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The iTunes gift card balance is connected with your account in Apple device which will be appeared when you will redeem the gift card successfully with proper login.iTunes gift card balance is something like that you can use when you will make some purchase through your iTunes store. It is popularly known for people who are using Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, MacBookPro,etc. The redeemed balance onthe iTunes store can be used for the purchase of Movies, TV shows, Music, Apps, Videos,and to buy iCloud storage,etc.

It is not that you can use the redeemed balance immediately. Yeah, it is that you can use but there are different terms and conditions which differ one gift card to another. And if you are not a frequent buyer of those items from iTunes store then maybe you would not have checked the left/remaining balance in your iTunes store. And there are some expiration dates too within that time only one can use that balance in some proper way.

Here in this article, I will share how to check iTunes gift card balance and some other ways associated with that. I hope this will be very useful for all of you.

How to Check the Balance on an iTunes Gift Card Online:

Here I am going to share some tips about how to check gift card balance on your iPhone. My points are based on iPhone 6 plus, which is in iOS 8 versions. But no need to worry if you have another model of iPhone, the process will be almost same in all iPhone brands.   This process will be worked if you have redeemed your gift card(s) by this time and successfully applied to your Apple ID. If you are an Apple ID user and currently signed in with iTunes on your iPhone, then only you will be able to check iTunes remaining gift card balance on your iPhone. If you have redeemed multiple gift cards then whenever you will check its balance it will show as a total balance instead of an individual. Like, suppose you have redeemed one gift card worth of $1000 and another of $200 then the balance will show as $1200 as of total.So without wasting a single more minute let’s look at the various steps.

Checking ofiTunes Gift Card Balance by Redeeming the Card:

  • The first step is to open iTunes on your device. Then try to find the application on your Apple iPhone device or the program on your PC or Laptop and traverse to iTunes. Tap on it, it will start. This process can also be done through the App Store on your device.
  • Then you should directly go to the iTunes On your PC or Laptop, you can find the Store button at the top of the screen which will be under the toolbar section. Tap on the iTunes Store app icon on your iPhone apps. Then you will see two options in the middle section of the top bar. One is featured, and the other one is Charts. There you have to choose the Featured tab.
  • In your phone, you have to click on the redeem option whereas in your PC or Laptop, hit on the Account option which is located at the top of the screen and then navigates to the drop-down You will find a redeem option at the bottom of the menu. Just click over that.
  • For all of the process, you have to sign in to your Apple account on your device. Because through sign in to your account only, you can redeem the card and get your balance in your account. So for that click on the redeem option and there a login box will pop up on your screen, there you have to enter your Apple account ID and password to login into your account. And if you don’t have any account then you must have to create one with all the correct info and after you login through your ID and Password.
  • Then the next step is to enter the code of the gift card. iTunes will ask for manual input of the code. You will find a 16 digit code on the backside of the gift card which normally starts with an “X”. Hence just enter the correct code on the input box and if you have validity on that card then it will add the amount to your Apple account. Or else it has another option toentering the code through scanning which will use a camera and will scan the code from your gift card and immediately enter into the box automatically.
  • That’s all.

First of all, open the app iTunes on your Apple device.

  • Then the very next step is going to the iBooks or App store.
  • You can use it through your MacBook too. On your computer navigate to the topmostscreens and go through store option available there.
  • There is another way instead of the store, you can use the Accountbutton which is located on the navigation bar. There on the drop-downmenu, you will find view my account
  • On a mobiledevice, you can find your account balance at the bottom of the screen whereas on a computeryou will find the option at topmost
  • Then the next step is to scroll to the bottom part of the screen and you will find a section namely Apple ID, there some amount will have written in dollar with credit. That is all is your remaining gift card balance of iTunes.

Note: The gift card balance of iTunes will be only credited if you have received it from the iTunes store.

Check iTunes Gift Card Balance Online without redeeming:

Now I will share some tips about how to check iTunes gift card balance without redeeming the card.It is not also possible that your country owns Apple store, in that case, also you can’t redeem it because redeeming of a gift card needed you to have to go through your country’s registered Apple ID.

You may be found a gift card in your cupboard or you may get from your friend and you want to know the balance without redeeming it, then also it’s possible. Just there are some simple steps you have to follow.It’s always better to redeem the gift card and use it. But if you can’t then follow the following steps:

  • You can get the balance information by a phone call by dialing a number 1-888-320-3301 or 800-MY-APPLE or 1-800-275-2273 (for the US). Once you connect you have to go through the instruction and you can say check my Apple store gift card balance and the call will transfer to that specific department. Then you have to choose your preferredlanguage and you will immediately connect to an associate. There the associated will ask some info about the card like the numbers on your gift card and after you give that associate will check and let you know the card is expired or active. If it is expired it will be no worth but if it’s active you have to redeem and use it in the purchase.

How to buy iTunes balance:

  • First of all, go to the web browser and search for iTunes gift cards or you can go through the email
  • Choose a design which you want and click on that.
  • Then enter the required amount of your gift card. It can vary from $10 to $200.
  • Then input the name of the recipient.
  • Enter the correct and active email address of the recipient.
  • Enter the sender’s name and his/her email address.
  • You can add some personal message and this is optional if you want you can add, otherwise, you can proceed forward by skipping that.
  • Then hit on add to bag option.
  • Click Check out option.
  • Then the next step is to sign in through your Apple account. Or else you can go through the guest option to check out.
  • Now check the whole bill as it is correct or wrong.
  • Now enter the security number of your credit card and hit on continue button.
  • The gift card which you sent will show up in recipient’s inbox and you will get a confirmation mail when that will be sent successfully.

Note: You will only able to purchase gift cards of iTunes for the specific country where your Apple account is registered. Like if you are an Australian, and then the gift card you have sent through email can only be redeemable in the Australian App Store.

That’s all about iTunes gift card balance.

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