Xnspy Review: A Quirky App to Spy Text Messages on Your Kids’ Phones

With cybercrimes on the rise along with the abundance of issues regarding kids’ safety, merely knowing where your kids are, is not sufficient. As parents, you should know who they are talking to and interacting with using their cell phones. Using an efficient app to spy text messages is a great way to keep up with your kids.

Using Xnspy app to spy text messages on your kids’ phone could act as the window to get a peek into their digital world. With no parental restrictions, it’s easy for kids to believe that they are free to do anything. Parents have to keep a check even if they do trust their kids because you can trust your kids but not the people and technology around them. There are sexual predators, pedophiles, scammers and what not lurking out like free birds on the internet.

With the help of Xnspy, parents can remotely know where their kids are and what are they doing on the internet.

About Xnspy:

Xnspy is an advanced parental control app with features like real-time location monitoring, keylogging, remote device controls and much more. It is specially designed for parents to monitor their children without intrusion.

Xnspy isn’t an app to spy text messages only but a complete monitoring solution that lets parents stay abreast of their kids’ online and offline activities.


Xnspy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Android iPhone (With Jailbreak) iPhone ( Without Jailbreak)
Supports OS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x & 8.xSupports iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8. Up to 9.0.2Supports iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 11.2.6

Xnspy is compatible with Android Oreo as well as the latest iPhone iOS i.e. 11.2.6. It would be wise to have a look at their website too in order to have complete information regarding the availability of features, as not all versions of the app have the same set of features.


Xnspy comes with two editions: Basic and Premium. The Basic Edition is for $99.99 annually and the Premium Edition costs $149.99 annually. The app also offers users monthly and quarterly plans whichever is most suitable to their needs.
price of Xnspy

The app features quite a simple installation process. After you have subscribed to the app, you will be emailed an easy-to-follow guideline, an activation code, and a download link. You will also get the details to your Xnspy’s online account so that you can conveniently view activity from your kids’ monitored devices. As soon as your account is made and the app installed on your child’s phone, it will begin to fetch data from the target phone.

The online dashboard features a simple and easy to understand layout. This makes it rather convenient for parents to understand and navigate through the app.

Xnspy – Basic Features:

Like other spy apps, Xnspy also provides you with the basic parental monitoring features but they are more efficient than what is being offered by the standard spy apps. It’s an app to spy on text messages, calls logs, emails, web browsing history, shared multimedia, and contacts. It lets parents track the location of their kids with GPS tracking. It gives the users real-time information. The tracking features work great to know where your kids are along with their movements.

Features of xnspy

Xnspy – Advanced Features:

As mentioned above, Xnspy is not only a text message monitoring app but a complete monitoring solution. It gives the parents excellent advanced features.

Here are some of Xnspy’s advanced features:

Call and Ambient Recording:

This feature lets parents record all the calls received and made from the device. This feature works remarkably well on an Android rooted device. Not only that, this app also records the surrounding sounds and voices remotely. A secret command needs to be sent from the online control panel to turn on the monitored cellphone’s microphone.

Social Media Apps Monitoring:

With Xnspy, parents can spy on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Skype, Viber, Instagram, and Kik.

Remote Commands:

Xnspy lets users send remote commands to the target phone. Parents can control their kids’ internet and screen-time activities by:

  •    Remotely locking the device
  •    Blocking access to certain apps that kids are used most frequently
  •    Taking live screenshots of their phone activity


This feature has been released for Android devices at the moment. This feature measures keystrokes made on the target phone. Currently, Xnspy’s Keylogging works with the following apps:

  •    WhatsApp
  •    Facebook
  •    Facebook Messenger
  •    Skype
  •    Viber




Detailed Call Analysis:

Xnspy’s new feature for Android, Call Analysis, lets parents know about the cell phone usage of their children. The app gives you the Top 5 Callers and Top 5 call durations so you know which numbers are the most frequent callers and the which numbers are called on the most.

call features xnspy


Wi-Fi Network Logs:

The Wi-Fi network log feature allows the users to know about the Wi-Fi connections the monitored device was connected to. Every Wi-Fi log comes with information like date, time and the location.


One of the best features of the Xnspy app to spy text messages is how the app alerts are managed. Alerts can be set for certain contact numbers, words or phrases, locations and even on the SIM card change. Whenever any of the watchlisted items appear on the chats, text messages or emails, Xnspy notifies its user right away.

Customer Support:

Xnspy’s supports department works really well. The option of phone support is not available yet but happen to have a responsive live chat feature on the site. There is an email ticket system if users come across some issues or have queries. The staff is well-informed and has all the knowledge which effectively covers all the main areas around support like installation and configuration settings.

Final Word:

Xnspy offers its users something different compared to other spy apps. Xnspy competes directly with Flexispy but with a significantly lower cost which is rather easy on one’s pocket. If you are a parent of a tween or teen, Xnspy could be the answer to your worries as you can keep an eye on your children without hovering over their shoulder all the time. It is one of the best monitoring apps around as it combines all the standard and advanced monitoring features needed to meet the modern parenting demands.


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