • First , download the most recent version of IPA file to the computer Windows or Mac PC from the Above Button.
  • Now, download the IPA program to sign files, such as Cydia Impactor side-load tool from below.
  • Cydia Impactor Windows
  • Cydia Impactor MacOS
  • Attach the iOS smartphone to your PC by using an USB cable. And then trust it.
  • After that, extract the ZIP file from the tool to sign and then use it. We suggest Cydia Impactor and Altstore for the best results.
  • Afterthat, drag the IPA file you downloaded at step 1. Drop it into Cydia Impactor.
  • In the next step, the Cydia Impactor signing tool will request your secure Apple ID and password for purpose of sideloading. This is because the Cydia impactor tool won’t use the Apple ID which can use the Apple ID for verification only.
  • In case If you’re not interested to provide your Apple ID, then create an secondary-alternative Apple ID and use that instead off it.
  • After the app has been installed.
  • Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or “Device Management” / “Profiles & Device Management”). There, you can find the installed App profile using an Apple ID and try to open it.
  • After tapping on the Trust button in the pop-up window, you can use the app to your mobile.

Finally, open the app from the Home screen and experience the amazing features available on your non-jailbreak iPhoneor iPad device, and all for the cost of nothing.

How To Install YouTube++ APK for Android

Step.1 Download latest Version YouTube ++ Mod APK.

Step.2 After you have the Apk file is downloaded, head to the File Manager > Downloads.

Step.3 Click onto the Apk file. Then, on the next screen, press to install the Button.

Step.4 Allow a some time for installation.

Step.5 After the Process completed, open your Hack game and play it.

YouTube++ Download Requirements

Before beginning your YouTube++ download process You must ensure that your device is compatible with the following requirements.

  • Cydia Impactor or XCode to sideload IPA files
  • A USB cable that connects your iPhone with the Cydia Impactor on PC/laptop
  • YouTube IPA file
  • Windows as well as Mac PCs that run Windows 10/8.1/8/7 as well as Mac OSX system
  • Apple ID & password
  • Active Internet connection
  • Third-party app stores, such as TweakBox, TutuApp, or Appvalley
  • Emulators that emulate Bluestacks, for example. Bluestacks

YouTube++ Download for Windows PCs

In order to download YouTube++ onto PCs, comply with these instructions.

Step 1. Download Bluestacks onto the Windows PCs.

Step 2. Double-click on the downloaded BlueStacksInstaller.exe file to get the window below. After that, click “Install now” to proceed.

Step 3. Install YouTube++ APK onto your computer.

Step 4. Right-click YouTube++ APK file you downloaded. YouTube APK file and then tap the Open using BlueStacks option on the main menu.

Step 5. Install it on Bluestacks.

Step 6. Once the process of installing is complete, YouTube++ will be available on Bluestacks as illustrated in the below image. You can then run it through Bluestacks to use its capabilities. While it’s got the YouTube icon and name, it’s actually YouTube+in actual.

Following the steps following the steps, YouTube++ can be downloaded YouTube++ for your PC effortlessly.

YouTube++ Download for Android

If you’re looking to download an YouTubedownload on Android You don’t have to root or jailbreak your Android phone to download the YouTubeAPK using the steps listed below.

Step1. Let third party apps install YouTube+on the Android phone. In order to do that, complete these actions.

  • Navigate into the Settings and then navigate to General
  • Click on the Security.
  • Check the box next to”Unknown Sources” unknown sources
  • Hit “OK” to verify the process.

Step 2. Download YouTube++ APK.

Step 3. Select the APK file that you downloaded. APK file, and then click to install.

Step 4. You must wait until the end of the YouTube++ installation process.

YouTube++ Download for iPhone or iPad

Here’s the step-by-step guide for completing this YouTube++ download process on iPhone or iPad devices.

Step 1. Install AltStore for either your iPhone and iPad. This program allows you can download sideload iOS apps with an Apple ID.

Step 2. Remove the original YouTube application off your mobile. In the event that you fail, you could not be able download YouTube+.

Step 3. Hit Here for the download of YouTube+ IPA file.

Step 4. In order to access YouTube+IPA simply click the download icon in from the address bar and then select the Downloads option from the available options.

Step 5. After that, you’ll go through YouTube++. YouTube++ files. Just click the file to launch it. When you open YouTube++ IPA file YouTube++ IPA file there will be gray screen with the file’s name as well as its size.

Step 6. Select the Share button in the top right corner of the window then locate then tap AltStore in the share options that appear.

Step 7. Be patient for a while until YouTubethe ++ program is downloaded by AltStore. During the installation, you must keep the AltStore running, making sure the process doesn’t get interrupted.


The process of installing may take about 5 minutes. When the installation is complete, YouTube++ will be listed under the installed list.

Step 8. Click on the YouTube icon on your iPhone or iPad to experience the features. The app is actually YouTube+.

YouTube++ Alternatives

Two YouTube++ options for you to consider. Pick one that you’d prefer.


Comparatively to YouTubeplus, uYou updates more regularly. This makes it an excellent YouTube++ replacement. Additionally the fact that its popularity is increasing quickly. It comes with the characteristics listed below.

  • Download audio and video files as well as download videos.
  • Block advertisements and skip sponsored ads in videos.
  • Choose the default quality of playback on Wi-Fi, or Celullar Data
  • Support for Picture-in-Picture
  • Make sure that YouTube keep track of your caption settings