Xiaomi Mi A3 Hidden Features | Tips and Tricks | Secret Tricks

After the great success of  Xioami Mi A2, Xiaomi Recently launched his new smartphone name called “ Xiaomi Mi A3”. Mi A2 had amazing features with new camera features but Xiaomi Mi A3 has totally new features because combination of Android 9.0,  Mi Themes and latest Mi UI, its gave amazing features package to users. Let’s Begin we will show you new features of Mi A3 and Hidden features & tips and tricks of Mi A3.

Native Video Calling Feature:

This feature is very good for users who love to talk with friends on video calling. This feature helps to save your smartphone memory because Now no need to download third video calling applications.

How to Use: Go to Main Phone call Apps >> Then enter your friend number or select from the contact >> Then Tap on video Call Icon.

Instruction: Users have to use VOLTE SIM If they want to use Native video calling feature.


How to Share your SmartPhone screen with LED or Chromebook:

Basically this feature is designed for those people who love to share your smartphone screen with a Bigger screen for entertainment purpose, professional purpose or according to his needs.

How to Share : Go to Settings >> Connected Devices >> Connection prefrences >> Cast Display or ChromeBook >> Enable feature according to his need.

How to Enable or Disable Battery Percentage:

How to Enable : Go to Settings >> Click on Battery option >> Enable the option  Battery Percentage.

How to Protect your Eyes in Low Light Condition:

Basically, this Feature design for users Eye Protection in low light condition.

How to Enable this Feature: Go to Settings >> Display >> Enable the Option >> Night Light.

How to Enable Ambient Display :

Ambient display is like an always-on display but it’s a little different because Ambient display blinks the time and your notification.
How to enable it :
Go to settings >> Click on display >> Ambient display >> enable it.

How to take a screenshot :

– First ways for taking a screenshot on Mi A3: Press Power Button and at same time Press Volume Down button.
– Second ways for taking a screenshot : Swipe Three Finger: UP to DOWN.
– How to Activate : Go to setting >> Additional Features >> Screenshot >> Enable three-finger swipe option.

How to take the Long screenshot :

– Press Power Button and at the same time Press Volume Down button >> After one-page screenshot >> at Down you will be seen the option of SCROLL >> click on it >> After clicking on scroll page automatically scroll down.

How to Increase the Sound Quality and How to Customize the Equalizer:

Default sound quality of xiaomi mi phones is normal to customize sound according to you, adjust bass according to you. I am also using MI smartphone, After customizing of equalizer I am loving sound effects of xiaomi smartphone. How to customize the sound and effects.
Go to Setting >> Sound & Vibration >> Audio Setting >> Headphone Remote button >> SELECT Control Music Playback >> Set it up according to your need.

How to Right your Name or Anything on your Lock Screen:

It’s an optional feature if you like to write down your name or anything your smartphone lock screen you can do it because of its Xiaomi Mi A3 new feature.

How to Do it : Go to Settings >> Security and Location >> Beside of Screen Lock option ONE SETTING ICON, click on it >> Now you can right that thing which you want right.

How to Activate Automatic Call Recording in Xiaomi Mi A3:

This feature is one of the important features in a daily basis because every day we are talking with many people sometimes we are forget something’s with the help of this Feature you can easily remember the things.

How to Activate this: Go to Main Phone Dailer app >> Then click on Right side (3dots icon) >> Enable the Automatic Call Recording.


How to Use Power Button for End Call:

If you are very busy and daily you received a lot of calls this Feature is best for you. Just Power Button for ending all Calls.

How to Activate: Go to settings >> Click on Accessibility >> Enable the Power Button for End Call.

Default Notification Light:

At the Top, Near camera has one amazing Notification light that gives amazing notification touch. When your smartphone getting any notification system will prompt you with one beautiful Notification line.

How to Use Navigation Keys :

In new Xiaomi Mi A3 has new gesture buttons on the screen. How to Operate this:

1) Middle Shot Line is used for Recent running application. Just Swipe Up that line for recent or running apps.

2) Left Icon is Hidden but it is a gesture button, just tap on it system automatically work for go back.

How to Quick Switch into another running app:

Basically this Feature is designed for Quick Switch the Apps, for example, suppose you working on WhatsApp and Facebook. You just swipe to go on another Apps, I will Brief you.

How it works: Open any app First >> Then SWIPE from Back Gesture button to Right Swipe >> System automatically switch the application.

How to Direct Jump to the Camera:

This feature is shortcut features, Double Tap the power button for accessing the camera.

How to Enable: Go to Settings >> Click on System >> Gestures >> Enable the option Jump to Camera >> Now shortcut is enabled Double tap the power button for access the camera.

How to Activate 48-Megapixel Camera:

The Xioami Mi A3 has amazing 48Mp camera but When you enable the open camera by default Mi A3 not enable the 48Mp camera if you want activate 48Mp camera follow the instructions below:

How to Activate: Open the Camera >> On the Top right side camera click on settings  >> Click on the option 48-megapixels camera.

How to Enable Full-Screen Camera: 

Open the Camera >> On the Top right side camera click on settings  >> Click Camera Frame >> Change it according to your need


How to Activate Ultra-Wide Angle Lens:

Open your Camera >> On Main Screen, you will see the Icon of THREE LEAVES >> Click on That icons >> System Activate your Ultra-Wide Lens.

How to use Portrait Mode on Xiaomi Mi A3:

Portrait Mode: Portrait Mode is a true quality feature of A3 because the live focus is given as pictures of professional cameras Waoo !!!!.

How to use it: Open the cameras >> Swipe Right to Left on camera screen >> System activate Portrait Mode automatically.

How to Use Ultra-Wide Angel in Xiaomi Mi A3: 

In Samsung galaxy has one amazing ultra-wide lens that’s help you capture beyond then you see.

How to use it: Open the Camera >> Click on the 3leaves icon which available on the top side of capture button >> click on it and ultra-wide has been activated.

How to Enable 4K at 30FPS & FHD at 60FPS:

How to Enable it: Go to Settings >> On the Top right side camera click on settings  >> Click on camera Settings >> Enable 4K at 30FPS & FHD at 60FPS.

How to Pro-Editing Photos:

How to edit your photos with Pro-Level of editing. Increase your Photo brightness, Enhance photos, Face beauty.

How to Edit: Open the Photos >> Click on the second option >> Edit the Photo According to your edit.

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