Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water From An Earthen Pot


Natural Cooling Properties

Clay pots made of earth have natural cool properties, which help keep drinks chilled and refreshing during the heat of summer. Clay is a porous material that allows water and air to move through it, and aids in naturally cooling processes. . Matkas and Surahis are cool between 10 degrees and 14degree Celcius. It is thought to be refreshing and refreshing in its taste.

Improves Digestion

Consumption of the water that comes from kettles made of earth will help digestive health.. Drinking water from an earthen pot can boost metabolism due to its alkaline nature.

Modifies the pH levels within the body.

As clay is an alkaline element in nature, it aids in helping in maintaining the equilibrium of pH inside the body. It assists in keeping gastric and acidity-related illnesses in check. More info: wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot

Great For The Throat

The container made of clay which stores water is refreshing, and gentle for the throat. It is an excellent drink for those suffering from cold, cough and asthma. Therefore, instead of drinking cold or frozen cold water straight from the fridge take a look at use the healthy pot of natural water, which will help keep asthma at a minimum.

Skin Benefits


  • Improvement in skin texture
  • The reduction of acne and other blemishes
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-aging properties

Prevent Heatstroke

Drinking water in temperatures regulates nutrition and sugar levels, and reduces the risk of suffering from heatstroke. Drinking water that is potable provides peace and freshness all day long, and also helps protect well-being of the individual.

Provides Minerals Found In Nature 

The earthen pots are made of clay. As they store water, they absorb certain minerals found within the clay. When you consume water in an earthen vessel, these minerals are absorbed by our bodies. This aids in the maintenance of a number of bodily processes. Potassium is essential to in maintaining healthy muscles as well as the function in the functioning of your heart. These minerals are naturally present in the water kept in a jar made of earth and are readily absorbed into the body.

 Maintain Strong Muscles

The water you drink out of an earthen kettle helps keep your muscles fit due to the wealth of minerals naturally present. Potassium is a crucial component in the muscle performance as it assists in transmitting electrical impulses that control muscle contraction. It aids in the relaxation muscles during contracting and assists in the production of the energy needed to carry out the tasks of muscles. If you drink water from a kettle made of earth that contains these minerals, it helps keep the muscle’s health in good condition and maintain the functioning of our muscles. More info: wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot

 Improve Memory

Drinking water stored in a container that is made from earth could increase memory due to its capacity to improve the functioning of the brain. When we’re dehydrated cognitive function can be compromised which can affect the capacity of our brain to recall information. If we consume water that’s made of earthen pots, it is an excellent option to keep hydrated as well as improve cognitive performance. This is a part of memory. Furthermore that the minerals found that are found in water, such as magnesium have been shown that they can improve memory and the ability to learn. Magnesium is a key part in the function of nerve cells inside the brain as it helps in transmitting signals between cells.

Lowers The Chance Of The Skin Cancer

Drinking water from the earthen vessel is much superior to drinking the water treated by chemicals or cleansing processes which could remove the minerals that are naturally present. Furthermore the earthen containers are a great storage device of water that’s cool and cool. Cool water can be soothing to sunburns or other skin irritations since it can reduce inflammation and irritation.

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Drinking the water from pots made from earth may help in promoting the development of hair that is healthy in many various ways. For starters keeping hydrated is vital for healthy hair growth because dry hair may become flaky and dry, and could result in loss or breakage. drinking water in an earthen container can aid to keep your body hydrated and healthy, and promote the growth of healthy hair. Silica “a mineral found in earthen pot water” plays a vital function in the formation of collagen, which is a kind of protein that’s the principal ingredient in the hair the skin, nails and hair.

 Relieve Back Pain

In accordance with the traditional Ayurvedic treatments It is believed that drinking the waters in vessels made of earth will help regulate your energy levels of the body and enhance overall well-being. It could aid in relief from back pain.

Prevents Disease

Drinking cold water straight out of refrigerators isn’t the optimal choice for those who have a higher risk of developing the common cold and cough.

The water inside the clay-based pot is at an ideal temperature which doesn’t cause any discomfort to the throat and won’t create any discomfort for the persistent cough. The clay that is used in the making of the pot has the capacity to maintain the temperature of liquid inside and create a relaxing and refreshing effect to the throat.

The clay that is used in the production of the vessel is totally free of poisonous substances and harmful toxins, which provides a safe alternative to drinking and storage of drinking water. It is able to remove the water of contaminants and pollutants making it safe and healthy drinking water.

The History Of Earthen Pots

It is thought that it was the first clay vessel made by ceramic makers. They are often referred to under the title matkas clay pottery pots they are a crucial element in Indian cooking. They are utilized to make traditional refrigerators. Since they’re porous, they allow water to flow through them without causing any damage.

The water that’s sifted through them is heated by the inside of the pot before being evaporated away from the exterior. It’s a constant process which keeps the exterior of the vessel hydrated. It also keeps the temperature down. The greater the quantity of temperature at the surface and the more powerful the cooling result.

The process of making earthen clay vessels is straightforward and takes a few stages. Contrary to what people believe, the wheel utilized by potters is used as a tool for shape of clay.

The process begins with the clay being shaped softly with the help of a potter, and after it has formed the ideal shape, the cylinder, it is separated from the base by thread. It is placed into the oven for curing for a longer time to improve the firmness. It’s then washed and shaped making use of a shaper pad as and a beater constructed from wood. To create a uniform surface, the vessel should create a beautiful shape by putting the shape pad on the inside of the pot before beating it on its outside continuously using beater.

Final design is coated with various shades of clay, and fired using the shape of a Klin. Then, the pot is cleaned and examined to determine whether there are any defects. The earthenware which is thrown into open kilns in the earth has an auburn-red, or brownish in appearance. the ones that are fired inside underground or in closed kilns is in black hue.

How Do You Wash The Clay Pots For Drinking Water

To clean the general area and for deep clean-up, the earthen vessel needs to rest for the night in the sink. It is then covered with baking soda as well as water. Use 3 tablespoons of baking soda to every one Liter of water that is boiling. Clean it with an easy bristle scrubber, or pad that is not metallic. Do not use abrasive scrubbers since they could result in clogging of pores, rendering the pot ineffective. Incorporate salt into the pot and scrub the surface using the pad. The pot is cleaned using hot water. It is then allowed to dry.

If mould develops during the time of storage you can add baking soda into the container. Then rinse it away by using hot water and brushes to remove the mold.

The clay pores are blocked, when clay pores are blocked, the pot has to be heated with boiling water for about 30 minutes.

Avoid using detergent or soap because the porous clay may absorb into the soap. The detergent may leave a soapy scent and this flavor can be absorbed back into the following clay food. More info: wellhealthorganic.com:some-amazing-health-benefits-of-drinking-water-from-an-earthen-pot.

What Is The Method Used For Making Earthen Pots?

They’re created by mixing two different types of clay. One type clay is derived from the soil surface while the second type is created through digging 10 feet into the earth. The making process for matka is a long-lasting procedure that lasts for about 8 days. It’s then mix with water. Matkas are then formed then polished, dried, and shaped after which it is fired and then cured in the kiln of a ceramic for five days

Modern style is fitted using taps.


Clay Pots That Are White To Drink Water. Are They Good Or Bad ?

Self-alkaline water system- Drinking clay-based drinking water helps in the prevention of gastric acidity along with other ailments. Clay is alkaline which implies that it has a higher pH (more than 7) and that the body, specifically that of the stomach is acidic. Clay is naturally alkaline.

Have Healing Power

 Matka Water’s Disadvantages ?

It’s not a problem drinking matka or surahi water during pregnancy however, you need to take certain measures. Through the centuries, clay and earthen containers were used to keep water stored in order to keep it cold. The water of a surahi or matka may be cooler than the water that is at room temperature, but doesn’t possess the same cooling effect as fridge water.

The PH Of Water In Clay Pots Levels?

Self-alkaline water system

Clay is an alkaline material, which indicates that it has the ability to keep higher concentrations of pH (more than 7.) as well as the body specifically. stomachs is acidic and clay’s qualities are alkaline.

Pots Of Earth Are Suitable For Drinking?

It is the natural purifier. Clay pots are used in addition to cooling water however, but also to clean it naturally. Porous micro-texture assists to remove the contaminants from water, which makes it safe to drink.

Do You Think The Water You Drink That Comes From The Earthen Pot Beneficial For Your Health?

Drinking water from clay containers “helps in improving metabolism”. “The body’s natural metabolic system is boosted with water stored in a clay pot,” experts stated. Do not bother refrigerating your water. Keep them in pots made from clay or containers to guarantee “perfect temperature levels”



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